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The 12 Best Beaver Builder WordPress Templates & Themes

Beaver Builder

One of the most widely used WordPress page builders is Beaver Builder. Beaver Builder makes it easier to create WordPress sites that captivate users, compel action, and ultimately boost sales. It has an intuitive design and a wealth of great features.

Beaver Builder features a vast selection of WordPress themes and templates to make this task even simpler. But what if the item you desire isn’t available in the Builder library?

In order to help you locate the greatest Beaver Builder match, here is a look at 12 noteworthy possibilities from the hundreds of compatible Beaver Builder templates and themes that are currently available.

Basics of Beaver builder

More than a million WordPress websites use Beaver Builder globally. It has on-demand assistance, is frequently updated with new features, and has a vibrant and active Builder community.

Also, using it is really easy. Site owners and administrators can easily create new pages, edit current frameworks, or start from scratch with a completely new site theme by utilising its drag-and-drop page building procedure.

Beaver Builder’s Standard plan, which covers unlimited site design, is only $99 per year. The $199 Pro plan also supports multisite, and the $399 Agency option offers full white labelling to match existing branding.

Simply put? For good reason—Beaver Builder actually works—people have faith in it.

What’s the Difference Between Themes and Templates?

It’s difficult to cover every possible scenario, no matter how comprehensive the Beaver Builder library is. As a result, Beaver Builder-compatible third-party products assist site owners in selecting the best template or theme for their company.

Having said that, this begs the question of what distinguishes a Beaver Builder theme from a template.

Consider it this way: Layouts for particular WordPress pages like landing pages, about us pages, product pages, and service pages are what we mean by templates. They can also be used to create single page websites, however in order to give full functionality, extra plugins are needed.

Themes, on the other hand, come with everything you need for your site, such as page layout customization and feature implementation. You can create your ideal WordPress site using themes, templates, or combos of both, depending on your needs.

The very best Beaver Builder themes

1. Astra

Beaver Builder

Astra is a fast, lightweight, and highly adaptable theme that aids in increasing the impact of Beaver Builder. Google, NASA, and Stanford University are just a few of the more than 1.6 million websites that use the Astra theme, which has received over 5,000 5-star evaluations.

What We Like: Astra offers pre-built websites as well as the option to customise your theme without knowing any code.

2. OceanWP

Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder and Elementor are both compatible with Ocean WP, and it is also ready for Gutenberg. With more than 4.5 million downloads, the theme is popular among hobbyists, ecommerce business owners, developers, and designers.

What We Like: OceanWP is developer- and beginner-friendly, so matter of where you are in the process of building a site, this Beaver Builder theme has something to offer.

3. Neve

Beaver Builder

Neve is a mobile-first Beaver Builder theme with AMP support and more than 100 starter sites that are ready to import to help you launch your WordPress project quickly. This is a fantastic option for your site because of the strong community support and ongoing growth.

What We Like: Neve is designed to accommodate both desktop and mobile development and is fast, lightweight, and adaptable.

4. Customify

Beaver Builder

With an host of great features, such as editable headers and footers, ready-to-import sites, and the capacity to work with any page builder, Customify bills itself as “the most customisable WordPress theme on the market.”

What We Like: To help you maximise the effect of your website, this Beaver Builder theme is designed for fast speed and is SEO optimised.

5. Page Builder Framework

Beaver Builder

A simple theme called Page Builder Framework was designed to let you quickly launch a WordPress site without running extra clutter. In addition to complete Beaver Builder support, Page Builder is fully mobile responsive, WooCommerce ready, and openly hosted on GitHub as open-source software.

What We Like: This is one of the lightest themes available, with the front-end size of the full theme being less than 50kb.

6. Produce Press

Beaver Builder

Your WordPress website can have a strong foundation thanks to Generate Press. It is open-source, free, and focuses on running you with all you need to launch your site. It was designed to assist your site reach the greatest PageSpeed possible and is built to work with any page builder, including Beaver Builder.

What We Like: Generate Press makes it easy to change and customise your site without touching a line of code by using Dynamic Block Elements.

Most effective Beaver Builder templates

1. Creative Agency

Beaver Builder

The Creative Agency template is a great approach to use a simple, minimalist theme to show off what your business does. This theme is perfect for service-based businesses that want to highlight the people and procedures that make their business run because of its use of vibrant colours and simple navigation.

What We Like: The key word here is streamlined, and it perfectly fits the theme.

2. Small Businesses

Beaver Builder

Since small businesses make-up the vast majority of enterprises in the US, you must find a strategy to stand apart from the competition.

To do that, using this Beaver Builder template is a great idea. You can pique customers’ interest as soon as they arrive at your site by describing your products and services in an way that is appealing and interesting.

What We Like: This template contains all the components required to launch your small company page.

3. Fullscreen

Beaver Builder

Fullscreen websites take off. However, maximising the usage of the entire screen can help enhance website flow and make navigation easier. Making the simple stand out for your benefit is the focus of this Beaver Builder template.

What We Like: With these fullscreen websites, you can’t help but scroll down to see what comes next.

4. Restaurant

Beaver Builder

To attract new customers, restaurants need to have a great online presence. They also want to know what makes your experience stand out from the competitors, not just how the food tastes.

This theme provides the people with what they want—from ambience to ingredients to information about bookings and reservations—so they will come to you.

What We Like: This template combines style and comfort to create a pleasant WordPress page.

5. Coming Soon

Beaver Builder

Perhaps your site isn’t quite ready, or you’re working on a new range of goods or services. Instead of assuming that customers who click broken links will simply offer later, create a simple coming soon page to inform them of the improvements you’re making and work to get in touch with them once you’re finished.

What We Like: This templates is simple and concise. Visitors can subscribe to your business on social media or provide their email address to receive notifications.

6. General Business

Beaver Builder

Use the General Business Beaver Builder template to keep things simple. This template is an great place to start and provides a good foundation for ongoing site improvement because it has simple-to-implement choices for customer reviews, statistics, and contact forms.

What We Like: There is no ambiguity for customers here; everything is easy, easy, and easy to use.

Enhancing the Beaver

One of the best WordPress pages builders currently available is Beaver Builder, and for good reason. Beaver Builder’s features, themes, and templates make it easy to create, customise, and update websites as needed. Additionally, Beaver Builder is regularly updated to provide the best possible experience.

Are you prepared to advance your Beaver building? Take a look at one of our best Beaver Builder themes or templates right now.

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