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Spam is being sent from Aol Mail accounts that have been hacked.

Aol Mail

It isn’t only you who is affected. Aol Mail was hacked, and an unknown number of accounts were seemingly spoofed. The Twitter hashtag #aolhacked is flooded with first-hand accounts of spam being sent from either the hacked email account or a spoofed email account that looks identical to the original.

Aol has been contacted for more information. In an statement issued earlier today, the company stated that it was working to resolve the issue. The @aolmailhelp aol mail Twitter account is frantically responding to requests for assistance and pointing them to this help page for further information.

Aol Mail

According to source,s close to the company, the issue affected fewer than 1% of all customers, and they expect the problem to be resolved immediately.

This problem appears to have started three days ago. If you receive a link in an e-mail from an aol mail email address, don’t open it and notify the sender that their account has been hacked. Although aol mail has yet to comment on the breadth of the problem, the hack appears to be broad.

Aol owns TechCrunch, so there’s that. This isn’t a made-up account. Is that the case?


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