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10 Arguments for Using Video Marketing

Video Marketing

An easy marketing tactic that makes your customers and potential clients understand more about your brand is video marketing. Additionally, provide products or services without consuming too much of their precious time.

You probably know that video marketing is a potent tool for connecting with your audience and that it’s now one of the digital marketing trends that is expanding the fastest.

You’ve probably at least thought about using video marketing at some point in the future, even if you don’t currently invest in it as part of your content strategy. Here are 10 justifications for spending money on video marketing.

10 Arguments for Using Video Marketing

1. Videos Can Be Shared Easily

Once you’ve made a video, it’s simple to share it on different platforms. You are free to share it on your website, YouTube channel, or any other digital platform.

When peoples share videos from your website or YouTube channel on social media, let’s say that each image has 2000 words and each video has millions of words. Thousands or perhaps millions of views may view the videos. And every view is an opportunity for you to close deals and make in new customers.

There are videos everywhere.

  • Mobile devices come with cameras that can record high-definition videos; • Web browsers now offer faster streaming capabilities than before; • People can now access high-quality video content wherever they go. • Video content is available on every social-media platforms, including LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. • More people than ever are watching videos on their TVs.
  • YouTube and Facebook both see an increase in video content watching.

As people become increasingly accustomed to watching digital video content, the average user spends more than 2 hours each day watching videos online.

2. Videos Draw in viewers Longer

Marketers are allocating more of their resources to online video platforms rather than to more conventional forms of advertising likes print and radio ads. Additionally, videos are twice as efficient in turning viewers into consumers. Compared to other digital marketing strategies, video marketing, according to 74% of marketers, yields a higher return on investment (ROI).

Giving viewers a clear call to action is another advantage of video marketing. Through audio and text overlays, marketers may direct their audience with clear instructions and make their point more clear. As a result of your clear instructions on what to do next, your audience is more likely to take action.

3. Videos Perform Better in Search

Google will give a video preference if you embed it on your website. The simple fact that people choose watching videos over text is the reason. If there is a video on your page, people are more likely to find it when they search online for what you offer.

Additionally, Google will take into account how many views and social shares your video receives. Utilizing high-quality videos can help you rank higher than using low-quality ones when determining your position.

These elements make video marketing a more crucial component of any professional’s SEO approach. You are more likely to receive visitors from organic search and produce leads the higher your videos rank.

This means into more money for you and better search rankings for everyone who utilises your videos. You ought to invest in video marketing right away for for this reason.

4. Video Increases Conversion Rates

Video marketing has often been shown to enhance conversions by emphasizing the ways in which you may educate your audience. Use a length that is convenient for your audience as a general rule.

They will stay until you have convinced them to buy your good or service if they enjoy what they see and experience. Conversion is what happens when viewers act after watching your video, and it’s great for business.

According to research, there is a 60% completion rate. Consumers are more likely to make a purchase when watching videos than when they aren’t.

Within three days of watching a video, 85% of viewers will remember it. People want companies to provide more video content for them to watch, according to 55% of respondents.

Additionally, you ought to be making some since YouTube receives over 1 billion hours of video views daily. By showcasing your product and service in action, video gives you the potential to emotionally connect with your target audience.

5. Customer Reviews Are More Important Recorded

We hear the term “good customer service” all too frequently, but for many businesses, it’s a difficult ideal to achieve. While some businesses believe that providing freebies or discounts might result in good customer service.

Actually, it takes more than that. Organizations that invest in video are twice as successful, according to study. Compared to non-video respondents, you are equally as likely to receive customer feedback and to react more swiftly.

Customers are more at ease sharing their opinions on video because they understand that their opinion will be carefully considered. That degree of comfort translates into useful data for your business. Therefore, it makes reason to invest money on video marketing.

Customer opinion is essential 90% of consumers claim they would rather watch a product video than read about it. And I thinks we can all agree that watching is easier than reading.

6. Subscribers to YouTube Channels Convert Better

Although YouTube is a great platform for hosting videos, spreading those videos throughout your other social media platforms can make them even more effective. You can copy and paste an embed code onto your website or social network profiles. They will see the video you shared as well as things like links to similar videos and your channel’s subscription page.

In terms of social sharing platforms, YouTube has one of the highest rates of customer conversion, and it ranks second only to Facebook in terms of organic search. It means that if you provide great content, people will watch and share it on their own.

Post engaging videos that convert effectively instead of paying for traffic, then sit back and let them handle your marketing.

7. Memorable Videos

When you use video, your audience is 80% more likely to remember you. When watching a video, most people tend to remember their location and the circumstances.

We concur with them because we have firsthand, multisensory experience of the incident. Additionally, if you show success stories or testimonials as videos rather than text or photographs, they will be more memorable or easier to remember.

It will be easiers for your audience to comprehend what they require from you when they can see it in action. To assist students assess their understanding of what they have just learned, you may even incorporate a few little polls or quizzes within your videos. It increases engagement by involving people in your content.

Moreover, because they are more likely to stay on your website longer, conversions will also rise. If their interest in what you are showing them is strong.

A Great Way to Promote Products is Through Video

Videos hold users’ attention longer than any other type of content, including written content, which boosts your chances of having your contents shared on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Your customers want to know how products perform, how easy they are to assemble, clean, etc.

8. Videos Receive great Responses

According to research, video contents is more engaging than still photos or written text.

A Cisco white paper claims that it takes viewers just one second to make an opinion about your video content and up to three seconds to fully process it. First impressions matter, therefore you need to make sure your videos are polished and look professional.

Create a storyboard, choose a location, and get everyone on set after writing a script. When you might be editing, there is no use in wasting time filming.

Even though we’re all for trying new things, remember in mind that not all videos are made equally. More effective than others are certain types of videos.

Explainers walk viewers through a process step-by-step, making them great for assisting customers in comprehending how something makes or what has to be done next.

9. More people Choose to Watch Rather Than Read

We are aware that a larger proportion of people favour watching video content than reading it. Because of this, businesses should invest money on premium video content.

Customers are 71% more likely to make a purchase from a website that offers videos than one without. Additionally, 57% of people want businesses to use live video on their videos and applications. Finally, before making a purchase choice, 65% of online customers claim to have watched an explanatory video.

Lacking videos puts you at a disadvantage to rivals who have already adopted video marketing as a powerful tool for leads generation and conversion rate optimization.

For the expansion of your business, you should think about investing in this category of digital asset. If you’re still not convinced that’s significant, here’s another argument in favour of investing in video marketing: people enjoy watching them.

People spend more than 2 hours a day watching web videos, according to one survey.

10. Videos Boost Credibility and Sales Leads

Any marketing strategy must include sales leads, and it’s easy to understand why. A corporation will likely go to the websites of companies it knows and trusts if it needs assistance with its marketing.

When people look for assistance with particular services and products, videos appear at the top of the search results, according to Google Insights. According to 91% of executives polled by Osterman Research, viewing an explanation video increases their interest in a good or service

Viewers are 2x more likely to make a purchase after watching videos about a good or service than those who did not.

In addition, 84% of consumers claim that watching an explainer video increased their confidence in making a purchase from a brand. It boosts sales leads and helps your business get credibility.

The advantages of video marketing include increased engagement and conversion rates.

One study discovered that those who watched videos were roughly three people as likely to purchase a product as those who did not.

Additionally, it was shown that 64% of customers are eager to pay more when companies offer video content. Additionally, video posts appear higher in feeds on social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

  • Since they are aware that people engage with them more regularly.
  • Additionally, videos will improve your SEO because they are indexed far more quickly by search engines like Google than text-based publications.

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