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The top cell phone deals mobile for April 2022 are listed below.

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In one place, you’ll find all of the best cell phone deals mobile.

You’ll find all of this week’s greatest mobile phone and deals mobile neatly lined up and compared right here on one page, whether you’re looking for a price decrease on a new iPhone or an trade-in promo on the new Galaxy S22. To assist our readers save cash on their next purchase, we’ve compiled a list of all the greatest value options, regardless of carrier or device.

This week’s cell phone deals mobile feature some great iPhone 13 options, especially at Verizon. This device is now only $10 per month with a new unlimited line from the carrier, and you don’t even need to trade it in! Samsung is also now offering some great improved trade-in refunds, and TechRadar readers can take advantage of a special offer from prepaid carrier Visible Wireless to receive their first month for just $5.

Generally speaking, mobile phone deals mobile come in two flavours: outright sales on unlocked devices and carrier-plan bundles. The latter can be a little hard, as it involves new cell phone plans as well as trade-ins on old devices, but if you’re eligible, the savings can be enormous. We’ve also included prepaid carrier cell phone deals mobile as a third possibility. Although you won’t save much on a device with these smaller carriers, you will save a lot on your mobile phone plan, so it’s definitely worth considering.

What kind of cell phone deal should you choose? Well, that depends on your specific requirements. You’ll be well served by Verizon and AT&T’s latest promos if you’re shopping for the latest flagship device or an unlimited plan to pair it with. If you want the most flexibility or long-term savings, you should consider either buying an unlocked device and then using a prepaid carrier, or buying a prepaid device directly from the carrier.

All of the devices on the list have been individually reviewed by members of the TechRadar team. They’re all excellent selections in their own right, and you won’t find any duds among them. If you want to find which phone is perfect for you, check out our updated guide to the best phones for 2022.

At a glance, the finest cell phone deals mobile available today

  • Samsung Galaxy S22 series: up to $1,000 off with a trade-in, plus a 256GB upgrade
  • Exclusive to TechRadar: get your first month of Visible Wireless for $5 with the code ‘Future’.
  • Verizon now has a cheap iPhone 13 in green for $10/month with a new unlimited line (no trade).
  • Verizon is offering a free Google Pixel 6 (no trade) with the purchase of a new unlimited data line.
  • AT&T iPhone 13: with an eligible trade-in and new unlimited plan, you can save up to $800.
  • Verizon offers a free iPhone 12 (no trade) with an eligible unlimited data plan.
  • Mint Mobile offers 6-months of free data for iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and iPhone SE users.
  • Boost Mobile is offering a $50 discount on the new iPhone SE 2022.
  • Amazon has the Galaxy S22 Ultra (unlocked) for $999.
  • Unlocked OnePlus 9: $599.99 at OnePlus
  • Apple trade-in: a trade-in can save you up to $790 on a new iPhone.

Deals mobile on cell phones from different carriers

With the code FUTURE, you can gets your first month of Visible Wireless for $5.

Use the code FUTURE at checkout to receive your first month of Visible Wireless for just $5. That’s a $35 savings on one of the cheapest prepaid plans available right now. Note that this Visible deal is semi-exclusive to TechRadar, so if you’re seeking to try out a good prepaid carrier on the cheap, you’ve come to the perfect place!

Verizon offers the Apple iPhone 13 for $10 per month with a new unlimited line.

This week’s Verizon deals mobile include the first ever trade-in-new discount on the iPhone 13 that we’ve seen. Simply pick Apple’s latest flagship device and add a new line to an eligible unlimited plan, and the carrier will reduce your monthly price to to $10 a month, saving you $439.99 in total. This is a terrific and easily accessible deal if you’ve been putting off getting this device since your old phone isn’t worth anything. Note that this device is now interested in a brand-new Green colour if you’re looking for a new look.

With a trade-in at Samsung, you may get a free 256GB upgrade and up to $1,000 off.

Samsung generally has a good selection of carrier and unlocked Galaxy S22 deals mobile, but its deals mobile this week are especially good. You can get a free upgrade from a 128GB to a 256GB device, as well as an increased trade-in rebate of up to $700 (essentially getting a device for $99). While having extra storage space may not appeal to everyone, it is a great asset to have if you plans on selling or trading in your home.

AT&T is offering the Apple iPhone 13 for free with an eligible trade-in and a new unlimited plan.

