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2022’s Top Datacenter Proxies


If you are familiar with digital data extraction or site execution testing, you will understand how essential having a good proxy service is when performing these tasks.

In any event, using a proxy’s administration does not actually require working online.

Many individuals use proxies to conceal their identify online or to access stuff that is blocked in their web. In addition, there are numerous other uses for proxies.

Between the user and the web, proxies act as a door. Your location and IP addresses are hidden from prying eyes while browsing using a proxy’s administrator dynamic. It implies that you can make accessing the web from a different part of the globe.

Why are proxies so crucial?

The most affordable way to change your IP address is through datacenter proxies. They are beneficial for a variety of purposes, including circumventing geolocation constraints, automating business procedures, and scraping web content.

The servers offered by Datacenter Proxy are diverse. You can obtain IP that is static, dynamic, shared, or even free in some circumstances. The key types will be explained on this page, and we’ll assist you select the top data centre proxy vendors. Look at this:

2022’s Top Datacenter Proxies

1. Smartproxy


Customers of Smartproxy range from individuals to Fortune 500 corporations or universities. Customer satisfaction, good performance outcomes, and proxy quality are all highly valued by the provider. To make using a proxy as easy as possible, it offers an award-winning 24/7 live customer service, a user-friendly interface, and more than 40 setup manuals.

With Smartproxy, you can access the 100K HTTP(s) US datacenter IP pool with a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee. Additionally, it provides advanced IP rotation, a huge selection of subnets, and reasonable rates. Plans feature a 3-day money-back option with limits and conditions and start at $50 + VAT per month.

Smartproxy’s key features are:

  • 100K IPs that rotate
  • Sites in the US and EU
  • No restrictions on connections or threads
  • Numerous subnets
  • Simple proxy setup
  • Sticky sessions of up to 30 minutes
  • Rapid connectivity
  • Fantastic round-the-clock customer assistance; quick responses
  • Free add-ons and tools

2. Bright Data


Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions, and for-profit businesses rely on Bright Data’s solutions to retrieve important public website data in the most efficient, reliable, and adaptive way possible so they may browse, screen, examine data, and make smarter decisions.

The company’s data centre proxies offer exceptional execution at a substantially reduced price if your requirements are simple. With a 700,000+ proxy pool dispersed across 3,000+ subnets and both national and local targeting, Bright Data still outperforms a significant chunk of the competition in this area.

Bright Data’s key features are:

  • There are about 1.6 million Datacenter IPs.
  • It offers 99.99% network uptime.
  • It offers round-the-clock client service
  • 195 nations, including the US, China, and Europe, offer the services.
  • It offers dedicated or shared IPs.

3. IPRoyal


IPRoyal has extensive knowledge of IP connectivity. They are well-equipped to meet all of your IPv4 and IPv6 requirements because they have thousands of IPv4 and IPv6 address categories in various nations across the world. They work hard to provide a durable and dependable solution that is tailored to your particular IP address business needs.

Your proxy is just available to you because there is no pooling. Their data centre solutions offer unlimited bandwidth at no extra cost, blazingly fast speeds, and easy integration. Geo-blocking is no longer necessary because you can select from a variety of locations throughout the globe.

IPRoyal’s key features are:

  • It offers 10Gbps of speed.
  • It offers dependable 24/7 Service.
  • It brings limitless bandwidth and threads
  • Please be aware that the proxies are not shared with other users and are only available to you.
  • HTTPS and SOCKS connections are supported by all private proxies.

4. Oxylabs


The 100 million+ residential proxy network used by Oxylabs is obtained from approved suppliers who are obligated by law to inform end users of their participation in a proxy network and obtain their consent. Furthermore, a sizable portion of these end users receive cash compensation.

You can rapidly purchase Residential Proxy Starter and other business ventures using Oxylabs’ self-service portal. You can also monitors your data usage to make sure you never run out of bandwidth.

Utilize a common data collection method that appears to have a success rate of 100% and extracts all heavy-duty data from the majority of websites, particularly e-commerce and search engines, to save time and money. They are willing to share all of their experience since they want to see you succeed in scraping assignments.

Oxylabs’ key features are:

  • It offers over 2 million dedicated Datacenter Proxies.
  • 188 nations offer it for purchase.
  • There are hundreds of vetted and pre-selected proxies.
  • It brings options at the city and state levels.
  • Support IPv4 and IPv6 protocols to increase the number of scraping options
  • It offers a 99.9% uptime on average.
  • It is available on Chromebook, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, iPad, and the Cloud.
  • Monthly prices begin at $180.
  • There was no IP blocking.

Final Conclusion

Any project involving web scraping needs proxy servers. Since a server must receive a huge number of requests from an IP address in order to gather data, the server can refuse the IP address to continue. You can assist that by using a proxy.

Many businesses across the world acquire market data to better understand their customers’ buying patterns and current competitors. In order to obtain precise information on their target market, they employ proxies to gather data from the web. Datacenter proxies get over IP and geo restrictions to continuously acquire market data.

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