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Top 15 AI Image Upscaler Enhancer in 2022

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

A picture speaks a thousand words.

You’ve probably heard this saying. Perhaps a slightly different Image upscalers of the proverb. But I think you get my meaning, no?

You might run an online store where the images you upload are crucial, or you might be a social media influencer. You might also work as a graphic designer or blogger!

Whatever the case may be, if your online activities and business entail the use of images, you are well awares of the crucial role that they play in both capturing consumers’ attention and effectively communicating your message.

The images you use could occasionally Image upscalers not be of the highest quality. Honesty dictates that poor-quality pictures won’t have the desired effect.

But what if the image you require doesn’t have a better resolution? How will you proceed?

You can upscale your image in a number of ways. Simply enough, upscaling an image implies making it higher resolution. Of course, you may do that yourself if you are proficient with image editing tools like Adobe Photoshop or GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP).

What about people who lack these abilities? Image upscalers with AI capabilities can be useful in this situation. Without you having to move a pebble, there are applications that will take your low-resolution image and spit out a high-resolution one.

You will learn about every image upscaler programme available right now in this article. Here is a short list of the names you will encounter in this article, just in case you are not ready to read the complete article:

Now that you are aware of what is included on this list, let’s quickly go over each option to understand more about what it has to offer.


1. By Stockphotos.com Upscaler

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

One of the best image upscalers available online now is Upscaler by Stockphotos.com. Upscaler has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface that can upscale your images up to 8 times their original size. Be unconcerned with the quality. The platform is designed to enhance, not decrease, the quality of the images.

The platform offers a number of intriguing features, such as:

  • Automatic image cropping that takes into account your social media needs. The social media platform you choose will take care of the rest after you choose it as the destination for the image.
  • Upscale resolutions of 2x, 4x, and 8x are supported.
  • High Fidelity, Artifact Removal, and Ironed Out are the three types of image upscaling that are offered.
  • It is capable of transforming a low-resolution image into a high-resolution image.
  • The output formats it supports include JPG, WebP, PNG, and BMP.
  • Depending on the plan you choose, upscaled images will be kept for up to 12 months.

Upscaler’s pricing range

Upscaler is free without charge. The free plan, however, will only permit 3 images per month. Only three months will be retained keeping upscales.

You must pay for the following two additional plans:

  • Standard: The maximum upscale is 8x, and upscaling is permitted for up to 20 images over a period of 12 months. The price is a one-time $5 charge. You can make another purchase if you need more.
  • Premium: It offers a maximum upscale of 8x and supports upscaling of up to 100 images. $15 is the one-time price. Anytime you require it, you can purchase it again.

2. AI Image Enlarging

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

The name is really plain and uncomplicated. Using artificial intelligence, this platform will enlarge your images without sacrificing quality. The allowed enlargement is up to 800%. However, you can also choose to increase the image’s size by 200% or 400%.

Additionally, the platform offers a free image enhancer and image denoiser. In addition, they include tools for Face Retouch, Background Remover, and Image Sharpener.

The largest image size you can use, depending on the plan you choose, is 2000 by 2000 pixels.

The platform is quite easy to utilise on its own. Either click on an image to select it from your local disc, or drag the image onto the platform and wait for it to finish its work.

The platform’s key attributes include:

  • Supports 10 MB as the largest image size.
  • A maximum of 2000 × 2000 pixels can be used for images.
  • Depending on the chosen plan, the paid plans allow 100 or 500 images per month and offer tools for image sharpening and background removal.
  • If you have a premium plan, it permits batch processing.

When you decide to pay, the ads will be removed.

Pricing of an enlarged AI image

You can select one of three plans. As follows:

  • Free: Eight images can be enlarged. Tools for image sharpening and background removal are unavailable. Batch processing is allowed, and it will be sponsored by advertisements. The most that may be enlarged is 4x.
  • Premium: Enlargements are infinite, background removal and image sharpening tools are available but only for 100 images, batch processing is allowed, and an 8x maximum enlargement is allowed. The platform will be free of advertisements. You’ll have to cost $9 each month.
  • Enterprise: Enlargements are unlimited, background removal and image sharpening tools are available but only for 500 images, batch processing is allowed, and an 8x maximum enlargement is allowed. The platform will be entirely free of advertisements. You’ll have to cost $19 each month.

