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Who is Chainsaw Man’s Pochita? Origin, forms, abilities

Chainsaw Man Pochita

Regardless matter whether it’s the anime or manga world, Chainsaw Man is making headlines everywhere and for all the right reasons. One of the most powerful and distinctive characters anime fans have seen in a while may be found in this film. They are charming, humorous, and very dangerous. But without Pochita, none of that would have been possible. Pochita is a cute yet dangerous character in Chainsaw Man, and if you don’t know who she is, this is the only article you need to read. In this comprehensive guide, we’ve covered Pochita’s story, powers, and even drawbacks. Let’s get started because there is a lot to reveal.

Who is Chainsaw Man’s Pochita? (Explained)

Warning: The information in this guide contains spoilers for Chainsaw Man’s Public Safety Arc’s characters, their abilities, and its narrative. To prevent spoiling the story, we advise that you watch the Chainsaw Man anime or read the manga up until chapter 104 first.

Pochita’s identity in Chainsaw Man

In the manga and anime for Chainsaw Man, Pochita is the Chainsaw devil. Pochita is a devil who represents the fear of chainsaws, as we explained in our devils, fiends, and hybrids explainer for Chainsaw Man. Pochita engaged in combat with the devils revealed as the Four Horsemen, as the manga’s Chapter 87 reveals, before coming dangerously close to passing out.

Pochita encountered Denji while looking like a cute dog in its weaker state (protagonist). Later, as Denji worked as a devil hunter to pay off his father’s yakuza debts, their connection grew stronger. When their relationship reaches this powerful state, Pochita offers to take control of Denji’s heart in order to save his life, resulting in the creation of the Chainsaw Man. Denji agreed to share his dreams with Pochita as part of a devil pact in exchange for the power.

Pochita: Is She Alive or Dead?

Pochita appears to make the ultimate sacrifice in the first episode of the Chainsaw Man anime to save Denji’s life. However, rest assured that this cute and perilous devil is still alive and functioning. It just underwent a state shift, and it currently serves as Denji’s heart. This is verified when Pochita subconsciously communicates with Denji and Power around the end of the CSM manga’s Public Safety Arc.

Chainsaw Man, or Pochita, Forms

It’s time to go over Pochita’s different forms that exist in the Chainsaw Man universe now that you are aware of who he is. These consist of:

  • Devil form
  • Near-Death/Weakened Form
  • Chainsaw Man and Hybrid Form

Devil’s original form

Chainsaw Man's Pochita

Chainsaw Devil | Photo Credit: Chapter 83 of the Chainsaw Man manga by Tatsuki Fujimoto (Shonen Jump)

The original and most powerful form of Pochita is the devil form. It is the sole form that can essentially eliminate out every devil from existence. Later, more on that. In terms of looks, Pochita appears in this devil form as a human with four arms. Then, four chainsaws sprout from each of its arms, coupled with a chainsaw for its head.

Pochita’s devil form has its own intestines wrapped around its neck to complete the ominous appearance. In addition, the chainsaw’s head is topped with pointed horns, and much of his body is covered in armour that resembles stone.

Any breach of the agreement between Pochita and Denji turns in Pochita taking complete control of Denji’s body and assuming his actual devil form. It is significantly more potent than the hybrid Chainsaw Man form (explained below), but it also compromises the character’s humanity.

Near-Death/Weakened Form

Chainsaw Man Pochita

In his most vulnerable state, Pochita morphs into a little, cute dog-like creature that first appears in the Chainsaw Man anime’s first few episodes. Pochita is too weak to fight by itself in this state. But it serves as a dependable tool that Denji acts as a chainsaw to battle off petty devils in order to make a living.

Chainsaw Man/Hybrid Form

Chainsaw Man Pochita

Still from the anime Chainsaw Man. Photo credit: MAPPA

Pochita’s current form in the anime is Denji’s heart (see how it looks right here). Pochita united himself with Denji’s heart to save Denji from dying, resulting in the creation of the Chainsaw Man hybrid. Even in this state, Pochita still has a cute, though feeble, form. But he is missing the chainsaw that used to be perched on his head. Instead, a cord that protrudes from Genji’s chest takes its place. Denji gains the might of the chainsaw devil and transforms into Chainsaw Man whenever this cord is pulled. He also sees chainsaws rev out of his head and arms.

Pochita’s Chainsaw Man: Powers

Every devil in the CSM universe has some abilities in common with the other devils in the clan. Beyond that, each devil has a unique set of abilities that correspond to the kind of fear they represent. Both sets of powers are presented here in separate sections:

Common devil abilities

Pochita and most devils share the same abilities:

  • Pochita can swallow blood to fast mend itself in any form. But in his full devil state, he is even capable of producing without the need for blood. In the opening scene of Chainsaw Man, Pochita uses Denji’s blood to feed on and repair itself, revealing this ability for the first time.
  • Duratbility: Chainsaw Man can survive direct battle, explosions, and even intense heat in its devil and hybrid forms with little to no damage. In Chapter 89, Makima employs a variety of techniques on a Chainsaw Man who is already weak, putting Pochita’s resilience to the fullest test. Despite this, Pochita manages to live.
  • Strength: Pochita has incredible physical strength when compared to a human or a fiend, which enables him to do enormous amounts of damage to enemies. The War devil in manga chapter 104, which asserts that Pochita was able to defeat the Four Horsemen and even ingest some of it, attests to this.
  • Speed: Pochita moves quickly, outpacing the majority of her enemies. Before his enemies can react, he can rev up and slice them. The same thing is shown in Chapter 87, where Pochita dispatches Makima’s goons as soon as they approach him.

