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Screen Recording Apps for Android 10 of the Best In 2021

best screen recorder apps

This post will explain best screen recorder apps. On your Android screen, a lot is going on. Maybe you just got a PUBG mobile kill and want to show it off to the world, or perhaps you want to record fragments of your screen for a film you’re making. To put it in different way, there are many reasons to want an Android screen recording app, and you can start with some of the best Android screen recording apps right here.

Screen Recording Apps for Android 10 of the Best In 2021

In this article, you can know about best screen recorder apps Here are the details below;


Free of charge

Gaming is a big reason why people desire to record their screens. If you want to stream yourself playing a mobile game on your phone or even download the footage to edit or private use, you may do it through the Twitch app.

Of course, Twitch’s built-in recording and streaming capabilities are significant. The app permits you to record and broadcast most Android games, capture audio with an internal or external microphone, and broadcast your stream to the whole world. Importantly, you can save whatever you capture directly to your phone.

2. ADV Screen Recorder

Free of charge (in-app purchases)

ADV Screen Recorder, one of the most popular Android screen recording apps, may not be fully sincere in its trailer when it states it’s “100% FREE” (since it includes in-app payments), but you can still  get most of its functions for free.

In ADV, there are two recording engines, the more advanced of which include functions such as pausing and continuing your recordings. Other exciting features include the ability to sketch on the screen while recording, which gives your films a lovely natural flow.

You may also modify your videos in a variety of ways, such as adding text and banners, as well as chopping them down to size.


Free of charge (in-app purchases)

The most useable apps in the Play Store aren’t usually the best, but XRecorder is one of the few that deserves to be at the top. XRecorder is ad-supported, but it does not have watermarks, doesn’t have a recording time restriction, and doesn’t require a rooted phone.

XRecorder can record video at up to 1080p 60FPS, which is more than enough for most smartphones. It contains a sound onboard video editor that lets you alter your films nearly on the fly, and you can add a small facecam of yourself in the corner of your gameplay recording sessions.

It has an overlay that helps you rapidly take the photos and videos you need, and it doesn’t require Internet access rights like some other recording apps.

4. Integrated Screen recorders

It will largely depend on the phone you have, although several homemade and manufacturer-made ROMs are available that come pre-installed with screen recorders. A screen recorder is accessible in the Quick Settings menu of the latest Samsung phones and Xiaomi phones. You may also capture your screen via Quick Settings on Google Pixel phones running Android 11 or later.

If you favor custom ROMs, screen recorders are included in some of them, such as Resurrection Remix and Havoc OS.

5. Android 10 Secret Screen Recorder

Free of charge

Users were ecstatic when they discovered a new screen-recording feature integrated straight into the Android 10 beta. However, Google decided to leave it out of the final version of Android 10 for whatever reason. But – double plot twist – with a bit of twiddling, you can still activate the built-in screen-recording feature!

It’s desirable because its icon is located right in your Quick Settings menu. It’s not perfect yet, and some users have noticed bugs, but it’s still astounding that it’s available to use.

For this to function, you’ll need to enable developer mode and do some actions in ADB, so we’ve put together a guide on helping the hidden Android 10 screen recorder.

6. Screen Recorder

Free of charge

Screen Recorder joins our list with a name that is both concise and honest. It makes video recording exceedingly simple. A small useful widget will appear over whatever screen you see on your phone, and a blue button will start recording the screen.

It can record HD resolutions up to 120 frames per second (if your display supports it) and allows you to add logos, photos, and text to your recordings. Of course, you can turn on the microphone so you can speak over your recordings, and there’s also a Facecam option if you want to produce a professional-looking “Let’s Play” recording.

You can use it in day or night mode, and it comes with several useful editing tools, like video trimming (of course) and the ability to write notes while recording.

7. MNML Screen Recorder

Free of charge

MNML Screen Recorder is an open mean screen recorder which prioritizes ease of use over all else. It’s still in early access, but it’s free of all the advertisements, paywalls, and other annoyances that plague other apps on the Play Store. (The name is supposedly pronounced “minimum.”)

Even though it isn’t yet version 1.0, it is a joy to use, recording at up to 60 frames per second with bit rates up to 24 megabits per second. Resolutions are now set at 1080p, but developers are working hard to extend this limit, claiming that Android has made increasing the recording frame rate difficult.

You can show your support for a free screen recorder that cuts out a lot of the nonsense by downloading the Play Store or Github app.

8. Google Play Games

Free of charge

You can now utilize the official Play Games app on your Android device if you don’t want to download any third-party apps, and especially if you only want to record gaming content.

Launch the Play Games app, navigate to the game’s information page, then tap the “Record” (video camera) icon at the screen. You’ll have the option of recording in 480p or 720p, which isn’t particularly high-definition, but it’s integrated, so we’re not complaining.

Follow the above procedures to use this function to capture non-gaming content, then just exit the game when it launches. Simple.

9. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Free of charge

Mobizen is one of the most popular screen-recording apps on the Play Store, with a tonne of features like full HD recording at 60 frames per second. It also includes features like background music and the ability to record yourself making intro and outro videos after you’ve finished recording your videos. It’s beneficial for gamers, as it allows you to record your sessions while also recording your face reacting to the on-screen action. (Who can say? Maybe you’ll be the next PewDiePie… All of us need God’s help.)

10. AZ Screen Recorder

Price: $2.99 / Free

AZ Screen recorder does not demand root access (which is a huge plus) and allows you to pause and resume recording, especially useful for creating tutorial videos. It also features a front-facing camera overlay feature that may unlock with a premium upgrade. With the recorded screencast, you can alter settings like resolution, frame rate, and bit rate, and even include a text message or logo. Recording with a microphone is possible.

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