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10 LinkedIn Apps You Should Be Aware Of

LinkedIn Apps

Introducing LinkedIn is unnecessary. Being the greatest professional social platform, it offers a wide range of features for recruiters, job seekers, and businesses. You need specific tools to be able to access the platform’s network of millions of users, though, in order to use it to its fullest potential.

As a result, we’re bringing you a list of apps today that can enhance your LinkedIn profile. The list covers everything from knowledge-building resources and business development tools to networking apps, robust search engines, and free templates to assist you in better approaching a potential customer. Let’s begin immediately.

Licensed LinkedIn Apps

Linkedin (Google Play)

LinkedIn Apps

The most popular social-media platforms for businesses and professionals on Android is LinkedIn. You may advertise positions, check for employment, see salaries, get recommendations, market your business, and broaden your professional network. Insights and recommendations for professional development are also available.

Linkedin (iOS)

LinkedIn Apps

You may access all the website’s features on the LinkedIn iOS app. It offers an wide range of possibilities for both job seekers and recruiters because it is a platform for both career professionals in general. There is also an tonne of information available on professional growth and enhancing your business and career.

Chrome Extension for LinkedIn

LinkedIn Apps

A helpful browser extension for LinkedIn is provided by Google Chrome. The extension notifies you when there is fresh activity. Additionally, it only takes one click to navigate directly to the website.

3rd-party LinkedIn Apps


LinkedIn Automation by Dux-Soup

With the helps of the LinkedIn automation tool Dux-Soup, you can communicate with potential clients and other interested people. On LinkedIn, you may use it to send customised connection requests and direct messages.

LinkedIn Apps

Additionally, you can choose to hyper-target your prospects, find the best LinkedIn prospects, and filter the results of potential clients’ searches. In addition, it can easily interface with your CRM platform.


LinkedIn Apps

Hunter, as its name suggests, is a tool for locating email addresses of potential clients or pretty much anyone else in any profession. The most accurate and reliable results will find from searching for the person using their names or email addresses.

Additionally, Hunter has an email verification that enables you to validate any email address so that you can send emails to the appropriate recipients. Additionally, it complies with the data transparency principle because each email they share comes from a public source.


LinkedIn Apps

Business developers, salespeople, and marketers will find Lead Gibbon to be a handy LinkedIn extension. Through the Sales Navigator, you can use this tool to find the correct email addresses of prospective clients.

Email addresses from several professional professions and industries can be found in Lead Gibbon’s sizable lead database. Additionally, it can be quickly linked with your preferred CRM.


LinkedIn Apps

Wiza is your solution for a tool that helps data on potential clients while assisting you in expanding your network. It helps you compile a mailing list of ideal profiles so you can connect with them at your own pace making its perfect for both recruiters and sales professionals.

Wiza pulls real-time data from LinkedIn for hundreds of prospects at once with its Chrome extension. You can update your list with accurate/new contact information and export the information as a spreadsheet.

Linked Helper

LinkedIn Apps

A piece of software called LinkedIn Helper makes LinkedIn B2B marketing and promotion easier. This all-purpose tool handles sending invitations to second- and third-level contacts, targeted messaging to prospects, and auto-responding to your relationships.

Additionally, it has a built-in CRM that you can use to manage your contacts’ data or interface with a different third-party CRM of your choice.

Pro Marketing eLink

LinkedIn Apps

A LinkedIn marketing tool is called eLink. Around 5000 LinkedIn profiles are visited on your behalf via the tool as a browser extension, and those people are notified that their profiles have been seen. As a result, the majority of these people revisit your profile and potentially connect you with potential clients.

A list of potential clients can also be downloaded straight to Excel. Many of the look-backs you get from eLink could potentially interact with your business, giving you quality leads.

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