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The top VPN apps for iOS and the iPhone (2022 UPDATE)

best VPN for iPhone iOS

Looking for a best VPN for iPhone iOS that values your privacy and despises “copyright trolls” like you do? In this article, I’ll show you the VPNs I personally choose for iPhone and iOS, along with information on each one’s features, functionality, and how to use them. You can read our in-depth VPN guide in the VPN basics section at the end of this article.

The top VPN applications for iOS and the iPhone in 2022

There are thousands of VPN services to try if you want to use one on your best VPN for iPhone iOS or other iOS device, so how do you know which one will meet your needs? There is no quick solution to the question. Read this article if you simply want privacy protection while you browse the web, watch videos, or conduct financial transactions on websites, or if you want to unblock Hulu, Netfix, and watch content that isn’t available in your country. It was created after a month of research, testing, gathering expert opinions, and vulnerability testing by our team of VPN reviewers.

Each VPN has been reviewed, with benefits and weaknesses identified. In the question at the end of the article, we select some of the most commonly asked questions regarding iPhone VPN, including what factors to take into account when choosing the best VPN for iPhone or iPad.

Details on the top VPN for iPhone

Here is a review of the top VPN services for iPhones along with a list of their features.

Best VPN for iPhone/iPad/iOS 1:


More than 600 servers, 60 server locations, 40000+ IP addresses, and a maximum of 5 devices are supported.

Only TechSpree readers can take advantage of this official discount page NORDVPN’s up to 72 percent discount with a 2-year plan (72 percent DISCOUNT OFFER)

Since NordVPN is based in Panama, it is not one of the 14 eye countries that exchange cyberintelligence for government agendas and copyright protection agencies. You may be confident that your data is not shared with those in charge because these 14 countries exchange intelligence to trace down or identify persons. The most well-liked best VPN for iPhone iOS users in general, including iPhone users, is NordVPN. Why? Faster connection, easy to use user interface, and excellent security and encryption without sacrificing speed.

You may download and install NordVPN’s iPhone/iPad apps from the App Store in about two minutes. The premium plan is what you should first subscribe to. Well, if you buy the premium subscription from here, you can save money.

NordVPN for iPhone features

  • An iPhone VPN app with all the features
  • A single account can be used for 6 devices.
  • L2TP, IKEV2, and OpenVPN encryption
  • Does not record user information or traffic users
  • More than 600 VPN servers in over 60 countries
  • Special Double VPN for those who care about security
  • An ease-to-use GUI ensures that you can easily become anonymous.

Double VPN creates two tunnels at once, which makes it slow.

However, if you don’t utilise a second VPN, you can benefit from a high-speed VPN for all of your downloading and streaming needs.

Advanced IP leak protection features

No matter how nosy your ISP is, your connection is always secure thanks to NordVPN’s many leak protection options. The Internet Kill Switch, IPV6 Leak Protection, DNS Leak Protection, etc. are a few examples. From the options, you can enable all of these features.

Instructions for setting up NordVPN on an iPhone

  1. buy any subscription by first visiting the NordVPN offer page (72 percent discount).
  2. Download the VPN from the App Store and sign in using the login information from step 1.
  3. Launch the APP, select “Quick Connect,” and then tap “Allow” when prompted to add a VPN configuration.

best VPN for iPhone iOSbest VPN for iPhone iOS

The best VPN for iPhone, iPad, and iOS 2 is:


200+ servers, 100+ server locations, 60000+ IP addresses, and a maximum of 5 devices are supported.

IVACY is probably the best option for you if you’re one of the users who values privacy but must take into account the low cost. As a Panama-based company, Ivacy VPN is not subject to US jurisdictional laws. One of the few VPN providers that actually cares about privacy and doesn’t keep any connection or data logs is IVACY.

You may use the Ivacy iPhone app with just a single click to connect or detach, and you can use easy, unblocked internet while maintaining your privacy. Additionally, it features excellent VPN servers that enable incredibly fast browsing and downloading.

IVACY VPN for iPhone features

  • iOS app for iPhone and iPad with one-button VPN connection.
  • To unblock any sites, circumvent firewalls, port blocks, ISP throttling, etc.
  • P2P server tuned for quicker torrent download rates.
  • 200+ server locations across 100+ nations
  • Smart-purpose Selection enables you to tailor your internet use to your need.
  • With a single account, it also supports up to five devices.
  • A committed customer service team.
  • P2P-friendly service provider.
  • 7-day risk-free money-back guarantee.

difficulties with IVACY VPN for iPhone

  • A large number of features may initially make you.

IVACY VPN’s cutting-edge features will make you completely anonymous.

