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The 20 best CRM software for small businesses in 2022   

crm software for small businesses

The idea of “knowing your customers” has exploded in idea during the previous two decades, and it makes perfect sense. You can deliver the best solutions if you know what problems your customers are having. Businesses realised the importance of building a stronger relationship with customers as a result of this idea. Businesses provide appropriate answers, and customers are able to solve their problems, resulting in a win-win situation for all sides! CRM software can be a useful tool in the process of building a stronger relationship with your customers. Client relationship management, or CRM, has been welcomed by all types of businesses since it provides limitless insights into customer preferences and purchasing habits. CRM is now being used by startups and small businesses to help them with their marketing and sales processes.

My aim is to offers you the best crm software for small businesses that is currently available, particularly for small businesses. I’ve reduced down 20 CRMs that small businesses can utilise after browsing through practically every CRM application and innumerable references. All of these tools are either inexpensive or offer a unique selling proposition (USP) that makes them perfect for your business.

Let’s take a look at some CRM industry data before we go into the list. While performing research, I came across these statistics, and I believe they will dispel any questions you may have about the importance of CRM for your small business.

CRM software statistics are fascinating.

  • CRM software is one of the world’s largest software markets, with revenue estimated to grow $49 billion by 2025.
  • The three most common industries that use CRM software are retail, business services, and technology.
  • A CRM system is used by 91 percent of North American businesses with more than ten employees.
  • Finally, a CRM system may boost sales by 29%, enhance sales productivity by 34%, and improve sales forecast accuracy by 42%.

CRM, we can all agree, is a must-have for every modern business. So, let us assist you in locating the most appropriate CRM software for your small business. We didn’t include pricing information because software prices fluctuate and certain companies run special offers from time to time. For the most up-to-date pricing, check on the links to each CRM software.

The best CRM software for small businesses

1. Salesmate

crm software for small businesses

The first CRM on the list is Salesmate, which is suited for small businesses and startups. This CRM is a lot-effective option for expanding businesses, with many useful features that can help you streamline your sales and marketing activities. Salesmate’s USP is built-in phoning, which allows users to make calls without leaving the system. You can obtain a toll-free or virtual phone number and begin making calls right away. Here are some of the best additional features of Salesmate:

Features of Salesmate:

  • Google Apps synchronisation (G Suite).
  • Automation of work processes.
  • Smart contact management system with 360-degree customer view.
  • Email marketing automation.
  • management deals.
  • A shared inbox for the entire team
  • Management of products and services.
  • Android and iOS apps for CRM.
  • Gmail, Drive, ClearBit, Zapier, PieSync, Slack, Wufoo, and many more integrations.
  • Organizing activities.
  • Sales reports that are visually appealing, sales analytics, revenue reporting, and goal tracking.
  • Forecasting sales.

2. Pipedrive

crm software for small businesses

Pipedrive is an excellent option for any type of business. Pipedrive makes things easier for teams of all sizes with over 100 integrations. Pipedrive’s pipeline management is a clear USP, with a lot of fascinating features in the suite. Why do not we take a look at some of the crm software for small businesses other key features?

Features of Pipedriveo:

  • management pipelines.
  • Email integration is available.
  • Keeping tracking of your activities and achieving your objectives.
  • Sales forecasting and reporting are two things that come to mind when it comes to sales.
  • Android and iOS CRM apps.
  • Plecto, Pipechimp, GetAccept, Toky, and a slew of more apps are all integrated.
  • Automation of work processes.
  • System that is multilingual and multicurrency.

3. Insightly

crm software for small businesses

Insightly is a user-friendly CRM with a lot of intriguing features for multilevel enterprises. This CRM includes a project management and delivery system that may manage you in better managing your projects and tasks. Let’s take a look at some of Insightly’s most crucial features.

Features of insightful:

  • Tracking and routing of leads.
  • Automation of work processes.
  • Tracking of emails
  • Execution and management of projects.
  • Create and deploy custom applications.
  • Android and iOS mobile apps
  • More than 25 tools are integrated.

