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10 Best WordPress Security Plugins To Keep Your Blogs Safe

best wordpress security plugins

This article will help you in finding the best WordPress security plugins. The internet is a fantastic resource. It may, however, be a frightening place, as hundreds of thousands of websites are hacked every day. Even if you ask nicely, cybercriminals aren’t going away anytime soon. To secure your website, you’ll need just the best WordPress security plugins.

These security plugins are designed to protect WordPress users against cyberattacks. They come with a variety of functionalities, such as website scanning and firewalls for web applications (WAFs). Security plugins for WordPress can be free or paid monthly, but paid versions are often thought to be worth the recurring cost to avoid the consequences of an attack.

Ironically, the improper plugin can enhance the odds of a successful hack on your website, which is why you should only use plugins from the WordPress plugin library that have been well-reviewed and well-maintained.

We’ve selected the best plugins to protect your WordPress site against internet attacks in this post.

10 Best WordPress Security Plugins To Keep Your Blogs Safe

The detail of the best WordPress Security Plugins are given below.

1. Wordfence Security

Price: It’s free, although there are paid options available.

Wordfence is a popular security plugin with over 4 million downloads. Its free scanning tool looks for suspicious code, improper URLs, and spam in your core files, plugin files, theme files, articles, and comments.

Wordfence runs these scans on a regular basis and notifies you if it finds a danger, vulnerability, or corrupted file. While it does not provide restore options for the latter, it will inform you of how the file has been altered so you can repair it more quickly.

Unlike mosts security plugins, which only offer a firewall in their premium version, the free version includes a website firewall to prevent bots off your site. Wordfence’s free version also includes login attempt restrictions to prevent brute force assaults, as well as live traffic monitoring, which analyses who is accessing your site (people, good bots, or bad bots) and detects harmful incursion attempts in real time.

A premium version of Wordfence Security is available, which adds comment spam filters, country banning, remote scanning, two-factor authentication, and premium customer service.

What we enjoy:

The free version of the plugin includes useful features such as a firewall and real-time traffic monitoring.

When you add more than 15 websites to your premium plan, you can enjoy a 25% discount.

Customers who are experiencing problems setting up the plugin receive rapid assistance from Wordfence.

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2. Defender

Defender Pro is $6 per month; Security & Backup Packs are $9 per month; and the Agency plan is $19 per month.

Defender is a young but promising WordPress security solution that has already received over one million downloads. With just a fews clicks, you can install and configure the programme, and it will immediately begin protecting your website.

Defender is a free security programme with a lot of features. It, like Wordfence, offers a free firewall with IP blocking enabled. Malware scans, brute-force login protection, threat notifications, and two-factor authentication through Google are also included in the free edition.

For $49 per month, you can upgrade to Defender Pro, which allows you to schedule automated scans, get more in-depth reporting on security issues, and get better assistance. Your memberships also gives you access to all of WPMU Dev’s other premium WordPress plugins.

What we enjoy:

Defender Pro has a variable pricing structure based on how many websites you own.

The plugin includes an Audit Log that keeps track of each user’s actions.

If you suspects a hack or data breach, you can have all of your passwords automatically reset.

3. iThemes Security

Price: It’s free, although there are paid options available.

IThemes security has over 1 million users worldwide and offers both a free and paid edition.

The free version runs malware scans using Sucuri SiteCheck and gives advice on how to fix any vulnerabilities found. It also establishes a number of security criteria for your website. It requires strong passwords and SSL on all pages, for example, and prohibits the administrator from modifying files if an intruder acquires access to your private credentials.

IThemes also allows you to adjust the WordPress database table prefix and wp-content path, as well as block annoying bots and spiders, avoid brute-force attacks, and back up your database.

You’ll need to upgrade to the premiums version if you want to compare files online. When a file change is discovered, the plugin examines the files’ origins to determine whether the change was malicious. It only works for WordPress core files right now, not plugins or themes.

IThemes Security Pro, which starts at $80 per year, adds sophisticated features like geoIP, two-factor authentication, automated daily malware scannings, password expiration, and Google captchas. The free version is great for novices, but iThemes really shines in the premium version.


Both versions of iThemes are designed to work seamlessly with the WordPress administrator interface, and the company’s library of documentation and video tutorials aid in the learning process.

What we enjoy:

Even if you have no prior experience with cybersecurity, the plugin is simple to install and configure.

To detect malwares on your site, you cans use Google scans.

The pro editions of the plugins allows you to grant secure temporary admin access to your site.

4. Sucuri

Monthly fee: $10

Sucuri’s excellent cybersecurity solutions and services have made it famous among web developers and internet enterprises. Sucuri’s free WordPress security plugin is one of these options, as it allows you significant control over your site and a thorough overview of its security-related components.

Sucuri’s plugin includes a scanner that detects malware, errors, obsolete code, and blacklisting status, in addition to email notifications, WordPress core integrity checks, and guidance for a post-hacking situation.

Sucuri’s scanner has the drawback of being a remote tool, therefore it can only detect vulnerabilities in your WordPress website pages. It is unable to scan the core files that operate the back end of your website.

You’ll also need to subscribe for Sucuri’s web application firewall service to get the benefits of virtual patching and hardening, DDoS protection, CDN speed optimization, signature detection, and bot blocking.

What we enjoy:

Sucuri provides a number of SSL certificates.

It alerts you to any issues on your website right away.

The free version comes with a number of useful tools for malware detection and security hardening.