AT&T’s cell phone deals mobile include up to $800 in trade-in discounts on the iPhone 13 &  $700 on the iPhone 13 mini, which is enough to cover the whole cost of either device when purchased with a new unlimited plan. Additionally, if you’re searching for a high-end device, you may save up to $800 on the Pro models. The iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max are all included in this deal.

With a trade-in, you can save up to $800, plus $200 if you switch to Verizon.

The iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max are also included in Verizon’s cell phone deals mobile this week if you’re seeking for a premium Apple device. Verizon is now offering a maximum trade-in refund of up to $800 on these two phones, similar to most of the more costly devices on the market. Unfortunately, the carrier’s ‘BOGO’ promotion is no longer available this week, but new customers switching from a competitor can still earn a $200 gift card. This deal is only valid for the iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The Google Pixel 6 is free with a new Verizon unlimited data line.

There’s no need for a trade-in: Verizon’s Google Pixel 6 deals mobile this week are easily the greatest the carrier has ever offered. Currently, the carrier is giving away this device (worth $699) for free when you pick up for a new line with an eligible unlimited data plan. Given that you previously had to trade in a device to obtain such a terrific deal, we think this is a fantastic deal. Also available: a $200 gift card for new customers transferring over, which can be used to pay off any early termination costs. This deal is also valid for the Google Pixel 6 Pro, which costs $5 per month and comes with the same terms.

With a trade-in and an eligible unlimited plan, you can get the Google Pixel 6 for free. AT&T

AT&T formerly offered the Google Pixel 6 for $15 a month without offering a trade-in, but it has since changed to a more standard trade-in option. However, you can get this device for free right now if you combine an eligible trade-in with an unlimited data plan. Are you looking for a Google 6 Pro? This carrier offers a trade-in reimbursement of up to $700.

With a trade-in, you may save up to $800, plus $200 if you switch to Verizon.

The brand new Galaxy S22 series is included in Verizon’s cell phone deals mobile this week, with some pretty good trade-in rebates. Right now, the maximum price is $800, which is a good deal, but we’ve seen discounts of up to $1,000 in the past. Keep in mind that you’ll need a new line with an unlimited data plan to be eligible for this, so keep that in mind. If they switch from another carrier, new customers will receive an additional $200 gift card. This offer is also valid on the Galaxy S22, including the basic Galaxy S22 and the Galaxy S22 Plus.

With a trade-in and an eligible T-Mobile plan, you may save up to $800 on an Apple iPhone 13.

T-Mobile has the best coverage. No worry, because carrier also offers great iPhone 13 cell phone deals mobile. Right now, the maximum trade-in savings of up to $800 matches Verizon and AT&T, but keep in mind that this one is only available with the Magenta MAX plan. Be warned that this is T-most Mobile’s expensive unlimited data plan, so keep that in mind before signing up.

Verizon offers the Apple iPhone 12 for free with an eligible unlimited data plan.

There are no trade-ins required: the iPhone 12 is one of the best cell phone deals mobile on the Verizon website. Sure, it’s not the most recent model on the market, but you can get it for free right now if you pair it with an eligible unlimited data plan. This is one of the best ‘low barriers to entry’ deals mobile on our list this week because you don’t need to trade in to enjoy your savings (which equals to $699 off).

AT&T offers the Apple iPhone 12 for $10 per month with an unlimited plan.

If AT&T is your preferred carrier, you can also get super-low pricing on the iPhone 12 right now without having to trade in your old phone. Customers may get a 50% discount on this device right now if they sign up for a new line on an unlimited plan, bringing the total cost down to just $360. There are additional discounts available on the 12 Mini.

Save up to $700 with a trade-in and up to $1,000 with a switch to Verizon with the Samsung Galaxy S21 FE.

While the Samsung Galaxy S22 has recently dominated the Android flagship news, there’s another great new Samsung phone worth checking out. The Galaxy S21 FE is a new version of last generation’s flagship, including a great CPU, screen, and camera for a bit of the price of the S22. The same great trade-in cell phone deals mobile are available on this device, which is generally easier to get for free because its basic price is slightly lower.

Many of the best smartphone deals mobile may be found from the big four if you’re willing to switch carriers. The major carriers will frequently allow you to split the phone’s cost into monthly payments ranging from 18 to 30 months, and sometimes even longer. They frequently offer deals mobile that lower the price of the phone in half, and in some cases, they even offer the phone for free.

You’ll almost always need to add a new line and sign up for a specific mobile plan to enjoy these deals mobile. However, if you’re planning to acquire an unlimited data plan anyhow, they can make getting a new phone a lot more inexpensive.

