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9 Best Rubik’s Cube Apps for Android and iOS In 2022

best rubiks cube apps

This post will explain best rubiks cube apps. If you’re a member of the Rubik’s Cube community or considering joining one, having an app on your phone can be beneficial in a variety of ways. These apps can help you with everything from refining your problem-solving techniques to timing your moves. The top Rubik’s Cube apps are available for both iOS and Android devices. Let’s get started.

9 Best Rubik’s Cube Apps for Android and iOS In 2022

In this article, you can know about best rubiks cube apps here are the details below;

1.   Magic 3D Cube Puzzle

Rubik’s Cubes in sizes ranging from 2*2*2 to 8*8*8, as well as Pyramid and Dodecahedron forms, are supported by the programme. You may also use a timer to time your actions and share them on social media. You can even link to Google Play Games and see how everyone else is doing on the leaderboard.

The most difficult aspect of playing Rubik’s Cube games on phones is recreating the movement that every 3D object has on a 2D screen. In any case, Cube Rubik has a better UI and UX than other Rubik’s Cube games, and it also understands your swipes better.

2.   FlatCube

FlatCube is a two-dimensional variant of the classic Rubik’s cube. You’re given a 3*3 square with colours strewn around; you must organise them by putting each colour in a row or column. When you move any block, the entire row will move horizontally or vertically in response to your movement, similar to the Rubik’s Cube. It’s like figuring out one of the Rubik’s Cube’s faces. You’ll be given 4*4, 5*5, and 7*7 cubes to solve as the stages advance.

This app is not availables on the Play Store for some reason. As a result, you must download and install the APK file.

3.   Cube Algorithms

Cube Algorithm is a Rubik’s Cube solving programme that offers you several formulas at each phase. It also demonstrates many strategies such as 4LLL, CFOP, COLL, F2L, and so on. The representation method is effective, but you should have a basic understanding of these concepts before utilising the software.

For example, suppose you’ve chosen the CFOP approach, which is the most well-known Rubik’s Cube solution. As with the CFOP method, it separates the procedure into three parts: F2L, OLL, and PLL. It now displays every possible scenario in F2L, which you can access by touching on it.

This software isn’t a one-stop shop for becoming a pro, but a mix of YouTube videos for learning methods and the Cube Algorithms app for putting those techniques into practise can work wonders.

4. Cube Timer

One of the most popular Rubik’s Cube apps is Cube Timer. Cube Timer is a Rubik’s Cube timer software designed specifically for the game. It’s a simple programme with a timer, lap times, and a shuffle mechanism. Instead of a random shuffle, this programme instructs you to shuffle in a certain manner. It also displays your highest and average scores.

Cube Timer displays all of the settings on a one screen, allowing you to check everything without having to go between them.

5. Twisty Timer

Twisty Timer is a Pro Timer software that includes lap times, greatest score, and average score in addition to a timer. Different timer settings are available for different portions, such as OLL and PLL. You can also use categories to keep track of different timings for different procedures. Twisty Timer works with a variety of cubes, including 7*7, pyramid, Megaminx, Clock, and others. You can also use graphs to gain a more complete perspective of your performance.

In short, regardless of the approach you employ or which cube you are solving, this programme has all of the functionality you require.

6. ASolver

Asolver is a Rubik’s cube-solving programme that walks you through the steps. Simply use your camera to show the app the 6 sides of the cube, and the app will walk you through the procedures to solve it. The finest part is that it demonstrates the procedure in only 22 steps for a standard 3*3 cube.

Howevers, you can choose from a variety of cubes such as Pyramid, Pocket cube, Megaminx, and so on. The entire aim of this programme is to solve the cube you’ve supplied and show you the best possible approach to finish it, therefore it doesn’t show you how to solve it or explain the stages.

7. Cube X

CubeX, on the other hand, is a type of Asolver application. However, it provides you with a variety of alternatives and manoeuvres. It also displays the formula for solving the cube. The best aspect is that it is a pattern solve option, which allows you to turn the cube into many patterns and designs rather than just a solved state.

CubeX, on the other hand, only supports 3*3 cubes. If you have a different cube, you must use the ASolver app.

8. Magic Cube Solver

Magic Cube Solver is an iOS app that helps you solve puzzles. You simply show the cube, and Magic Cube Solver solves it in less than 22 steps or less, just like the previous two apps. This programme also includes tiny instructions on how to solve the cube and how it went about doing it. Magic Cube Solver, on the other hand, only supports 2*2, 3*3, 4*4, and empty cubes.

9. Go Cube

The Go Cube is a 3*3 physical cube that every cuber would love. It can connect to your phone via the Go Cube app and track the movement of the cube. When you solve the cube, the timer stops immediately. You can also look at statistics at each stage of the cube’s solution to see where you’re falling short. If you have a Go Cube, you and your friend can compete online in a fun way. You can also compete with other GoCube owners in the Gocube Community.

If you’re a beginner, learning how to solve a Go cube is simple thanks to the various instructions available. On top of that, it features a backlight, allowing it to be used at night or simply to look stylish.

The Best Rubik’s Cube Apps for Android and iOS

There are numerous apps available for various purposes; simply determine your requirements and download the appropriate programme. Twisty Timer is my go-to programme, and Cube Algorithms is the greatest place to start if you’re just getting started. Cube X and Magic Cube Solver are also good options if you merely want to solve the puzzle. Phone cube games aren’t really fantastic, but if you really want to play something cube-related on your phone, Flat Cube is a far better option. So, what’s your go-to app for solving the Cube, and what method do you usually employ?

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