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10 Best Windows 10 Easter Eggs & Secret Hidden Features

Easter Eggs

Even though Windows 10 has been out for nearly seven years, millions of consumers are still ignorant of the Windows 10 Easter Eggs & Secret Hidden Features.

We have listed some of the best Windows 10 hidden features in this article, which are not only useful but also fun.

So, in no particulars order, here are a few of the best Windows 10 Easter Eggs to look for.

Best Windows 10 Easter Eggs & Hidden Features

1. God Mode

God Mode would undoubtedly impress you if you’ve always wanted complete control over your computer’s operating system. This shortcut will provide you access to a master version of the Control Panel with more options.

Easter Eggs

Create a new folder with the name, to activate it.


This hidden feature on Windows 10 should only be used by power users or IT professionals. God Mode also allows you to tweak the Windows operating system to your taste.

2. Doom Dedicated Port

Game-related Windows Easter Eggs are next on the list. Doom95 was one of the first mainstream first person shooters available for the Windows platform, if you were born in the 1990s.

Easter Eggs

The game used port 666 when it was released for Windows. This is, of course, an reference to the Beast’s Number. Even with Windows 10, port 666 is still the only one dedicated for doom.

Open the file “services” in Notepad to check this gaming Windows 10 easter egg.

3. Make Phone Call

You read that correctly!

A phone dialer is included with the Windows operating system. You can make and receive phone calls if your computer is connected to a telephone equipment or a modem.

Easter Eggs

To do so, simply press Windows + R to start the executable file. After that, type dialer.exe and hit enter. The dialer programme will start if all is properly.

A warning will appears if you do not have a telephone device connected.

4. Secret Start Menu

The Secret Start Menu is an hidden Windows 10 feature that you see every day but never notice. Simply right click on the starts menu button to bring up this menu.

Easter Eggs

Once engaged, a textual jump menu will appear, with some common destinations such as Apps and Features, Search, and Run. This textual start menu may seem familiar to those who have used older versions of Windows, such as Windows 7/Vista/XP.

It is quites useful when you need to do a task quickly.

5. The Star Wars CMD Film

The next item on this list is Star Wars CMD code, which is one of the best command prompt Easter eggs. Please ensure thats Telnet is enabled on your computer before utilising this awesome easter egg.

Easter Eggs

Open the start search-bar and type “telnet” if it isn’t already enabled. Then, from the results, select “Turn Windows Features on or off.” Now you must locate for the Telnet Client item. Check the box and press OK once you have located it.

To play with this easter egg, first open a command prompt and type telnet

Now sit back, unwind, get a beverage, and enjoy Star Wars in ASCII characters. This code works on any operating system that supports Telnet and has a terminal or command line, including Windows 10.

6. Button to Show Desktop

You can back return to the desktop in Windows 10 via a nearly hidden button, regardless of how many programmes you have open. If your taskbar is at the bottom of your screen, look in the bottom-right corner for this button.

Easter Eggs

Can’t seem to locate it? After the time and the alerts button, that is. You’ll be on your desktop as simply as you press this small translucent sliver button.

Do you want to go back to work? Simply press it again, and all of your open windows will return to their previous positions. To return to the desktop, this little button avoids the need to dismiss all open programmes.

7. Useless Names

Microsoft relies significantly on past versions of Windows while producing subsequent versions so that they don’t have to start from scratch.

Easter Eggs

As a result, you are unable to use the following folder names:

  • CON
  • AUX
  • PRN
  • LPT# (the number #)
  • COM#
  • NUL
  • CLOCK$

These names are reserved by Windows for device names. As a result, these names can only be used by Windows. Attempting to use these names will result in an error.

8. Slide to Turn Off

The SlideToShutDown EXE file is next on the list of fascinating Windows 10 Easter Eggs. As the name implies, you can shut down your Windows computer instantly using this EXE.

Easter Eggs

The EXE can be located in the C:WindowsSystem32 folder. To utilise this EXE, create a shortcut to it on your desktop and double-click it to shut down your computer.

To start SlideToShutDown on a Windows 10 laptop, activate Tablet mode and press the power button for 3 to 5 seconds.

9.   Windows 3.1 Explorer, which was released in 1992.

Have you ever wondered what the File Explorer looked like in Windows 3.1? Well, thanks to a Windows 10 easter egg, you may travel back in time and enjoy a relic of File Explorer from 1992.

Easter Eggs

Check for the software ODBC Data Source in this easter egg quest. Once you’ve found it, click the add button. After that, choose Windows Access Driver and click Finish. Finally, select Database from the drop-down menu.

You’re looking at a piece of Windows history now. Please don’t make any changes to the ODBC Data Source settings while you’re excited.

10. Xbox Game Bar

One of the nicest new features in Windows 10 is the Xbox Game Bar. Many useful gaming tools are available through the Xbox Game Bar, including a resource metre, one-click gameplay recording, Xbox Socials, Spotify playback controls, and more.

Easter Eggs

Use the keyboard shortcut Windows+G to bring up the game bar. You can also chooses which widgets you want to see and which ones you don’t want to see, depending on your preferences.

The Xbox Game Bar can be utilised with regular software and programmes in addition to games.


So those were some of the best Easter eggs and hidden features in Windows 10. We hope you like utilising them, and if you have any suggestions for hidden features in Windows 10, please share them with us on social media.

The majority of the Easter Eggs in Windows 10 can also be used in Windows 11. So, if you were looking for Windows 11 Easter Eggs, give these Windows 10 ones a shot.


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