  • IVACY VPN has a number of protocols and military-grade encryption to protect your private information from prying eyes.
  • IVACY VPN supports an wide range of devices in addition to the best VPN for iPhone iOS, including Windows, Android, Mac, Kodi, Roku, Smart TV, and more, allowing you to utilise any of the five devices at once.
  • For sophisticated users, DNS, IPV6, and webRTC leak protection.
  • You can choose from a variety of smart purposes, including downloading, streaming, and torrenting!!
  • P2P and torrent support on a dedicated server with fast speed.

IVACY VPN setup instructions for the iPhone

  1. First, go to IVACY Visit the VPN deal page to save 84%.
  2. Go to the Applicatuin Store and download and install the IVACY VPN app.
  3. Launch the app, wait for the VPN configuration to load, then select Quick Connect.

best VPN for iPhone iOSbest VPN for iPhone iOS

The best VPN for iPhone, iPad, and iOS 3 is:

Pro-CyberGhost VPN

800+ servers, 70+ server locations, 50000+ IP addresses, and a maximum of 5 devices are supported.

For iPhone / iOS devices, CyberGhost VPN Pro offers genuinely comprehensive VPN options. Why so? because it has a lengthy history in the best VPN for iPhone iOS and has advanced significantly since its inception. The fact that all advancements originate in Germany and Romania is advantageous because top-tier security experts are putting forth great effort to protect your privacy. In order to maintain their operations, many US-based VPNs “comply” with local laws by selling the customers’ information to the government or agencies like the NSA and FBI.

What do you anticipate from an iPhone VPN that works well? Strong encryption, quick download and upload speeds, no connection drops when streaming, and excellent iPhone and iPad user interfaces.

CyberGhost VPN Pro for iPhone features

  • iPhone and iPad have an iOS app.
  • It works with VPN clients for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and routers.
  • No-Logs rule
  • 256-bit encryption for the OpenVPN, L2TP-IPsec, and PPTP protocols.
  • Unlimited download speed and bandwidth
  • There are over 800 servers available.
  • Five connections at once
  • Excellent customer service that will help you with any issue you could have
  • Money-back guarantee of 30 days

Difficulties with CyberGhost VPN for iPhone

  • Free trial periods of 7 days is offered.

Advanced features of CyberGhost VPN Pro to make complete anonymity

In order to prevent unexpected disclosure, CyberGhost VPN disconnects your internet connection if the VPN is not active. This feature is known as Internet Kill Switch.

  • DNS Leak prevention prevents data eavesdropping by third parties or DNS trackers enforced by ISPs.
  • IP leak defence
  • AES encryption of 256 bits
  • P2P optimised server that supports torrents for lightning-fast upload and download speeds.

Detailed instructions for setting up iPhone and CyberGhost VPN

  1. To start, purchase a CyberGhost VPN subscription at a 77 percent discount on their Offer Page (Limited time offer).
  2. After that, download and install the AppStore version of the CyberGhost VPN app.
  3. Launch the VPN app. Simply swipe through the opening animations, and you’ll be prompted to allow a VPN settings update. Press Allow to give the app the required permission.
  4. After that, press “Start” and BAM! As of right now, CyberGhost Premium VPN has you protected.

best VPN for iPhone iOSbest VPN for iPhone iOS

Best VPN for iPhone, iPad, and iOS 4:


More than 750 servers, 140 server locations, 50000 IP addresses, and a maximum of 5 devices are supported.

One of the top VPN providers, PureVPN has a tonne of features, and best VPN for iPhone iOS is no different. The Pure VPN app for iOS (iPhone/iPad) is easy to set up, connects you to the quickest servers automatically, and offers servers that are tailored for various tasks including streaming, downloading, file-sharing, etc.

It supports numerous cutting-edge encryption protocols, provides dedicated IP addresses for premium users, supports multiple languages, offers a single-demand VPN for advanced users, and has a secure in-app help ticket system that can resolve any issue you may encounter in a matter of minutes.

Pure VPN for iPhone features

  • Every iPhone user receives a free 2GB of bandwidth each month with a free account.
  • More than 20 devices are compatible with PureVPN.
  • There are 750+ PureVPN servers in 140+ countries.
  • Connects automatically to the swiftest servers.

The strongest IPSEC protocol is used by PureVPN to secure your connection.

  • A 2-GB free bandwidth offer with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Difficulties with Pure VPN for iPhone

  • PureVPN has millions of users, thus before connecting, you should check the server load or, better yet, choose the “automatically connect to faster server” option.

Advanced PureVPN features

  • PureVPN supports the cutting-edge Stealth protocol in addition to PPTP, L2TP, SSTP, IKEv2, and OpenVPN.
  • DNS and IPV6 leaks.
  • A “Secure Wi-Fi” feature is present.
  • A kill switch for the internet to prevent accidental IP exposure during abrupt VPN disconnects.
  • Unlimited bandwidth and server switching.

