An official among Us costume, you may become a true impostor.

among Us costume

Halloween is quickly approaching, and if you still need an among Us costume (smh, if you haven’t gotten one yet, Halloween is 46 days away, what are you doing? ), may I suggest the new official Among Us crewmate costumes?

If you buy one of these ludicrous inflatable garments, you’ll be able to convince everyone around you that you’re not suspicious in the least. No, you’re not an impostor. Check it out for yourself:

The costumes are offered in two sizes, an adult version and a kids’s version among Us costume, with four colours for each size. The adult size is capped at five feet and nine inches, so if you’re taller, your ankles may protrude.

There are armholes, albeit they don’t appear to allow you to reach very far in front of you. Wearing a matching sweater can help you blend in even more.

Furthermore, the adult version appears to feature a visor with a mirror effect to assist conceal your identity, whilst the kids version appears to have a mesh visor that allows you to see who is wearing it.

On the left is the adult costume, while on the right is the children’s costume.

The adult costumes are $49.99 on Amazon, but I couldn’t find a price for the children’s costumes. Regrettably, Amazon’s listings for the costumes appear to be already sold out among Us costume. However, according to the Among Us tweet, they’ll be available at Walmart, HMV, and other outlets worldwide, so you might still be able to get one before Halloween.

On a day like today, you wouldn’t think of sneaking up behind your pals and scaring them with an impostor crewmate costume. Never.

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