If you want to learn more about specific carriers, check out our Verizon deals mobile and AT&T deals mobile pages. There’s a whole list of what’s available, including plan discounts and even free phones.

With a trade-in, you may save up to $650 on an Apple iPhone SE 2022.

The old standby. Yes, the Apple trade-in programme is accessible on the brand’s newest affordable device, as expected. You’ll need an iPhone 8 and later to be eligible at launch, but there will be a maximum savings of $650. While it’s technically enough to cover the entire cost of the device, if you’re upgrading from a 2020 SE, you’re unlikely to obtain the full amount, so bear that in mind.

Amazon has the Samsung Galaxy S22 for $699.

Save $100 – Amazon’s latest $100 Galaxy S22 series price decrease is the first significant non-trade-in discount we’ve seen on these gorgeous Android flagships. With these deals mobile, you’re not only getting the lowest upfront price ever, but you’re also avoiding the hassle of a trade-in or an expensive unlimited data plan with one of the major carriers.

At Samsung, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 costs $1,499 plus you get a free Galaxy Watch 4.

The current Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 deal is the greatest yet on this stunning foldable. Not only are you getting a $300 discount, but you’ll also get a free Galaxy Watch 4 worth 199 dollars with every purchase. You’ll also receive a free charger, S-Pen, and leather case for your device. Taken together, this is an exceptional deal that should not be passed up. Note that there are presently trade-in values of up to $535 available.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: $899 with free Galaxy Buds

Looking for a less expensive foldable? Samsung is also offering an number of deals mobile on the new Galaxy Z Flip 3. Not only will you get a $100 discount up front (with trade-in options), but you’ll also get a free pairs of Galaxy Buds Live earbuds from the retailer. Not only that, but you’ll also receive a free charger, S-Pen, and $50 in Google App Store credit. When you sum it all together, you’re getting a tonne of added value, and it’s well worth picking up.

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE: $699.99 + $300 discount with Samsung trade-in

Samsung has recently changed their unlocked cell phone deals mobile for the new Galaxy S21 FE to include a $300 increased trade-in rebate. If you’re seeking to replace an older device, this is one of the better options available; it’s still a capable flagship device with a much more affordable price tag than any of Apple’s or Samsung’s other offerings.

With an eligible trade-in, you can save up to $650 on an Apple iPhone 13.

Getting your new device unlocked? Apple isn’t known for offering great cell phone deals mobile, but its latest maximum trade-in rebate of up to $650 through its official programme is the largest we’ve seen from the tech giant yet. Simply put, this is a fantastic deal that could see you paying just $149 for a new iPhone 13 and a whopping $0 for an iPhone 13 Mini. The iPhone 13 Pro & iPhone 13 Pro Max are also included in this deal.

Apple iPhone 12: $50 when you trade in an eligible device at Apple.

This week’s deals mobile on the new iPhone 13 aren’t just about cell phone discounts; Apple has also slashed the price of unlocked iPhone 12 devices by $100. While it isn’t the most recent device, that is a fantastic price for a phone that looks almost identical to the 13 – and it still has 5G capabilities.

OnePlus 9 (unlocked, 128GB) is available for $599.99 via OnePlus.

Save $120 – The OnePlus 9 – the brand’s newest device, which is only a few months old – is another great choice for an up-to-date Android flagship. This one is undoubtedly up there with the greatest Android devices money can buy right now, with a powerful Snapdragon 888-chip, co-designed Hasselblad camera system, and 120 Hz display. Note that while we’ve selected the official dealer because it offers some great trade-in options, the OnePlus 9 is also available for the same price on Amazon.

Refurbished technology has a poor connotation, but hear us out: buying a refurbished iPhone directly from the Apple store provides a number of advantages beyond just being cheap. Because itmeans been refurbished by Apple, you’ll get entirely official replacement parts, quality assurance testing, and a long warranty and return time. If you’re seeking to save cash, it’s definitely worth considering.

Unlocked smartphone deals mobile aren’t always the most exciting, as they usually only offer tiny discounts off the retail price. Occasionally, you’ll find across a great deal on a new smartphone, usually near the end of the brand’s one-year refresh cycle. This type of price drop is regular for Samsung flagships, but it isn’t common, and it rarely matches the upfront carrier discounts.