Please take note that the costs listed apply if you choose a monthly billing cycle. However, you do have the options of selecting a yearly paying cycle with much lower costs.

3. Vance AI Image Enlarger

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

One of the most potent solutions available now is Vance AI Image Enlarger. The one issue with Vance AI Image Enlarger, nevertheless, is that the free edition does not give with AI Image Enhancer software.

This programme contains a lot of intriguing features, some of them are as follows:

  • For paid plans, a maximum image upload size of 10 MB is allowed. 5 MB are allotted in the free plan.

The allowed maximum image resolution is 34 MP. The 2.8 MP limit is on the free plan.

Depending on the plan, a maximum image enlargement of 8X is allowed.

  • The paid plans include batch processing. But batch processing is only allowed to process a maximum of 10 images.
  • Offline processing is available with paid plans.
  • Images can be compressed with the programme. The paid plans do not have any limits, however the free plan has one.
  • The AI Image Enhancer programme is only available to paying users.

Vance AI Image Enhancer price

The four pricing options for Vance AI Image Enhancer are as follows:

  • Free: Three image enhancements are permitted per month under this plan. A watermark will be on the final product.
  • Basic: This plan’s monthly month is $9.90. Each month, 200 credits are permitted, and any unused credits roll over to the following month. The plan renews itself. So, you must cancel it before the renewal if you decide not to continue.
  • Advantage: This plan renews automatically for $19.90 each month. If you decide against continuing, you must cancel the subscription before it renews. The 500 credits per month allowed by the plan roll over if unused.

You may cost the Pay As You Go plan for $19.90, which allows you a total of 200 credits. Since it is a one-time payment, there won’t be an automatic renewal. The credits won’t roll over, though. The credits must be used within 60 days.

The 14-day free trial offered by Vance AI Image Enhancer is interesting. So if you wants to try it out before buying it, you can.

4. Deep Image AI

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

Deep Image AI is a neural network image enhancer with a fantastically designed interface that enables direct image uploading to the browser interface via either browsing from the source or by dragging and dropping the images from the source to the platform interface.

Additionally, they have a batch processing feature that is completely exclusive to Google Drive. The platform uses convolutional neural networks to remove JPG artefacts while generative adversarial networks are used to upscale images by 2x or 4x. Additionally, they use generative adversarial networks to eliminate image noise.

Deep Image AI’s main characteristics are as follows:

  • Removing JPG artefacts.
  • 30 second image processing that is quick.
  • Compatibility with iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows.
  • Integration of APIs is possible.
  • It is compatible with PNG and JPG files.

Deep Image AI pricing

Deep Image AI offers a number of subscription plans, including:

  • Free: It offers access to the Rest API, 5 credits, batch upload, and image upscaling of up to four times.
  • Subscription: There are various alternatives for subscription, which include:

$9.00 per month for 100 credits.

500 credits cost $39 per month.

1000 credits cost $69 per month.

  • One-time payment: This also comes in a variety of options. They consist of:

o $5.99 one-time cost for 5 credits.

o One-time cost of $6.99 for 25 credits.

o One-time cost of $9.99 for 50 credits.

If you decide to sign up for their subscription plan and require more than 1000 credits, you must contact them to receive a personalised pricing case.

5. BigJPG

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

BigJPG is another another well-liked AI-based image upscaler. Additionally, this platform offers a highly user-friendly interface where you can either click to choose the images you want to be enhanced or drag and drop the desired images to the interface to select.

It quickly lowers noise and serration in images using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks, making upscaling simple without sacrificing quality. In actuality, the quality has improved.

BigJPG is great for improving cartoon and illustration images, but you can also use it to improve normal images. Images can be uploaded by free users with a 3000 x 3000 resolution and a maximum file size of 5 MB. You can submit images up to 50 MB in size if you are a paying user.

The main attributes of BigJPG are as follows:

  • Logged-in users only have access to the API.
  • Only logged-in users can utilise offline enlarging (which permits quitting the browser).
  • Logged-in users can view an expanded history.
  • Supports iOS, Android, Windows, and MacOS.

