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2022 Top 10 Best Browsers for Macbook M1, iMac

Best Browsers for Macbook

Internet browsers are not all created equal, before you ask. Simply said, some are superior to others. They stand out thanks to unique qualities and features. These are some of the top web browser choices if you want one that can efficiently utilise Apple’s M1 chip:

Best Web Browser for iMac M1 Chip: Fast and Reliable

1. Chrome


You were prepared for this. Some people steer clear of Chrome because they don’t like how Google does business. Others despise Chrome’s enormous popularity. They are reluctant to use popular browsers.

There is an reason why so many people use Chrome, though. It is the world’s best browser, or at the very least, among the quickest and most dependable.

It offers a simple & appealing user interface, a large collection of extensions, and respectable security features. It is not the most secure of browsers. However, it guarantees a flawless and easy experience.

2. Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Yes, you are awake. Although it is a Microsoft browser, Microsoft Edge may also be used on a Mac. Because Internet Explorer was such a letdown, people disregard ME.

But you shouldn’t mix the two up. With Edge, Microsoft made significant updates that transformed the programme into a browser that can compete with Google Chrome. It has the tools necessary to utilise the M1 chip well.

3. Safari


This is self-evident. On the M1 chip, Safari will run well. Apple uses the browser Safari. Naturally, the business has improved the programme to enhance its functionality on the new chip.

Privacy is emphasised in the programme. It is also compatible with iPads & iPhones from the Apple company. In the end, Safari is the best choice if you can only use one browser because it was designed to function with the M1 processor.

4. Firefox


Contrary to what some may believe, Firefox is still in use and still has a sizable user base. Years ago, a string of security problems caused the browser to experience financial difficulties. Numerous people switched from Firefox to Chrome, leading some online forums to declare the browser dead.

Firefox, though, is still very much active. It now provides a more streamlined browsing experience. The open-source programme stresses anonymity along with a plethora of extensions and themes, which is why it has had a comeback in popularity. It doesn’t gather as much information as its rivals.

5. Vivaldi


This is the cross-platform browser, not the composer. People who are familiar with Vivaldi notice it a lot due of its distinctive appearance. The programme also includes a number of intriguing features, such as the ability to stack a string of tabs. The thumbnail perspective has some smart applications.

You don’t need to be concerned about privacy. Nobody can track you thanks to Vivaldi. You can use chrome extensions with the browser if that isn’t enough to impress you.

6. Opera


Opera is adored by all. Users of Macs and Microsoft are included. Its elegance will appeal to M1 aficionados. Like many current browsers, Opera took a lot of inspiration from Chrome. In fact, Opera supports installing Chrome extensions.

Opera isn’t flawless. Under stressful conditions, it might crash. However, it is still superior to the majority of other browsers available, particularly when you take into account Opera’s built-in VPN, which guarantees your anonymity.

7. Brave


Be careful not to quickly write off Brave because you’ve never heard of it. Brave is the ideal browser for you if your privacy is important to you. The number of threats and annoyances that Brave blocks may surprise you if you check the settings.

Ads, scripts, and cookies can all be controlled. The password manager is quite useful. In terms of security, it will be able to identify and fend off malware. Before you ask, no, phishing efforts are not ignored. Users of M1 will value the interface’s effectiveness and quickness.

8. Avast Secure browser

Avast Secure browser

Another browser that makes use of chromium technology is this one. However, Avast has superior security compared to Google Chrome. The password organiser is a reliable resource for managing and storing all of your passwords.

The download manager, designed to extract high-quality films from websites like YouTube, is equally practical. A VPN is incorporated into Avast. Consequently, you can browse in complete anonymity.

The browser turns on the security features for you if you’re concerned that you’ll forget to do so. Avast does not fall short when it comes to security.

9. Stainless


For the most part, you’ve never heard of Stainless. That is not unexpected. There are too many browsers on the internet. Every day, developers introduce new ones. But if you play about with Stainless, you’ll see why it works with the M1 chip.

This is one of the fastest browsers you will ever use, despite its drawbacks. The browser, which is renowned for its dependability and adaptability, offers a user-friendly design that enables users to open many client emails at once.

Regardless of the number of open tabs, it uses extremely little RAM. You can see that the browser is a strong contender despite the fact that you have never heard of it.

10. Torch Browser

Torch Browser

Mac users are accustomed to using the Torch Browser. It is a rather typical feature on Apple computers, though most people outside the company have probably never heard of it. Its UI is user-friendly and includes a download manager and a torrent client.

It includes free services for organising your YouTube videos. Direct access to and sharing of content on social media platforms is also possible. It is not the most glitzy browser available.

But it effectively carries out its tasks. The majority of the users are favourable. You can tell that Chromium served as inspiration for the engineers.


Various browsers are included in this list. As you can see, they all have wonderful qualities, but different features. For instance, certain browsers don’t appear to be all that great. They have few features and simple user interfaces.

However, their security features are unmatched. Other browsers have stunning user interfaces and a wide range of useful features.

However, they are not as safe. They have some security. Security, nevertheless, is not their first concern. You should choose a browser for your M1 MacBook that suits your needs. Take note of the features.

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