Unlocked cell phone deals mobile, on the other hand, can hide your savings. Because an unlocked phone allows you to easily switch carriers, you can always pick the best mobile plan for you. As you pay-off your phone on an instalment plan, you won’t be stuck on a costly data plan for the next 24 months, allowing you to save money over time.

You can also receive deals mobile directly from the phone’s manufacturer, who may be able to offer trade-in discounts that retail outlets are unable to offer.

Mint Mobile offers a 6-month free service device with the Apple iPhone SE 2022.

Do you want to go prepaid? Mint Mobile is an great choice, and it’s currently offering new users the chance to enjoy a free 6-month service. To be eligible, you must purchase a device outright and sign up for a 6-month plan. This is a bit pricy up front, but you’ll be set for a year of fast 5G data if you do it. Going with Mint will save you a lot of money in the long run, especially if you were thinking about using one of the larger carriers.

Boost Mobile offers the Apple iPhone SE 2022 for $379.99.

Sure, it’s not the biggest deals in the world, but Boost Mobile’s $50 discount on the new Apple iPhone SE 2022 this week is its best yet. Valid with any data plan, you’ll save a lot of money here, not to mention the money you’ll save on your monthly payments if you forego one of the larger carriers’ standard unlimited data plans. Boost is one of the betters prepaid carriers out there right now, with some great pay-monthly and family options.

Mint Mobile is offering 6 months of free service with the purchase of an Apple iPhone 13 device.

This iPhone 13 deal from Mint Mobile is another one that will cost you a lot up front but save you an lot in the long term. This fantastic prepaid carrier is presently offering free months to people who buy a device directly from their website. While it’s a little pricy up front, if you’re in it for the long term, this carrier will save you a bit of cash compared to the big boys.

Cricket Wireless offers the Apple iPhone SE 2020 for $49 with a switch.

With this Cricket Wireless discount on the iPhone SE 2020, you can get a cheap plan and a cheap device for a low price. Even though this device is a little older now, it’s still a great value for money, especially at $50. Keep in mind thats in order to qualify for this price, you must be porting your number from another carrier.

With Google Fi activation, you can save $300 on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Google has carried over its fantastic cell phone deals mobile from the Galaxy S21 Ultra to the new Galaxy S22 Ultra, offering a great prepaid option if you use the Google Fi network. Please keep in minds that this offer is only valid for new customers who move their phone number to Google Fi. Note that this deal is also available on the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, Google Pixel 5a, and Galaxy Z Flip 3 if you’re interested.

When you bring your phone number to Google Fi, you’ll get a $200 discount on the Google Pixel 6.

Although it is more expensive than some prepaid networks, Google Fi is the company’s own mobile carrier. Even better, it’s offering a $200 discount to anyone who transfers their phone number to the service. Google also offers a ‘Pixel Pass’ subscription service, which costs $45 a month and includes the device, YouTube premium, devices protection, and a $5 monthly discount on the Fi network. It’s a bit more expensive than Mint or Visible Wireless, but it’s worth looking into.

View the deal

  • Mint Mobile, one of our favourite prepaid carriers, has some great bundles available.
  • Visible – offers a great unlimited plan as well as great phone deals mobile if you switch.
  • Boost Mobile – offers upfront deals mobile on a range of phone savings.

Because pre-paid carriers don’t tie you down to a contract, they don’t have the same motivation to offer steep discounts and flexible device options. Even if their sales do not quite match those found on the main carriers, there are still some phone deals mobile to be found.

These offers will usually allow you to save some money up front, while the low cost of prepaid plans will allow you to save considerably more money over time. If you wish to be able to switch carriers later, double-check which big network these smaller carriers are affiliated with and their policy on unlocking phones. If you find them too constraining, we recommend looking into the unlocked phone deals mobile listed above.

If you’re looking for additional prepaid phone deals mobile, visit our main page for the greatest Mint Mobile and Visible wireless deals mobile this week.


Deals mobile for iPhone and Android

Are you looking for a certain item? If you have had your eye on a new iPhone or Galaxy in particular, we’ve got a slew of specific phone deal pages that will come in handy.

Plans for cell phones

Are you simply trying to save money on a bill? Perhaps it’s time to update or switch from that old plan you’ve had for years. One of the greatest ever tools on the web for finding the best cell phone plans in the United States is our roundup of the best cell phone plans in the United States. Our guide will assist you in finding a cheap-plan, unlimited, or family-friendly plan.