The pricing of BigJPG

BigJPG offers a free plan, however it only allows you to upscale 20 images each month and excludes batch and parallel processing. The allowed upload size is 5 MB, and the allowed enlargement factor is 4x. However, it does support offline enlargement.

You have the option to upgrade to a premium plan. Three paid plans are offered, and they are as follows:

  • Basic: It costs $6 and has a two-month validity period. Upscaling is allowed for 500 images each month. The largest upload size is 50 MB, and the largest enlargement factor is 16x. It supports batch, parallel, and offline operations.
  • Standard: It costs $12 and has a six-month expiration date. Each month, you can upscale up to 1000 images. The largest upload size is 50 MB, and the largest enlargement factor is 16x. It supports batch, parallel, and offline operations.
  • Premium: It costs $22 and has a 12-month usage period. Upscaling is allowed for up to 2000 images per month. The largest upload size is 50 MB, and the largest enlargement factor is 16x. It supports batch, parallel, and offline operations.

6. Let’s enhance

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

Another well-known platform that offers AI-based image upscaling and enhancements is Let’s Enhance. The platform is extremely quick and instantly improves the images. There’s nothing you need to do. To improve the images, a neural network is employed. It can enhance the colours in an image, take away blur and noise, erase compression, automatically identify dark parts in an image, improve those areas, and do a lot more.

Whether you own a online store or are an artist, Let’s Enhance may work its magic on your images to make them look more polished and marketable. The programme can upscale images up to 256 MP.

The following are some of Let’s Enhance’s key components:

  • Quick image improvement.
  • Color enhancements, blur removal, compression deletion, and noise reduction.
  • Up to 16x image upscaling

The pricing of Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance offers several pricing plans. For both individuals and businesses, they offer subscription plans. Pay-as-you-go plans are additionally offered.

The free plan offers up to 5 credits (that is 5 images for only once). It offers limitless storage for six months and upscaling up to 64 MP. However, keep in mind that you are unable to use the free plan once you have used all of your credits. You have to select a premium plan.

The following is a list of the paid plans:

Individual subscription:

  • For 100 credits every month, pay $9 each month.
  • 300 credits each month: $24 per month
  • $34 per month for 500 credits.

Business subscription:

  • 1000 credits per month: $72 per month
  • $2500 in credits every month equals $160 each month
  • 5000 credits per month: $290 per month
  • API access: request access with customised pricing

Pay-as-you-go strategies:

  • A one-time payment of $9 can buy 20 credits.
  • 50 credits for a single payment of $19.
  • A one-time payment of $39 can buy 120 credits.

It should be noted that the maximum upscale is up to 256 MP for subscription plans for individuals, and credits rollover for up to 6 months. The prices listed are for annual billing.

There are no credit rollovers for commercial subscription plans. Up to 500 MP is the maximum upscale. The prices listed are for annual billing.

The pay-as-you-go model has no time limit. The credits are valid till they expire.

7. Waifu2x

 AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

An excellent deep convolutional neural network-based image upscaler for anime-style images is Waifu2x. This AI image upscaling programme can upscale images online and has picture processing capabilities.

Despite the website’s picture interface (UI) not being very well designed and organised, the upscale capabilities are quite excellent. You have the option of uploading from a local file or entering the URL of an online picture.

This online image upscaler allows you to upscale images up to 2x, which is a little less than the other image upscalers mentioned above and also includes noise removal.

Keep in mind that Waifu2x is a Japanese website and may not be accessible everywhere. However, there is a substitute that you may use called Waifu2x.org that permits upscaling up to 800%.

Both websites prohibit batch processing. Therefore, you must do each task separately.

Price for Waifu2x

Completely free of charge. It’s free to use now and forever!

8. Crea8tiveAI

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

One of the many tools provided by Crea8tiveAI is Photo Refiner. As an AI image upscaler, Photo Refiner describes itself as being able to 16x upscale photographs in under a minute. Our AI image enlargement tool is an excellent option if you need to enlarge some small pictures before printing them. In contrast to conventional images, this online picture upscaler makes use of deep learning to increase image resolution without lowering their quality.

