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6 Crucial features of E-Signature Apps

E-Signature Apps

Thanks to e-signature apps, the days of printing, scanning, and emailing for signatures are past. These online resources make it simple and quick to acquire approval for a contract or proposal. By keeping all of your importants documents in one location, they also save you time and increase productivity.

These programmes allow you to add signatures without using a pen and paper. In a world where practically everything is digital, you can sign documents without being in close proximity to the business or person who created them.

But how can you pick which app to use when there are so many e-signature service providers available, like jSign? As you determine what will work best for your requirements, keep the following features in mind:

6 Crucial features of E-Signature Apps

• Mobile compatibility

One of an e-signature apps best features is mobile compatibility. It enables users to sign documents digitally from practically any location and on any device. Mobile device signing offers users the assurance that their signature has been appropriately captured, among other advantages.

Another advantage is that you can instantly sign documents and send them afterward. For businesses that need to send out invoices or other crucial documents as soon as they are finished, this leads to quick turnaround times, better customer service, and quicker cash flow management.

• Friendliness to Users

The user experience must be takens into account while choosing an e-signature app. As you need to do your tasks more quickly, the app should be simple to use and offer a pleasant experience. You’ll benefit from a simple interface by choosing an intuitive app as your top priority. Additionally, you won’t be uncertain about what to do or where to go next. You can ensure that they have training resources available to guide you through the process of signing documents.

• Needing several e-signature agreements

An app that supports multiple e-signature apps can be useful if you’re working with a business or you’re a business owner and you need to secure some important documents. This function stops a person from approving something on their own and guarantees that a document is evaluated by the appropriate people.

You would normally need to use the edit menu on your app’s settings page in order to add multiple e-signatures. You can select however many signatures you want when it asks you how many signatures you want to sign documents with. This will ease simplicity in your business, particularly when numerous people must authorise bills or a project contract.

• Document Analytics and Tracking

E-signature apps software must have the ability to trace documents and monitor their processing, as this is one of its key features. The finest systems will let you view all of the documents that are signed there, check to see whether any have been signed or refused, and find out who signed each one and when. Additionally, it should include analytics on each document so users can see how long it takes them to review and approve documents and how many times each user has read a specific document.

An e-signature app’s metrics should be accessible from within the app and exportable to spreadsheets for reporting needs.

• Security and adherence

Your e-signature apps needs to be secure as the world becomes more digitally connected. You definitely don’t want important information to get into the wrong hands. You must ensure sure the app complies with all applicable rules. Apps must adhere to industry rules and include security features to safeguard users’ data and their businesses’ interests.

Additionally, the apps need to have a reliable certificate of compliance. By doing this, you can be sure that your possible e-signature app complies with both international and national requirements for electronic signatures. This will dispel any concerns regarding its reliability or security before logging into its platform.

• Cloud service Integrability

The capacity of e-signature apps to interface with cloud services is another feature. For businesses who use the app to access their documents and make changes remotely, these are useful. Integration with cloud services also makes document revision ease and time and money-saving.


Any business must make the appropriate e-signature app selection. But first, you must understand the features. It would be ideal to take the app’s security, usability, and level of user friendliness into account. These features will increase your work flexibility and let your business grow more quickly without sacrificing convenience or security.

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