The 10 Best and popular Call Recording Apps for Android in 2021 have been updated.

best android call recorder

This post will explain best android call recorder. “Calls may be recorded for quality assurance and training.”

You’ve probably heard this remark while calling customer service to express a concern about a purchase or to inquire about its delivery status. Is this, despite, solely for the sake of training?

The 10 Best and popular Call Recording Apps for Android in 2021 have been updated.

In this article, you can know about best android call recorder here are the details below;

There are numerous reasons to record client calls. It’s one of the simplest methods for analysing and comprehending your consumers’ expectations. Furthermore, the best call recording apps have made it simple to capture information given over the call and refer to it later to resolve issues.

What Are Call Recording Apps and How Do They Work?

Call recording apps are smartphone applications that allow you to record any incoming or outgoing calls. The best call recording applications for Android use automation to record all of the user’s dialled and received calls.

These apps aid in the creation of a digital record of calls made and received. The following are typical features of the best call recorder apps:

  • Share the recorded files on social media platforms like Facebook, SMS, and Tinder.
  • Files can be downloaded quickly to your computer.
  • Using your phone to record all incoming and outgoing calls
  • There is no limit to the amount of communication that can be recorded.
  • Access to the cloud for smooth call recording storage

10 Best Android Call Recording Apps

Cube Call Recorder ACR App

As one of the best and popular call recorder apps for Android, Cube Call Recorder ACR is a users recommended choice for automatically recording both incoming and outgoing calls. Furthermore, numerous types of calls from various mediums, such as Skype, Viber, and WhatsApp, are easily recorded here.


  • The Cube Call recorder software allows users to pick individual contacts for recording.
  • All recorded calls will be saved to Google Drive automatically.
  • Pin lock is a function that helps secure the recordings you’ve made so far.
  • A wide range of Android devices are supported.

Price: With in-app purchases, this best call recorder for Android is free to download.

A price range of $60.00 to $1,050.00 per item


The programme allows you to record calls from several platforms such as WhatsApp, Skype, and Viber.

Delivers a high-quality audio experience.

Cons: The app isn’t compatible with the iOS platform.

Call Recorder ACR by NLL

Along with call recording, NLL’s ACR Call Recorder offers a variety of other functions. You can modify and share call recordings using this call recording app. This advanced Android-based phone call recording app lets you transcribe calls and make notes for later use. The ACR call recorder software, in cooperation with cloud torage services, aids in the secure backup of all existing data.


  • You may store recorded calls in a variety of formats, including ogg, mp4, 3gp, and more.
  • Allows you to save captured data to Dropbox and Google Drive as a backup.
  • Password protection keeps recordings safe.

ACR Call Recorder, one of the best call recorder apps, is free to download and use with in-app purchases.

ranging from $45.00 to $149.00 per item


To work, the best call recorder for Android does not require your phone number.

With rapid call recording choices, it’s simple to use.

Cons: The programme can become stuck while in use.

Blackbox Call Recorder

The Blackbox Call Recording software has a lot of cool features including Bluetooth accessory support, cloud backup, and sophisticated call recording settings. There is currently no support for Viber, Messenger, Skype, or WhatsApp calls.


  • Sorts recordings by date, length, and time.
  • Allows for data erasure and mass selection.
  • Unauthorized access is prevented.
  • You can add contacts to a whitelist that don’t need to be recorded.
  • Assists in the creation of the ‘Favorite’ recording list.

Blackbox is one of the best Android call recording apps, and it’s free to download with in-app purchases.

ranging from $75.00 to $1,600.00 per item

Pros: Assists you in deciding whether to keep or delete a large number of data files.

Cons: Too many permissions are required before recording can begin.

Otter Voice Notes

Otter Voice Notes is a voice note organiser that allows you to transcribe recorded conversations and import recordings from other apps for convenient storage. Starting recordings inside groups, in between lectures, meetings, and interviews is much easier using the best call recording software for Android.


  • Provides a Widget and other shortcuts for quickly recording calls.
  • To share the transcript live, start a recording within a group.
  • Adjustable playback speeds
  • To share the transcript live, start a recording within a group.
  • Free transcription for up to 600 minutes per month. In-app purchases.

ranging from 650.00 to 8,200.00 per item


  • Allows for quick transcribing and labelling tools for journalistic work.
  • The software allows for flexible file uploading, making it simple to browse and review sound recordings.

Cons: In comparison to other call recording applications, it’s a little pricey.

Smart Voice Recorder

Advanced call recording tools and a range of audio codecs are included in Smart Voice Recorder. Depending on the business necessity, users can easily switch between standard recording and call recordings. One of the best and useable call recording apps for Android, with crisp and clear recordings.