Special abilities

The following are the powers that Chainsaw Devil or Pochita has exclusively:

  • Chainsaw: Pochita has the ability to transform its head, arms, and legs into chainsaws because he represents the fear of using chainsaws. They can then be utilised to quickly dismember enemies. This ability is frequently used in all CSM battles.
  • Regeneration: Pochita can quickly regenerate body parts and even a temporary autonomous body, if necessary, taking healing to a new level. When Pochita makes a second autonomous body to fool Makima in Chapter 95, this power is pushed to its breaking point.
  • Chains: Pochita is able to detach the chains from his chainsaws and use them as weapons. He repeatedly wraps the bodies of his opponents in these chains. But when the circumstances call for it, he fastens the chains to structures, almost like Spider-Man, as Beam described in Chapter 95.

Chainsaw Man Pochita

Tatsuki Fujimoto’s Chainsaw Man manga, Chapter 95, is used with permission (Shonen Jump)

  • Devil Erasure: In general, when devils pass away on Earth and vice versa, they are consigned to hell. However, if the Chainsaw devil eats a devil, the devil is no longer. This ability only functions when Pochita is fully transformed into a devil, but it is potent enough to cause the opponent to vanish—not just physically, but also from people’s memories. Pochita’s powerful ability and how it works are still not fully explained in the manga. One prominent instance of erasure can be found in Chapter 84, where Makima informs Kishibe that the reason he can’t recall things like AIDS or World Wars is because the corresponding devils have been consumed by Pochita.
  • Partial Devil Elimination: In Chainsaw Man’s second arc, it was revealed that if Pochita merely consumes a part of a devil, the devil and its concept are weakened. However, taking a portion does not make the devil completely disappear. The War devil, whose remains were consumed by Pochita, serves as a living illustration. Everyone on Earth is aware of the concept of war, yet actual conflicts have not taken place since that time.

Using a Chainsaw: Pochita Weakness

Pochita acquires power based on the number of individuals who fear him in the Chainsaw Man reality, while he loses power based on the absence of fear. This includes the widespread human fear to chainsaws. That means this devil’s existence would be in danger if humans lost their fear of chainsaws.

Not to mention that Pochita likes Denji a lot. In order to harm Pochita, an enemy would be wise to focus on Denji’s human side. Other than these components, Pochita currently has nearly no recognised weaknesses. But we can anticipate that the remaining chapters of Chainsaw Man will put his abilities to the test and further expose his flaws.

Why Does Every Devil Want The Heart Of A Chainsaw Man?

Pochita is the only devil who has the power to eliminate the existence of another devil, as you could have predicted. Every other devil is essentially limited to having the ability to kill people and make their movement between hell and earth. However, Pochita can use Devil Erasure to devour a devil and erase it entirely. A devil cannot leave any traces of its existence after being erased. Nobody even recalls the existence of such a devil or the associated fear.

Such power actually alters the playing field for both the devil and the human world. Therefore, certain devils desire the Chainsaw Man’s heart in order to control this power, which is why Pochita in the hybrid form is being sought for. Others just want to kill Pochita or Chainsaw Man to get rid of such incredible power. Killing him wouldn’t be as easy as it seems, though, for only Pochita has the power to make devils vanish from the existence.

Questions and Answers

What does “Pochita” in Chainsaw Man mean?

Small items are referred to as “pochi” in the Japanese language. It is also a typical dog name in Japan. On the other hand, “ita” is typically used to refer to items that “were there”. However, some community members believe the name may have been inspired by the well-known chainsaw manufacturer Makita. In fact, Pochita shares a lot like the orange chainsaw from that company (pictured above).

Denji and Pochita met in what way?

At the grave of his father, Denji ran into Pochita. Pochita was hurt at the time, and Denji offered to give him his blood to help the devil recover.

Pochita is the devil of what?

The fear of chainsaws gives Pochita, the chainsaw devil, power.

How does Pochita fare?

Pochita turns up his body and transforms into Denji’s heart in order to save Denji from death and carry out his dreams. He also shares Denji access to all of his chainsaw devil powers while doing this.

Pochita in Chainsaw Man: All the Information You Need ?

You are now acquainted with one of the pivotal figures from the Chainsaw Man manga and anime. But Pochita’s story is not over here. In fact, it hasn’t even reached the first level, according to some. So be sure to save this pages to your favourites so you can make Pochita, the Chainsaw Devil, as the story progresses.

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