5. All In One WP Security & Firewall

Free of charge

All In One WPs Security & Firewall is a popular and versatile security plugin that is available for free. This add-on includes malware and vulnerability scanning, login protection, comment spam prevention, user monitoring, database backups, a firewall, and more ways to harden your website for its (lack of) price.


All of this is connected together by a clear, unique interface – the plugin presents its findings in the form of a grading system, making it simple for novice website owners to comprehend and enhance their site’s security.

While you can enables basic firewall protection by clicking a box in your WordPress dashboards, you’ll have to adds the plugin’s intermediate and advanced firewalls rules via your.htaccess file, which isn’t particularly user-friendly. Because this may break the functionality of other plugins on your site, applying the more advanced firewall rules may require some trial and error.

What we enjoy:

There are no upsells in this plugin because it is free.

Faulty.htaccess and.wp-config files can be backed up and restored.

It has a blacklist feature that allows you to block access to certain users.

6. Jetpack

Price: It’s free, although there are paid options available.

If you own a WordPress site, there’s a high chance you’ve heard of Jetpack. It’s widely regardeds as one of the best plugins available, and for good reason. It provides a simple, all-in-one solution for improving site security, performance, and content administration.

Jetpack’s free edition includes basic security features such as spam and malware filtering, brute-force login prevention, a minimal activity log, site stats reportings, and plugins auto-updates.

However, we recommends upgradings to the Premium plan, which includes daily malware scans as well as priority supports in the event of an issue. One feature that distinguishes Jetpack’s premium plan from other plugins is the ability to back up yours site in real time and restore it to any point in time with a single click. There’s no need to install a backup plugin separately.

What we enjoy:

Jetpack makes it simple to back up and restore your website.

It’s a flexible plugin that eliminates the need for other social networking, optimization, and email marketing plugins.

For small websites, Jetpack provides outstanding security.

7. BulletProof Security

Price: It’s free, although there are paid options available.

If you want a more advanced, hands-on security plugin, BulletProof Security is a good option. The major features of this plugin are that it improves database security, firewall security, and login hardening by using the main.htaccess file.

BulletProof also provides manual and scheduled database backups, security logging and HTTP error recording, and the ability to activate maintenance mode, which allows you to test new features without exposing your visitors to potential performance difficulties.

BulletProof Security’s free edition is highly capable, while the pro version roughly doubles the numbers of features. You’ll haves to upgrade to this version to obtain the firewall, which some plugins provide for free, but you’ll get extensive functionality that no other security plugin offers.

One example is their AutoRestore Intrusion Detection & Prevention System. This system checks for changes in all of your website’s files. If file modifications are identified, or new files are uploaded to your website, those files are either auto-restored or quarantined for possible harmful activity analysis.

The Bulletproof Security plugin may take a little longer to master for beginners, but its setup wizard and extensive documentation make things a little easier.

What we enjoy:

One of the most advanceds security tools available is its BPS Pro ARQ Intrusion Detection and Prevention System.

Many other security plugins lack a maintenance mode, which Bulletproof has.

The free version has a number of useful features that will sufficiently safeguard a small to medium-sized website.

8. Security Ninja

Price: It’s free, although there are paid options available.

This paragraph is about one of the best WordPress security plugins. Try the Security Ninja plugin for comprehensive and user-friendly vulnerability testing. This program runs over 50 security tests on your website’s core files, themes, plugins, and password strength, then displays the results in your dashboard.

The free version of Security Ninja just reports issues and makes no changes to your website. So, if you’re unsure about making major changes right now, give it a shot.

Consider an alternative or upgrades to Security Ninja Pro for $39.99 per year if you need a plugin that automatically fixes these vulnerabilities for you. The pro version contains a firewall, malware scanner, events logger, and scheduled scans in addition to the auto fixer.

What we enjoy:


The Auto Fixer module automatically repairs errors, so you don’t need to be a tech whiz to keep your website safe.

You can schedule scans using Security Ninja.

The security tester module in the free version performs over 50 security tests across your website.

9. MalCare Security

Price: It’s free, although there are paid options available.

We’ve talked about a lot of ways to prevent cyberattacks, but most people don’t want to think about what they’d do if a hacking attempt was successful.

MalCare Security can help with this. With its premium edition (starting at $99 yearly), this plugin specialises in post-attack malware cleanup and offers one-click removal.

MalCare free is an excellent plugin in and of itself, with features such as deep malware scanning of your websites files and WordPress database, login and bot protections, and a web application firewall. To take advantage of automatic and limitless post-hack cleanups, you’ll need to upgrade.

What we enjoy:

Off-site scanning by Malcare minimises server burden.

Because of its accuracy, this plugin has created a name for itself.

More than 100 signals are effectively tested.

10. miniOrange’s Google Authenticator

The cost is $95 per year.

Here is another of the best WordPress security plugins. Surprisingly, most free WordPress security plugins don’t include two-factor authentication. MiniOrange is a free, basic method for getting extra login protection if you’re wanting to supplement a free security plugin, or if you’re on a tighter budget and can’t afford a premium solution that includes a firewall, IP blocking, malware eradication, and other security features.

You may add Google 2FA to your login screens for users of all access levels, as well as forms and other user-submission fields, with this plugin. Google Authenticator also connects with other popular content restriction plugins like as BuddyPress and Ultimate Member, and allows you to select your preferred secondary authentication method.

What we enjoy:

Vulnerability in the login field is effectively eliminated.

One of the more cost-effective security plugins available.

Allows you to select the 2FA method that is most convenient for you.

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