  • Offers a real-time audio spectrum analyzer.
  • There is no time limit for recording because it is determined by the amount of storage space available on your phone.
  • With the Launcher shortcut, you can start recording in one tap.
  • Call recording is possible even when the phone’s display is turned off.
  • Encoding in wave/PCM with a sampling rate of (8-44 kHz)

Smart Voice Recorder is one of the popular call recorders for Android, and it’s free to download with in-app purchases.

A total of $130.00 per item


It permits the avoidance of silence in a recording.

When a recording is no longer needed, you can cancel it.

Cons: The app has a tendency to skip recording at times and skips a few crucial sound moments.

Auto Call Recorder

The Auto Call Recorder app records calls automatically and stores them to the phone’s internal memory or a microSD card. There are five basic options accessible with this best call recorder Android, including record contacts, ignore/record anything, and record outgoing/incoming calls.


  • Additionally, an option to remove records within a week is included, as well as the ability to ban calls that are included in the automatic removal option.
  • Allows you to save the recorded call after receiving a confirmation prompt.
  • Various recording formats are available.

Price: It’s a free Android call recorder.

Pros: The best call recording app includes a search bar that allows you to quickly locate call records.

Cons: The call recording software occasionally disappoints since it does not pick up the discussion well.

RMC Call Recorder

You may quickly save all recorded files in the phone’s memory with the Record MyCall option in the RMC call recorder software for Android. To record conversations, you must turn on the loudspeaker on your phone. For added convenience, the best call recorder software for Android has a movable manual record button.


  • Calls can be recorded manually or automatically.
  • Call recordings can be saved in a variety of files, both organised and unorganised.
  • Provides sophisticated recording search options.
  • It supports the audio formats mp3, amr, mp4, 3gp, and wav.

Price: It’s a free call recording app for Android that’s also one of the best.

Pros: The app records voice calls in MP3, WAV, and AMR, MP4, and 3GP codecs, and it also supports AMR, MP4, and 3GP.

Cons: To record conversations, you must use the phone’s speaker.

Call Recorder Automatic

Call Recorder Automatic is an excellent call recording tool for recording all phone calls. It is also one of the popular call recording apps for Android devices, and it’s useful for separating contacts that should be recorded from those who shouldn’t.


  • It allows you to automatically record all of your calls.
  • All of your recordings may be managed and searched with advanced tools.
  • You can listen to recordings from any location.
  • Names, groups, and dates are used to keep your recordings organised.
  • Unknown caller IDs are automatically displayed.

Price: It’s a free call recording app for Android that’s also one of the best.

a price range of 130.00 to 650.00 per item


DropBox and Google Drive are incorporated into the best Android call recording software.

You can listen to recordings whenever you like.

Cons: Users may find it difficult to listen to the other side at times.

Call Recorder S9 Automatic Call Recorder Pro

It’s one of the best call recorders for recording both internal and external business interactions. Your phone’s speaker or earpiece can be used to playback recorded videos. This is the best and likeable call recording app for Android, and it’s completely free.


  • Designed to operate with the most recent smartphones
  • It includes an automatic call recorder and a powerful file manager.
  • Allows you to send calls to emails.
  • An after-call confirmation box will appear, asking if you want to save the recorded call.
  • Dropbox, Google Drive, SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, and Skype are all options for sharing files.

Download is completely free.

In-App Purchases

A total of 250.00 each item


In 2018, one of the best call recording applications received a gorgeous overhaul.

You may secure your privacy by using a password.

Cons: The app occasionally has bugs that cause it to malfunction.


Truecaller is already a well-known app for locating unknown phone numbers. This caller ID software, on the other hand, includes a call recording capability. So now you can not only see who is contacting you, but you can also safely record every call with this powerful call recorder.


  • The Call Recording tool allows you to keep track of critical phone calls.
  • Your phone will save all of your calls.
  • The emoji and location sharing feature in flash messaging allows you to share emoticons and places with others in real time.
  • You can also save a backup of your recorded calls to Google Drive.

The call recording feature is included in the premium plan, which costs $49 per month.

Pros: The software gives you access to Google Drive, which allows you to save up to 25GB of data on the cloud.

Cons: The service is only available for a fee.

Summary: Best Call Recording Apps for Android

People used to have to carry a separate call recorder machine with them to capture critical occasions at work and in their personal lives. There are a plethora of advanced call recorders and manual call recorders available for Android phones today, making life much easier.

Every growing company uses simple technologies like call recording applications to understand consumer expectations and take the appropriate actions. On the platform of Google Play Store and the Apple Store, you’ll find a plethora of call recording apps. However, sifting through the numerous call recording apps to find the perfect one would be a time-consuming effort. We’ve done the main work for you and compiled a list of the top 100 call recording applications that will undoubtedly meet your needs.


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