Images can be upscaled by up to 16 times, and yes, 4K upscaling is supported. Although the platform is rather simple to use, it is regrettably not particularly stable. The drawback is that in comparison to the alternatives you have read about so far, it is also fairly expensive.

Costs of Crea8tive AI

There is no accessible free plan. The many pricing plans that are offered include:

  • Entry Plan: There isn’t a monthly fee, however using the Photo Refiner tool will pay you 4.99 US. The same upfront costs apply to all other tools with applicable restrictions.
  • Lite Plan: It has 200 credits per month distributed across several tools for $48 per month. Credits have a 180-day expiration date.
  • The $98/month Standard Plan includes 500 credits each month split among a variety of tools. Credits have a 180-day expiration date.
  • Pro Plan: It costs $297 a month and includes 3000 credits distributed among various tools. Credits have a 180-day expiration date.
  • Ultra Plan: It costs $450 per month and includes 5000 credits each month distributed among several tools. Credits have a 180-day expiration date.
  • Mega Plan: It costs $800 a month and comes with 10,000 credits distributed among several tools. Credits have a 180-day expiration date.

The complexity of Crea8tive AI’s pricing plans, which can be highly off-putting, is something you won’t appreciate, especially if you only intend to use the Photo Refiner tool.

9. Smart Upscaler Icons8

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

On the Icons8 website, a Smart Upscaler powered by AI uses deep learning to improve images. It has noise reduction and fault correction capabilities and can enhance a picture by up to 2x or 4x. Furthermore, it is totally free for modest usage, but premium choices are offered if you require more. You can drop images up to 3000 by 3000 pixels and up to 5 Mb in size using the interesting drag and drop interface that comes with it.

You can also access their API if you’d like to integrate it with the platform of your choice. The platform makes it simple to get rid of JPEG compression artefacts.

Icons8 Smart Upscaler’s pricing

You can free edit 3 images with their basic plan. You can pay $0.20 per image to enlarge your images. As an image, you can pay $9 per month and receive a limit of 100 images for enhancing and upscaling each month, or you can opt for unlimited enhancing and upscaling for $99 per month.

10. Upscale Photographs

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

Using the service Upscale Pics, users can boost image resolution without compromising quality. It’s amazing that this image upscaler can upscale any image up to a 2X increase in size. It enhances the details in your pictures to make them look to have been taken by a professional photographer with the help of an AI upscaling algorithm. Upscale Pics offers a risk-free trial plan.

It can eliminate JPEG artefacts and employs AI-Powered Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for image enhancement. The platform can enhance the photographs’ tonality while also adding more details.

Pricing for upscale Photos

The firm offers two straightforward pricing plans. One is intended for casual users, while the other is for experts and organisations.

The two plans are:

  • Subscription: For $10 per month, it offers upscaling up to 400MP, limitless upscales, and bulk processing (20000 x 20000 pixels). There is a 7-day money-back guarantee included.
  • Enterprise: It offers customised plans and, thus, customised pricing. It offers upscaling up to 400MP and mass processing (20000 x 20000 pixels).

11. Blow Up 3

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

The most recent version of Exposure Software’s picture-editing programme, Blow Up 3, works with both Windows and Mac computers. It’s a programme like Photoshop that makes use of traditional technology to improve image clarity and size without compromising quality.

They provide presets for different paper types, which is a wonderful feature because it ensures that your image will print perfectly. Blow Up 3 is really simple to use if you have prior Photoshop skills. But even if you’ve never used Photoshop before, you can still use it expertly. The ramp-up time is not very long.

After registering for a 30-day free trial, you can choose to upgrade to their premium service.

The pricing of Blow Up 3

For $79, you can purchase Blow Up 3. For $49, you can upgrade an older version that you already own.

You may even purchase Blow Up 3 as a component of the Exposure 6 Bundle, which is essentially a collection of different photographic tools. The package is $149.

Of course, you are free to try out the Blow Up 3 and Exposure 6 Bundle.

12. AI Pixbim Enlarge

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

Using cutting-edge machine learning techniques, Pixbim Enlarge AI produces remarkable results without compromising picture quality. It can automatically fill in missing pixels using intelligent analysis and capable prediction because it is an artificial intelligence upscaler. A photograph’s details may also be enhanced when you utilise it to enlarge the photograph.

