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In 2022, there will be 20 alternative search engines to use

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When we think of alternative search engines and SEO, we immediately think of Google. However, did you know that there are a slew of other search engines alternative that have just as much to offer?

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According to this report, Google is an internationally renowned search engine and an industry powerhouse; in fact, Google Images is the second biggest “search engine”:

Even though it’s the biggest and most well-known, it’s not always the best option.

People utilise alternative search engines for a variety of reasons, one of which is enhanced privacy, as Google is known to tracks user data for its own and third-party purposes.

If you’ve only used Google, try some of the other search engines to see if you can find anything you like more.

Alternative Search Engines: A Guide

Ask yourself some questions about what you genuinely want from a search engine before we dives in and start thinking abouts alternative search engines:

  • Apart from Google, what are the finest search engines?
  • What is the safest search engine?
  • What is the finest privacy-focused search engine?
  • What is the best search engine?

Other Search Engines Besides Google

Check out this lists of alternative search engines, which includes some search engines you may be familiar with as well as some you may not:

1. Bing


It’s simple to use and adds to the visual experience by including lovely daily background photos. Bing is fantastic for video searches since it shows results as huge thumbnails that can be hovered over to hear a clip.

Bing, like Google, has a plethora of internal functions such as currency conversion, translation, and flight tracking, making it a highly adaptable tool that holds globally. Make out our Bing Webmaster Tools guide for more information.

While you’re probably familiar with Bing, you may not be aware that it has a rewards programme. When you shop or alternative search engines on Bing, you earn points that you can use to buy applications and movies, which is quite convenient.

2. DuckDuckGo


DuckDuckGo is a popular search engine for people who respect their privacy and don’t want their every query tracked and logged.

It offers a simple UI with few adverts and endless scrolling, making for a pleasant and streamlined user experience. There is no user tracking, and you can even install DuckDuckGo’s browser extension to keep your browsing data private.

Bangs, a feature of DuckDuckGo’s alternative search engines, lets you to search straight within another website from DuckDuckGo by typing a prefix. For example, typing “!ebay magic the gathering” will bring you to eBay’s search results for “magic the gathering.”

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3. Yahoo!


Yahoo has been around longers than Google, and while some consider it antiquated, it is still the world’s third most used alternative search engines. It’s even Firefox’s default search engine.

Yahoo is so much more than a search engine, which is one of its best features. Yahoo’s web portals offers email, news, online shopping, gaming, and more to provide a comprehensive user experience.

Because of its combination with Flickr, Yahoo Answers, and Yahoo Finance, it offers better image results as well as an wealth of information on a variety of subjects.

4. Ask


The easy question-and-answer style of Ask, formerly known as Ask Jeeves, enables for natural-language searches. This makes it incredibly user-friendly, particularly for individuals who are familiar to search engines, such as older computer users.

In addition, the search results highlight commonly asked questions connected to your search phrase, which might give useful resources and aid in your search.

5. Baidu


Baidu is China’s most popular search engines, accounting for more than 70% of the country’s internet market. It is extremely similar to Google, despite being in Mandarin. It has a similar design, is financed through terms, and employs rich snippets in search results.

Baidu, on the other hand, is extensively censored. On the alternative search engines, certain images and even pro-democracy websites are prohibited.

6. WolframAlpha


WolframAlpha is a privately held search engine that claims to be able to “calculate expert-level answers utilising Wolfram’s breakthrough algorithms, knowledgebase, and AI technologies.”

It’s divided into four sections: Mathematics, Science & Technology, Society & Culture, and Everyday Life, and it’s aimed to give expert information. There are other subcategories and handy tools inside these that allow you to compute data, investigate statistics, and find expert solutions to your questions (an example will be shown in a moment).

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WolframAlpha not only has a wealth of professional knowledge, but it also doesn’t track your searches, giving you peace of minds when it comes to privacy.

Kinsta could help you save up to $200 per month on site costs.

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7. Boardreader


Boardreader is a forum and message board search engine. You may search for forums and then filter the results by date and language.

It’s a good tool for content research because it makes it simple to find content authored by real people on a given topic. Boardreader is an excellent place to start if you’re familiar with the topic and want to find the best forum to join.

8. StartPage


StartPage, like DuckDuckGo, was built with rigorous user privacy in mind. It doesn’t keep track of or save any of your information. It also doesn’t show you adverts according to your browsing habits.

“The world’s most private search engine,” according to Startpage. You’ll obtain results that are comparable to what you’d get if you did a completely private Google search.

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Startpage is a search engine that also offers a proxy service that allows you to browse websites anonymously for increased online security. They even have an custom URL generator alternative search engines, so you don’t have to set cookies to browse.

All of this is presented in an smart, clean interface that can be customised with multiple themes, including Night Mode, to create a user interface that is extremely functional.

9. Ecosia


CO2 emissions are impacted by heavy search engine usage. That’s where Ecosia, a CO2-neutral alternative search engine, comes in.

The cash gained from each search (powered by Bing) goes towards the company’s tree-planting programme. On average, 45 searches are required to make a single tree.

10. Qwant


Qwant is a privacy-focused search engine developed in France that will not track your searches or use your personal information for advertising purposes.

