10 Cool Gadgets Every University Student Must Have

The life of a college student is hectic. You have to attend classes, study for your exams, read textbooks, take notes, research, and many more. Tasks are diverse and you need to keep up the pace with academic life. Falling behind it might not come with positive emotions. You might start feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and confused about all the tasks you need to do. Thankfully, some cool gadgets could help organize your work and time, but also focus better. They can help you accomplish all your academic goals, so every university student must have them. Here are 10 of the coolest gadgets.

  • Reusable notebook
  • Kindle
  • Fitbit smartwatch
  • Photo printer
  • External hard drive
  • Portable battery
  • Laptop backpack
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Nintendo
  • Bluetooth speaker

1. Rocketbook Smart Reusable Notebook

Going to classes and taking notes is probably a big part of your student life. However, you might end up having tons of notebooks full of notes. But how do you find a specific lesson? Well, you can have a smart reusable notebook. Your notes are transformed into a digital format and you can have access to them anytime. On top of this, if your handwriting is intelligible, you can search for specific keywords and find the information easier. It’s easy to get help with writing college papers when you have a device that makes the entire process more facile. You also protect nature and the forests.

2. Kindle

Having a Kindle is one of the best experiences. It is also one of the coolest gadgets students could have. As a student, you will have to read a lot of textbooks, research, studies, and so on. Instead of printing them, you could upload them to your Kindle. It imitates the paper and you can set the lightning to be appropriate for your eyes. Writers from the best homework services use Kindles in their daily work.

3. Fitbit

Your academic life is probably your main goal, but you should not forget about your health. Exercising is good for students as it helps them relieve stress and relax. A Fitbit smartwatch will give you insight into your stress level, sleep quality, heart rate, and many more.

4. Portable Photo Printer

College is not only about homework, essays, group projects, and exams. It is about the fun you have too. Social life is nice during college and you make a lot of friends during this period. Some moments you would like to keep forever in your mind. But with a portable photo printer, you can have photos taken with your phone printed at the moment.

5. External Hard Drive

You need this gadget in university as a precautionary method. Even though it might not be as interesting as the other ones on this list, it is nice to have one. Your laptop might have a technical issue and stop working. You might lose it or it might get stolen. So, to not lose all your work and photos, you could use this external hard drive as a backup.

6. Portable Battery

You have classes to attend, then you might meet a friend and go to a party. You listen to music in the library while you study and search for information on your phone. Your phone battery might not last and you may need to charge it. But what do you do if you do not have a wall socket available? Use your portable battery which can be lifesaving.

7. Laptop Backpack

To protect your laptop and other gadgets you carry with you, you need a nice backpack that is also spacious. There are a lot of options you can choose from, but we recommend opting for an eye-candy one that has a lot of features and space. For example, you can have a backpack that has a portable charger inbuilt so that you can charge your devices while you are on the go.

8. Noise-Canceling Headphones

There are moments when you may have a free hour and decide to work on your essay. But if you are in a noisy space, you might find your flow more difficult. A pair of noise-canceling headphones would be one of the coolest gadgets to have. Just play your focus music and achieve productivity.

9. New Nintendo

What would be college life without games? If you are among the people who love playing games on their phones, you will surely love this gadget. Whenever you have a break and you want to relax, you can play a quick game on the new Nintendo that fits in your backpack.

10. Bluetooth Speaker

For those moments when you go with your friends on a trip and you want to listen to music. For those moments when you go to the park with the hammock with your date. For those moments when you want to throw a party. For all these moments you need a Bluetooth speaker that will complete the atmosphere.

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