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The Top 6 TeraCopy Alternatives for File Copier Software in 2022


Once upon a time, TeraCopy was the fastest Windows copying application, capable of copying a 20GB file in less than 5 minutes.

TeraCopy is slower than it formerly was, making it more fast to copy or move any kind of file from one drive to another. That’s not a problem, though, because programmes like TeraCopy exist that accomplish the same work and are even more effective thing.

Today’s article features some of the top Windows file copy programmes, including TeraCopy. If you’re searching for software to replace TeraCopy on your PC, you’ll find the best options below.

The Top 6 Windows PC File Copier Programs Like TeraCopy

Some of the programmes on the list are available for free online download, but even those that are expensive all make it simple to exchange files fast between two machines. So let’s have a look at the list of Windows PC programmes that TeraCopy can be replaced with.

1 . Copy Handler (the best copy software like TeraCopy)


TeraCopy is sometimes touted as a great substitute for Copy Handler. It copies files from your PC to a USB drive or an empty disc quickly, which is one of the reasons you might wish to use it. Excellent features of this free software include the ability to pause, restart, and resume where you left off. You can control the speed at which files are sent using the Copy Handler. Although the software is flawless, you might need some time to understand how it works.

Software downloaded Copy Handler is available for free download from any location. It works on Windows-10, 8, 7, Vista, and XP. Because it can deliver numerous files at once, this software is among the best.

2. FastCopy


When searching for TeraCopy substitutes, you should also consider FastCopy. If you wish to copy files from your hard drive to another drive and back more quickly, you must utilise FastCopy. It’s a straightforward work of software that copies files flawlessly. It is one of the top best options available and is also free. It also offers many features. If you frequently work with large files, FastCopy is the best software for you because it allows you to move files rapidly.

On a computer running Windows-10, 8, 7, Vista, or XP, you can download and install the free software FastCopy. It is among the best TeraCopy programmes and is excellent at transferring files on Windows.

3. Ultra Copier


Advanced features found in Ultra Copier are not found in TeraCopy or other comparable copy software. When copying and moving files or folders from one place to another, this software does it quickly and effectively. With Ultra Copier, you can simply pause, continue, and restart transfers, and it doesn’t just work on Windows PCs. On a computer running Linux or macOS, Ultra Copier can also be installed and used to send files whenever you like.

Understanding Windows and its various versions

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The Ultra Copier is easy to use yet has a lot of features, allowing you to move or copy swiftly from one place to another. Although Ultra Copier is free, there are certain premium features that need a fee.

4. NiceCopier


You can find a nice TeraCopy substitute online called NiceCopier. One of the best and most portable programmes for PC file files is this one. It can copy huge files and folders simultaneously and works smoothly on any Windows PC. Once installed on your computer, it takes the place of the built-in Windows copy tool and improves the file transfer experience. When it is finished, NiceCopier will go to sleep on its own. It has the ability to rewrite and replace files.

NiceCopier is a good option and one of the best programmes available if you want to replace TeraCopy on your computer with another programme. It is free to download and compatible with all versions of Windows, but keep in mind that you can only use the copy option because it does not support moving files.

5. Perigee Copy


Perigee Copy is extremely quick, and along with the other programmes mentioned above, it ensures seamless file transfers with its dependable and sufficient speed. On whichever Windows PC you install it on, this software works smoothly and is fairly standard. Perigee Copy allows you to move and copy files on your computer, as well as email files more than once. Once the initial file transfer is complete, you can configure it to begin a new one.

Perigee Copy also allows you to rewrite and overwrite files. One of the best programmes to TeraCopy for Windows users, it’s sole drawback is that transfers cannot be paused or restarted.

6. Extream Copy


The final TeraCopy substitute that will be examined is Extreme Copy. It’s another programme, however this one has strong features and a user-easy design. In less than an minute, you can use this software to move or copy files and folders from one place to another. Additionally, it makes sure that no duplicate files are created when you move or copy files. Change the buffer size in Extreme Copy to change the transmission speed. Additionally, you can overwrite and rewrite files.

The free and premium versions of Extreme Copy only run on Windows computers. It’s possible that you can use the software’s basic features without purchasing it, but it would be preferable to upgrade if you want to use all of its features.


The best TeraCopy substitutes are those listed above, and they work equally well. When you copy or move files from your hard drive to another drive or vice versa, you’ll notice speedier rates.

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