Configuration instructions for the iPhone and Pure VPN

  1. buy a subscription by first visiting the PUREVPN 79 percent discount website.
  2. Next, download and open the PureVPN iOS app from the App Store.
  3. Sign in to your account and connect a VPN connection.

best VPN for iPhone iOSbest VPN for iPhone iOS

The best VPN for iPhone, iPad, and iOS 5 is:

VPN via Private Internet Access

3050+ servers, 28+ server locations, 70000+ IP addresses, and a maximum of 5 devices are supported.

Private Internet Access VPN features a low cost, a large number of servers throughout the world, even built-in ad blocking, and most significantly, a user-friendly interface that makes connecting to the VPN server simple.

It uses the IPSEC protocol on best VPN for iPhone iOS and encrypts your browsing history. You can always choose a less busy server for a faster connection because it has multiple servers in many different countries. Although it offers one of the lowest price points, the quality of its service is excellent. Due to its ease, I personally use Private Internet Access VPN on my iPhone.

Features of the iPhone VPN by Private Internet Access

  • With a single VPN app, encrypt your Wi-Fi, perform P2P transfers, and block ads.
  • 28 countries are home to 3054+ servers for PIA VPN.
  • Supports a maximum of 5 devices per subscription.
  • For ease of usage, connect and disconnect with one click.
  • PIA VPN adheres steadfastly to the no traffic logs policy.
  • Money-back guarantee of 30 days.

Problems with Private Internet Access VPN for iPhone

  • The design of Private Internet Access’s app needs to be improved. The rest is all good.

Modern Private Internet Access VPN features

  • A variety of VPN gateway options.
  • P2P assistance across all of their servers.
  • Doesn’t download down downloads while the VPN app is running.
  • Comprehensive IP leak protection.
  • Its “MACE” feature may block any malicious link in addition to blocking the majority of internet advertisements.

Instructions for setting up Private Internet Access VPN on an iPhone

  1. First, subscribe at the Private Internet Access 58 percent discount page.
  2. Install the PIA VPN app.
  3. Use your email address & password to sign in, then connect. If asked for permission to add a VPN setup, just say yes.

best VPN for iPhone iOSbest VPN for iPhone iOS

How should I pick the best VPN? Here are some of the best VPN consideration advice:

When selecting a best VPN for iPhone iOS device, there are a number of devices to take into account.

1. Does the VPN have a specific iOS app?

This is important because many VPN providers only offer Android and PC clients. You might also want to discover how user-easy the iOS app is. There is no purpose in using them if the user interface is difficult to understand. Because of this, we painstakingly selected the top 5 VPN applications for iPhone in this post so that you won’t have to waste time looking for them, downloading them, and paying for premium services to try them out.

2. How many servers are there in how many locations throughout the globe?

Because there are servers in several nations, you can choose one that is closest to you, which is helpful because a closer server will frequently result in the lowest latency. Additionally, if a VPN provider has many users, some of its servers may be crowded. If a VPN provider has numerous servers in a single nation, you can choose the city to which you want to connect. Therefore, you can always choose a free server. The majority of the VPN apps for iPhone included here have an auto server selection option, which means the app will select the best server with the least amount of traffic to give you high speed browsing, streaming, and downloading capabilities.

3. Verify the number of concurrent connections permitted:

What will you do if you just had one or two computers, one phone, one tablet, etc.? It is ridiculous to purchase a different subscription for each device. As a result, several VPN providers for iPhone enable three to five simultaneous connections. However, be aware that some VPN companies only permit one device per subscription. Therefore, we made every effort to exclusively list VPN applications that support five or more simultaneous connections.

4. What type of encryption protocol is in use?

The majority of best VPN for iPhone iOS iOS devices employ IKeV2 and IPSec. Since there are some restrictions with the OpenVPN protocol on iOS devices, the majority of businesses avoid using it so they can provide their customers a VPN app that is already configured for them rather than forcing them to do it themselves. The iPhone by default also supports PPTP. PPTP protocol is provided by certain free VPN providers. If we compare these encryption protocols, we find that IPSEC offers slightly more speed than IKeV2.

5. Are your connection logs saved?

Nearly all VPN companies assert that they never record information about your connections, such as which IP address connects to which VPN servers. But keep in mind that they can readily record information, like your account information, payment methods, and email address. How will you determine whether they will give your information to government agencies then? You must review the past performance of those vendors to read whether they have ever betrayed their customers. These VPN providers with positive app reviews and a solid user base were listed among the best VPN apps for iPhone.

6. And lastly, the cost?

You could have thought that all free VPN apps for the iPhone are useless. WRONG!!

Most inexpensive VPN apps are useless, however not all of them. Additionally, free VPN apps for iPhone are infamous for being a double-edged blade that will cost you more when they accidentally divulge your personal information at some point in the future. Therefore, you must stay away from all free best VPN for iPhone iOS. Ivacy’s 2-year plan is the best value right now if you’re searching for a cheap VPN provider, and they’re presently running a promotion that gives you an additional year for free and an incredible 84 percent savings.

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