The Best Android and iOS Language Learning Apps for Kids

best language learning apps for kids in android and ios

This post will explain best language learning apps for kids in android and ios. It’s work from home time for the majority of you, and I’m sure the kids have free reign in the house while you’re at it. While having a good time is important, free time can also be used to learn. While most of us are unsure when schools will reopen, using technology to teach pre-school and kindergarten children basic language skills is a great option. The best language learning apps for kids are listed below.

The Best Android and iOS Language Learning Apps for Kids

In this article, you can know about best language learning apps for kids in android and ios here are the details below;

Children’s Language Learning Apps

1. Preschool Montessori

This is one app that your child should definitely try if you’re looking for an app that does a lot more than just teach alphabets. It’s a fun learning app that’s been approved by Montessori educators. The fact that the app has such a broad curriculum appeals to me the most. You can choose from subjects such as math, English, drawing, and even lessons on practical skills such as how to tell time, read a calendar, and so on. While the majority of these lessons are free to use, some require a subscription. I wouldn’t recommend subscribing if you’re just using it for fun, but I’m sure your child can learn a lot for $4.5/month.

2. Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a serious learning package that was developed in collaboration with the Stanford Graduate School of Education and has won numerous Parents’ Choice awards. To use the app and track the child’s progress, you must first sign up. The language section is extensive, with interactive games teaching alphabets, words, and vowels. Not only that but there are lessons on how to write letters using interactive tracing, just like on paper. If your child is bored, the drawing board can be a fun way to pass the time. The best part is that it’s graphical, free, ad-free, and doesn’t require a subscription.

3. Lingokids Playlearning App

Oxford University Press content is used in this app. To begin, you must first register and select your child’s language skill level in order to receive a customized English course. For instance, if he can read single words, simple phrases, or communicate effectively. All of the fundamentals are covered in these lessons. There are exercises for numbers, alphabets, colors, shapes, and other basic concepts. You can also set practice reminders to keep the learning on track so that it is continuous. After the seven-day trial period, it costs $15 per month.

4. Learn English for Kids – First Words

Children pick up an lot of words from their environment and have a small vocabulary, to begin with. This app uses games, sounds, animation, and flashcards to help them improve their vocabulary. You begin by choosing a category, such as animals, vehicles, and so on. You can see the pictures in the selected category as well as the pronunciation this way. Personally, I believe that most of these things are visible to children in the home, making it easy for them to relate to and learn. The only disadvantage is that there are banner advertisements at the bottom of the page, which can be removed for $0.99.

5. Unuhi: Bilingual Books for Children

Unhi is an app created by the University of Oxford that teaches using a bilingual method in the form of stories and flashcards. All you have to do is download the software and choose between two languages. You can change the language at any time, and you can also download stories to watch later. Although the app does not require registration, most of the stories and flashcards must be purchased in order to be read in their entirety. If your children enjoy listening to stories, there is also a narration option that pronounces sentences in both languages.

6. Learn English for kids

Quizzes are popular among adults, and I’m sure they’ll be popular among children as well. There are dozens of quizzes and games in this app. It begins with a one-minute test that will determine the rest of the curriculum. There are games that involve filling in the blanks to form sentences, guessing the word through an animated video, and so on. There are only two languages supported by this app: English and Hindi. Additionally, you will receive weekly reports via Whatsapp as well as worksheets for your child. Signing up requires an Indian phone number, which is a major disadvantage. However, if you do have one, this app is a gold mine.

7. Bolo

Google’s Bolo is a voice-activated app. It makes use of a tutor bot named “Diya,” which gives it the feel of one-on-one instruction. You can read the sentence aloud and receive immediate feedback. It’s an excellent strategy that also encourages the child to use the language on occasion. The app primarily supports Indian languages such as Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu, but there is also the option to select only English. Many interactive activities, such as a stories, jumble word games, speed reading, and so on, are included. This app isn’t for kids who are just learning their alphabets; instead, it’s for kids who can already form and understand words. This is something you should try right away!

Closing Remarks

These interactive games provide a fun way for children to learn while remaining entertained. The apps cover everything from basic English language skills to reading instruction. So you can try them all and probably make a list of your child’s favourite apps for a more holistic approach. These apps can be mixed and matched to create a great schedule for your child’s language development. Download and give your child the opportunity to try it out for himself. My picks for the best language learning apps for kids are listed below. So, what are you holding out for?

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