4. Zoho CRM

crm software for small businesses

Every type of business can benefit from Zoho CRM. It is one of the most widely used CRM businesses in India. The CRM was designed in India to help you produce more leads, convert more customers, and grow your business. Zoho may be a good fit for your business. Check a look at a few of its features.

Features of Zoho:

  • Organize your environment by bringing all of your channels together in one place.
  • Create leads by connecting social media accounts.
  • Use live chat to communicate with website visitors.
  • Zoho’s Zia AI provides insights on trends, conversions, and transaction closings.
  • Predictive analytics and smart analytics
  • Customization features allow you to work with the CRM in the way you choose.

5. Freshsales

crm software for small businesses

Freshsales, like Salesmate, offers a built-in telephonic system (freshcaller) that allows you to connect directly with customers. Freshsales has a lot of cool features like lead scoring, activity tracking, and a sales pipeline. Freshsales might be a wonderful solution for small businesses and startups, despite its restricted integrations. Let’s have a look at some of Freshsales’ features.

Features of Freshsales:

  • Calling and SMS capabilities built-in (through Freshcaller).
  • Lead assignment and scoring.
  • Send tasks, notes, and files to management.
  • Sales pipeline and deal management are visualised.
  • Tracking visitors in real time.
  • Email synchronisation and tracking
  • Predictive analytics and smart analytics

6. HubSpot

crm software for small businesses

HubSpot is a small business CRM software that has been around for a long time. Some HubSpot plans, however, may appear to be pricey for small businesses. HubSpot’s idea, on the other hand, is to pay based on your needs. Let’s check a look at some of its features.

Features of HubSpot:

  • Automation in marketing.
  • Use of a group email.
  • Tracking of emails
  • Content and blog optimization
  • SEO and social media strategy tools
  • Integrations with Gmail and Outlook.
  • A signature for emails.
  • Lead scoring that is predictive.
  • Revenue tracking on a recurring basis.
  • There is a live chat option.
  • A/B testing is an technique for comparing two options.

7. Close

crm software for small businesses

Inside sales teams can utilise Close as a sales-focused crm software for small businesses. Close CRM’s goal is to assist sales teams in closing more deals by streamlining their sales process. Close CRM, like Salesmate, was one of the first firms to offer an integrated calling capability. Let’s take a look at some of Close CRM’s other features:

Features of close:

  • Email synchronisation and tracking with insights.
  • Emailing in bulk with personalised templates
  • tracking track of sales targets
  • Employee performance in sales.
  • Zapier, Zendesk, Wufoo, and other integrations
  • SMS calling is built-in.
  • Make numerous calls at once using a predictive dialer.

8. Copper

crm software for small businesses

Copper CRM is committed to decreasing human effort in data entry and other repetitive tasks. This CRM, which was inspired by G Suite apps, is designed in such a way that users can rapidly grasp the system. Let’s have a look at some of its features.

Features of Copper:

  • Automatic data retrieval, which eliminates the need for data entry.
  • Management of the lead.
  • System for management contacts.
  • Management of visual pipelines
  • Task management and notifications
  • Integrations with G Suite.
  • Insights and reports on sales forecasting.
  • Automation of work processes.
  • Zendesk, Xero, RingCentral, Slack, and a slew of more apps are all integrated.

9. Zendesk Sell

crm software for small businesses

Zendesk Sell is an sales automation software that allows sales teams to see their funnels more clearly. Sell also prioritises leads so that teams can close more customers. Let’s take a look at some of Zendesk Sell’s features and price options.

Features of Zendesk:

  • Calling and SMS capabilities are built-in.
  • Tracking of emails
  • Slack, Dropbox, Google Suite, MailChimp, and more apps are all integrated.
  • System for management contacts.

10. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft has also put its toes into the crm software for small businesses pool. Dynamics 365 may assist businesses with marketing automation, lead creation and tracking, and optimising sales processes by providing an all-in-one solution for sales and marketing teams. Obviously, users may connect to other Microsoft products such as Outlook, Lync, Word, Excel, and others using 365.

Features of Microsoft Dynamics 365:

  • Sales forecasting and insights
  • Improve sales using AI-driven sales insights.
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other Microsoft software integrations
  • Tools for increasing sales productivity.

11. Salesforce

crm software for small businesses

Salesforce is the CRM market leader, however it is designed toward larger businesses and enterprises. Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, and Engagement are just a few of the modules available in this CRM. Let’s take a look at some of Salesforce’s most significant features.

Features of Salesforce:

  • System for management contacts.
  • Managing opportunities to close more deals
  • Management of the lead.
  • Sales forecasting and insights
  • Integrations with email.
  • Automation of work processes.
  • Develop a consumer journey with several touchpoints.
  • Platform for data management.
  • Google’s marketing platform

12. Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM

Capsule CRM is mainly focused with bringing all customer data together in one place so that sales teams can close deals more thoughtfully. Lead assignment and team management are also focused features of this crm software for small businesses. Capsule has a contact manager where you can look at all of your customers’ information and follow deal progress.

Features of Capsule CRM:

  • Keep track of your contacts’ details, documents, and tasks all in one place.
  • A search function that gathers results from across the system.
  • Task management is essential.
  • Managing the sales funnel.
  • Informative reports
  • Keep tabs on your sales figures.
  • Forecasting sales.
  • Keep tabs on the team’s performance.

13. AgileCRM

Agile CRM

In our list of the best CRM for small businesses, we have a strong contender. AgileCRM is a low-cost CRM with a lot of essential features for small and medium-sized businesses. Agile has thought of everything a business could need, from document signing to marketing automation. The primary issue with Agile CRM is the sheer number of features it offers. Not every company requires all of these businesses. When a small business chooses Agile, it must pay for a slew of extra features. Furthermore, the new features make the entire system difficult to use.

Features of flexibility:

  • A 360-degree view of the customer
  • Software for managing contacts.
  • Keep track of deals and create goals.
  • Scheduling of appointments.
  • Project management application.
  • Includes built-in telephone.
  • Automation of work processes.
  • A landing page creator.
  • Make use of social media.
  • Tracking and email marketing

14. AmoCRM


In comparison to the tools provided here, AmoCRM takes a different approach. Amo enables you to connect all of your major communication channels to a single platform where you can manage all of your messages. Amo’s approach distinguishes it from other CRM applications, making it perfect for businesses that receive social queries. Let’s check a look at some of AmoCRM’s other features.

Features of AmoCRM

  • Monitor the progress of your sales.
  • Lead nurturing and tracking
  • Show ads that are relevants to your audience.
  • Notifications and tasks
  • Effective sales analytics.
  • Voice over IP (VoIP) integration for calling.
  • CRM on the go.

15. SugarCRM


SugarCRM features two modules: one for small businesses and one for large corporations. SugarCRM has a lot of features that help with sales and marketing. It’s a complete package. Let’s take an closer look at a few of Sugar’s features.

Features SugarCRM:

  • Management of quotations.
  • Insights and analytics in sales and marketing.
  • Forecasting sales.
  • Automation of work processes
  • Customization is simple.
  • CRM apps for mobile devices.
  • Develop, implement, and monitor marketing programmes.
  • management projects.
  • Managing sales leads
  • Link social media channels.

16. PipelineDeals


PipelineDeals is the next top CRM for small businesses on the list. This crm software for small businesses is focused to help teams streamline their sales pipelines. PipelineDeals has the ability to be customised, so you can make the CRM exactly how you want it. This CRM appears to be a suitable fit for small and medium-sized businesses based on its pricing.