The software has the ability to magnify images by 400%, or four times their original size. It aids in increasing the resolution of the image in addition to increasing the image size.

The drawback is that you can’t utilise it online. The software needs to be downloaded and installed on your computer. It might not always give the best or expected outcomes.

Pixbim Enlarge AI pricing

There is no charge for a subscription. It costs $49.99 all at once, which you must purchase. They do offer lifetime free upgrades in addition to a 30-day refund policy. You can use the free trial to understand more about its capabilities.

13. Zyro

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

This is an easy-to-use picture upscaler that enables you to upscale images using deep convolutional neural networks. Use of it is totally free. The limit of pictures that can be processed has no upper bound. The production quality, however, falls short of expectations. This free online image upscaler can be a good option if you’re seeking for a quick solution to upscale pictures without compromising quality.

It’s interesting to note that Zyro is essentially a platform for creating websites, with the image upscaler service free to anyone at no cost.

Zyro Image Upscaler pricing

It is a totally unrestrictedly free resource offered by Zyro website builder.

14. GIMP

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

An image-editing programme that is free is called GIMP. You must realise that while it isn’t exactly an AI-driven programme, it can enhance and upscale images. Open-source programme called GIMP is accessible to Windows, Linux, and Mac users.

But before you can use the programme like an expert, you must correctly understand how to use it because it is very challenging to operate. Although GIMP is a free programme, it is a very potent image alteration tool and is frequently referred to as the finest free Photoshop substitute.

Opening the image in GIMP and selecting the Scale Image option are the first two steps in the multi-step process of upscaling an image using GIMP. After that, you’ll have to provide the appropriate width and height. To maintain the quality while scaling, you must use Quality >> Interpolation >> Sinc.

You should make more enhancements since it is not an online programme powered by AI.

The pricing of GIMP

It is both free and open source.

15. Photoshop

AI Image Upscaler Enhancer

Sincerely speaking, there are two reasons why Photoshop is at the very bottom of this list. It is not an AI-powered programme, and it is also not free. Although it is now cloud-based, you must still install it on your PC.

Designers frequently utilise Photoshop, one of the most potent photo-editing applications on the market today. The learning curve is severe, but once you master it, you can edit, enhance, and upscale images like an expert.

Pricing of Photoshop

There are several pricing options available for various types of plans. Starting at $9.99 per month, the Photography plan with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop is available.

Okay, now thats we are familiar with the list, let’s quickly go through a few inquiries. These are questions to which you must have the answers.

Question upscaling

Upscaling: What is it?

Simply said, upscaling is the process of enlarging pictures to fill a larger monitor. Stretching a picture causes pixelation, which is more obvious when the original image has a low resolution, and lowers the pixel density. The development of AI picture upscaling, on the other hand, ensures that images are upscaled without compromising quality.

What distinguishes traditional upscaling from AI picture upscaling?

Manual upscaling is required when working with low-resolution images in order to preserve the visual quality of the image at greater scales. While AI picture upscaling is far more automatic, it still works by evaluating the image and applying a deep learning model to fill in the missing pixels. So, picture upscaling to 2x, 4x, 8x, or even 16x is a simple process when using an AI upscaler.


The most important factor is quality, regardless of whether you utilise traditional image upscaling methods like Photoshop or other professional software, AI image upscaling methods using a potent AI upscaler, or both. Because deep machine learning is based on sophisticated algorithms and neural networks, AI-based solutions offer excellent quality. They permit lossless picture upscaling by a factor of 2, 4, 8, or even 16. Some of these would also improve the image’s quality by enhancing the photographer’s attention to detail. More importantly, compared to Photoshop, GIMP, and other similar photo editing apps, they are significantly less expensive and easier to use.

It’s encouraging to see a increasing number of AI companies working diligently to build their AI upscaling technology, which is producing more and more effective AI upscalers. Aside from AI picture upscaling, AI technology is improving to help us in every aspect of our lives thanks to ongoing training and development. It is believed that AI will make our lives easier and more convenient.

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