Your search results are organised into web, news, and social categories, and there’s even a special music section that employs AI to help you find lyrics and discover new songs.

It has a quick- alternative search engines feature that allows you to enter “&” in front of a website’s name (or a specialised shortcode) to receive external search results right away. “&w” or “&wikipedia,” for example, allows you to retrieve Wikipedia results directly from Qwant.

11. Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt

Search Encrypt is another privacy-focused search engine that uses local encryption to ensure users’ identifiable information from being tracked.

Search Encrypt, like a metasearch engine, draws its results from a network of search partners, resulting in well-rounded results that aren’t tailored to your past searches.

This search engine has a unique feature in that it immediately deletes your local browser history after 15 minutes of inactivity. This means that even if someones else has access to your computer, you will never have to be concerned about your privacy.

12. SearX


SearX is a metasearch engine that attempts to give a free, decentralised perspective of the internet by providing unbiased results from multiple sources.

It’s an open source search engine that anybody may use to review the source code and contribute to on GitHub. It’s also possible to alter it and run it as your own search engine on your own server.

SearX offers a wealth of choices and features not found on other alternative search engines, resulting in excellent usability and quick, exact results.

13. Yandex


Yandex, the world’s fifth most popular search engine, is widely utilised in its home country of Russia, where it controls over 60% of the search engine market.

It is extremely similar to Google in that it allows you to search for websites, images, videos, and news in a user-friendly format. Yandex offers the same functionality as Google but with a better interface, including mobile apps, maps, translation, cloud storage, and more.

14. Gibiru


“Unfiltered private search” is Gibiru’s tagline, and that’s exactly what it offers.

All of your searches are routed through a proxy IP address when you install the AnonymoX Firefox add-on. This ensures that other computer users will not be able to track your search history and offers you with private and unbiased results.

Gibiru’s servers do not save search requests, and the records are deleted within seconds of the search being completed.

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15. Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search

You can use Disconnect to do anonymous searches using any search engine you like.

When you type a search phrase, it is redirected and anonymised through Disconnect’s servers before being sent to the alternative search engines you chose. This allows you to utilise your preferred search engine without worrying about your privacy.

Disconnect also offers browsers extensions and apps that allow you to block tracking sites, speed up page loading, view advertising requests, and perform a variety of other privacy-related tasks.

16. Swisscows


To preserve your privacy and security, Swisscows offers fully encrypted searches. It doesn’t save personal information, IP addresses, or search queries on its servers, which are located in Switzerland, which has some of tightest privacy data in the world.

It’s especially popular among parents who wish to provide a secure alternative search engines experience for their children, as the built-in filter for pornography and violence cannot be disabled.

It employs semantic information recognition and data pools to provide intuitive answers to search queries fast and efficiently. Other related or popular inquiries are displayed on the revolutionary semantic map, which helps to provide you with even more information.

17. Lukol


Lukol is an anonymous search engine that uses Google results but removes any detectable characteristics to protect your privacy.

This means you can continue to use Google’s search engine without fear of being tracked. Lukol ensures that your searches are completely anonymous, and it helps to keep you safe by preventing you from visiting sites that are misleading or improper.

It’s a basic search engine in terms of functionality. You may search the web, images, news, and videos, but there are no options to filter the results.

18. MetaGer


Through its anonymised search, MetaGer offers “Privacy Protected alternative search engines & Find.” They’re a non-profit, so they have nothing to gain by tracking your searches, and they only utilise green energy, which add to the impression of security.

MetaGer is an metasearch engine that searches up to 50 different external search engines to provide a wide range of results. When it processes an query, it does not take clickthrough rates into account, thus the results are unfiltered and unbiased. They even provides route planning and maps without tracking your whereabouts.

To ensure your searches private, you can download a plugin that makes MetaGer your default search engine and start page.

19. Gigablast


Gigablast is an private search engine that crawls millions of websites and provides real time data without tracking your data, keeps you anonymous to marketers & spammers.

It is n’t the most visually appealing search engine, but it does provide a number of options for filtering or personalising your query, such as searching by language, exact phrase, or file type. Gigablast offers a directory and a robust advanced search tool in addition to web, news, and images.

20. Oscobo


Oscobo is an search engine that protects your personal privacy when you search the web. Your data is safe from hacking & misuse if you do not utilise any 3rd party tools or scripts.

It gives anonymous search results without any types of tracking, including IP addresses & cookies, because all traffic is encrypted. Oscobo will not send your search terms to the website you visit, nor will it share your personal information or search history.

For maximum use, you can search by web, images, videos, and maps. A Chrome plug-in is also available that allows you to search privately from the Chrome bar for quick access to secure inquiries.

Other than Google, what is the best search engine?

Because of its strong algorithms and AI, Google is without a doubt the biggest and perhaps the greatest search engine available.

Choosing to browse the internet without utilising Google may appear to be an unusual experiment. However, having the best search engine has a cost.

Google personalises your browsing experience at the cost of sharing your personal data and allowing Google to track you around the internet, as is widely known. This customization may, at the very least, irritate some people.

Furthermore, several of these options have different privacy features and ways to offer you. So go ahead and give one a shot; you might even get better search results as a result.

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