Features of PipelineDeals:

  • Managing the sales funnel.
  • Status updates on recent activity in real time.
  • Comprehensive reporting and analytics
  • Nurturing and management leads
  • Obtaining leads.
  • System for management contacts.
  • management for team insights.
  • Keeping tracking of your activities and achieving your objectives.

17. Nimble


Nimble is a low-cost CRM with a single subscription plan that includes the majority of the features that a small business needs. Nimble CRM also has artificial intelligence, which may assist you find emails, phone numbers, and other information about your prospects.

Features of Nimble:

  • Group communications that is personalised.
  • Templates for emails.
  • Management of the deal pipeline
  • Message inbox that is unified.
  • Forecasting and reporting on sales.
  • Software for managing contacts.
  • Email synchronisation and tracking
  • Task and activity management.

18. Act CRM


Small and midsize businesses will benefit from Act CRM’s marketing features. Though some of Act’s plans may be intimidating for small businesses, the majority of them cover what is required. Act pricing levels range from $35 per user per month to $399 per account per month, and include a variety of marketing automation features.

Features of Act CRM:

  • management contacts.
  • Use automation to create, run, and track marketing initiatives.
  • Alerts and activity tracking.
  • Management of the lead.
  • Automation of work processes.
  • Automation and management of pipelines.
  • Insights and reports on an interactive dashboard.
  • CRM on the go.

19. Streak CRM

Streak CRM

Streak CRM wants you to use Gmail to manage leads, projects, support, and anything else. Streak CRM takes the strategy of keeping you comfortable with the surroundings, which is why it uses Gmail. Let’s take a look at some of Streak’s more intriguing features.

Features of Streak CRM:

  • Gmail for deal management.
  • Reminders and task management
  • management contacts.
  • Tracking of emails
  • Interactive visualisations for data.
  • Emailing in bulk.
  • CRM on the go.

20. Bitrix24


The penultimate itemson our list of the best CRM soft crm software for small businesses ware for small businesses in 2019 is a multifunctional tool with a great UI that covers communication, task management, CRM, and support features. Bitrix24 also has features that can assist you in creating landing pages for your business.

Features of Bitrix24’s:

Bitrix24 has a number of features.

  • A platform for video and chat conversation.
  • Project and task management.
  • System for document management.
  • Management of the sales funnel and pipeline
  • A 360-degree view of the customer
  • Automation of the sales process
  • A single platform for multichannel marketing.
  • Customer service.
  • Distribute quotations and invoices.
  • Includes a built-in telephony system.

CRM software’s bottom line

There are many others options on the market, but there is one optimal CRM that meets the majority of your business demands. As a small business, you must precisely define your requirements in order to select the most appropriate CRM. Each crm software for small businesses on this list has a distinctive selling offer. Salesmate, for example, has built-in telephone, a shared team mailbox, and workflow automation at a reasonable cost. Pipedrive, on the other hand, excels at pipeline management. You can choose any of these CRM software if your requirements meet the USP of any of them.

Here’s a table that explains the USPs of every of the CRMs listed so you can make an informed decision.

CRM Selling proposition that is unique

Built-in phone system, shared team inbox, workflow automation, and email automation are all features of Salesmate.

Pipedrive is a pipeline management software.

Project management and delivery system with insight

Lead management using Zoho

Sales automation using Freshsales

Marketing automation with HubSpot

Automation for closing sales

Copper Task Automation and Productivity

Zendesk Sell is an automation that automates the sale of products.

Lead generation and sales forecasting in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Lead management and process automation in Salesforce

Assignment of the Capsule Lead and team management

Contact management, deal tracking, and sales gamification are all available in AgileCRM.

Integrations with social media and messaging in AmoCRM

Sales and marketing insights, as well as sales forecasting, are all available in SugarCRM.

Sales pipeline management with PipelineDeals

Sales pipeline management that is nimble

Contact management and activity management are both handled by Act CRM.

Within Gmail, you may use Streak CRM.

Bitrix24 is a platform for chat and video collaboration, task management, and document management.

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