10 Overpowered League Of Legends Champions Who Need To Be Nerfed

League of Legends is a challenging game in which two teams of five players compete in an arena for control of the map. There are over a hundred champions to select from, each with distinct skills that, in the right hands, might make them powerful. Riot Games optimizes and nerfs Champions with each new patch to keep the game fair for all players. Some Champions have grown in strength, and they must be reined in before they fully rule the competitive environment. We’ll talk about numerous champions that need to be nerfed in this blog article. Keep in mind that these are subjective perspectives, so your experience may differ.

  1. Garen

Since his revamp, Garen has been a top-tier choice. With his Q, he can inflict a lot of damage and his ultimate, he can easily take down foes. On the Summoner’s Rift, his kit is basic but efficient, making him a force to be reckoned with. Garen has been a thorn in the side for a long time, and he needs to be nerfed. His equipment also works well with things such as Blade of the Ruined King and Youmuu’s Ghostblade, making him even more lethal. Garen’s kit also lacks counterplay, making him a difficult opponent to deal with.

  1. Nasus

Another Champion who has benefitted from a revamp is Nasus. With his Q, he can inflict a lot of damage and his ultimate strength, he can easily take down foes. On the Summoner’s Rift, his kit is basic but efficient, making him a force to be reckoned with. Nasus has been an issue for a long time and has to be addressed. His equipment also works well with things such as Blade of the Ruined King and Youmuu’s Ghostblade, making him even more lethal. Furthermore, many players believe that his W is too powerful and that it should be reduced.

  1. Shyvana

Shyvana is a damage-dealing Champion with a dragon motif. Her abilities have tremendous base damage, making her a menace to any opponent she encounters. Shyvana’s ultimate also deals % health damage, which may quickly dispatch tanky foes. Her equipment also enables her to easily get out of tricky situations and track her opponents. For a long time, Riot Games has tried to nerf Shyvana, yet she remains a dominant force in the game. Her Dragon’s Descent (R) also allows her to dive into the opponent squad and cause havoc. Moreover, the least popular League champions are the ones that need the most help, and Shyvana is currently not in a good spot.

  1. Urgot

Urgot is a Champion that received a big overhaul in 2019 that significantly increased his power. With his Q and E abilities, he can now kite opponents and do huge amounts of damage. His ultimate may also be utilized to stun opponents and set up kills for his squad. Since his revamp, Urgot has dominated the competitive scene, and many players feel he should be nerfed. Furthermore, it has been shown that Urgot is selected or banned in about 80% of games.

  1. Rek’Sai

Rek’Sai is another Champion that has been tormenting the Rift since she was revamped in 2019. Her equipment allows her to dig underground and startle foes by appearing behind them. She can also use her Q ability to do huge damage and her E ability to knock opponents back. She also has an ultimate that allows her to travel fast over the map by burrowing underneath. Rek’Sai is one of League of Legends’ most successful Junglers, and many players feel she should be nerfed due to her high level of efficacy.

  1. Annie

Annie is a little girl who has the ability to manipulate fire. Her Q, W, and R abilities provide significant burst damage and may swiftly knock down an opponent. Annie’s kit also lets her shock opponents, making her a formidable opponent in team battles. Annie’s Passive also boosts the amount of damage she does with each spell she casts on an opponent. As a result, Annie’s ultimate often allows her to one-shot foes. It’s simple to see why Annie is the most banned champion in professional competition.

  1. Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao is a skilled melee fighter who specializes at eliminating single opponents. With his Three Talon Strike, he can deliver a lot of damage and paralyze opponents. Xin Zhao’s Battle Cry gives him an advantage in attack speed, making it harder for his opponents to trade blows with him. In addition, his Audacious Charge allows him to sprint at an opponent and do damage to them. Crescent Guard, Xin Zhao’s ultimate, shields him from all incoming damage while doing physical damage to adjacent adversaries. Xin Zhao’s talents make him a formidable duelist and team fighter.

  1. Xerath

Xerath is a long-range mage with a knack for inflicting damage from afar. All of his abilities have a high base damage, and his Locus of Power allows him to extend the range of his spells. The Ascended Form of Xerath renders him impervious to crowd control and extends the duration of his spells. His Shocking Orb inflicts immense damage on adversaries, and his Arcane Barrage may swiftly wipe out groups of foes. Xerath is a deadly foe that must be dealt with with caution. In addition, his abilities have extremely long cooldowns, making him susceptible while they are active.

  1. Master Yi

Master Yi is a deft melee fighter who can dispatch his foes in a flash. With every fourth consecutive hit, his Passive, Double Strike, lets him deliver more damage. Master Yi’s physical damage is enhanced when he activates Wuju Style. Highlander boosts his attack and mobility speed while also making him impervious to any slowing effects. Master Yi is a strong opponent on the battlefield when these powers are combined. He is, however, vulnerable to long-range assaults and groups of adversaries due to his lack of range and crowd control abilities.

  1. Jhin

Jhin is a death virtuoso who attacks from afar with his guns. After he crits or kills an opponent champion with one of his abilities, his passive, Whisper, provides him with extra damage on his next attack. Each kill or assist he earns without dying boosts his bonus. Jhin’s fourth shot always hits for a critical hit and is boosted by Deadly Flourish, which additionally roots foes hit by it. Curtain Call allows him to fire a large number of bullets in a short period of time while also increasing his mobility speed. Jhin is a strong opponent at long range, but his restricted mobility and short-range auto attacks leave him susceptible in close quarters.


To summarize, the aforementioned League of Legends champions are powerful and in desperate need of a nerf from Riot Games.

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