Deals mobile on iPhones

Are you undecided about which Apple device is best for you? Our iPhone deals mobile roundup is a great place to start if you’re looking for the cheapest prices across the board. You’ll find the best deals mobile from all of the major carriers, as well as the cheapest prepaid and unlocked iPhone deals mobile right here.

Deals mobile on iPhone SE 2022

The iPhone SE 2022 model delivers a number of nice enhancements to Apple’s most budget-focused device. Above all, the A15 Bionic chip in this device provides excellent power-to-cost ratio and sufficient grunt to easily complete practically any task. It does, however, have an old-school look, which is mainly based on the iPhone 8 from 2017. Is this the device you’re looking for? For a complete breakdown of this budget pick, see our separate article.

Deals mobile on iPhone 13 / iPhone 13 mini

It’s here, folks: Apple’s newest flagship for 2021. Both the 13 or 13 Mini are great choices for the ordinary user, with a powerful new processor, longer battery life, camera enhancements, and increased storage capacity. Check out our specialised guides to get a nice little discount right now.

Deals mobile on the iPhone 13 Pro / iPhone 13 Pro Max

Do you have a bit of the flu? Check out our article on how to save cash on Apple’s newest premium flagships, the iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. These are the first devices to include a 120Hz refresh rate, which, along with an updated processor and camera system, means them easily some of the most powerful devices available in 2021.

Deals mobile on iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 Mini

Apple’s 2020 flagship is an excellent choice, especially given it’s currently at least $100 less expensive than the original release. Check out our most recent deals mobile roundup for the latest information on this great new device, as well as wheres you can get one for far less than you might pick….

Deals mobile on the iPhone 12 Pro Max

The iPhone 12 Pro Max, Apple’s biggest, baddest, and, of course, most costly device from 2020, is still a great choices for 2021 – especially for ardent phone photographers. Check out our bespoke deals mobile page to discover how you might be able to avoid the astronomically expensive price tag.

Deals mobile on the iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is the top most affordable of Apple’s latest flagship three, and it’s a fantastic phone. It has a dual camera system, a lightning-fast CPU, an IP68 rating, and a 3110mAh battery. This high-end phone has a lot to offer, and it even has a lower starting price than the very great iPhone XR.

Deals mobile on the iPhone XR

Until the new iPhone SE supplanted it earlier this year, the iPhone XR was the bargain flagship. That isn’t to argue that, with its powerful A12 bionic chip and long battery life, it isn’t still a great phone. Even better, prices are dropping all the time, so you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to cheap iPhones right now.

Deals mobile on the Samsung Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

There are three new Androids devices from Samsung to check, each of which is a fantastic choice in its own right. If you’re interested, check out our individual Galaxy S22 series pages for more information on these fantastic 2022 flagship phones.

Deals mobile on the Samsung Galaxy S21 / Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus

The new Galaxy S21 range from Samsung has arrived in early 2021, bringing with it a complete new range of outstanding new flagships. Surprisingly, these handsets are $200 less expensive than the previous generation’s launch prices. That doesn’t mean Samsung has cut corners; these phones still have a tonne of great features, including a powerful new processor.

Deals mobile on the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

We’ve also got a website dedicated to Samsung’s current biggest and baddest phone, the Galaxy S21 Ultra. This is presently the phone to buy if you’re really, really serious about your Android devices, with a quad-camera array, highly powerful processor, and gorgeous 1440p display capable of 144Hz (!).

Deals mobile on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 / Galaxy Z Flip 3

Want to try something new? Samsung’s next foldable phone series has just been introduced, and there are two good options to select from. Despite their high price tags, the Flip 3 and Fold 3 are at the cutting edge of smartphone technology. They’re simply unique devices, with highly powerful components, attractive designs, and, of course, those stunning foldable screens.

Deals mobile on the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 / Galaxy Note 20 Ultra

Do you like huge phones? Our roundup page of the greatest offers on Samsung’s latest phablets, the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra, should be your first stop. These great new (and big) phones include expanded batteries, revised designs, and, of course, awesome S-Pen capability.

Deals mobile on the Google Pixel 6-Google Pixel 6 Pro

Google’s new 2021 flagships are causing quite a stir right now. These new devices have a fully overhauled look, a powerful in-house Tensor chip, and, above all, a sensible price point, making them very excellent choices indeed. For additional information, check our dedicated sites for these two phones.

Deals mobile on the Google Pixel 5

The brand new Google Pixel-5 is also a relatively new addition to this quarter’s lineup of new Apple phones. The new Google Pixel 5, a top phone for Android users, is really much more affordable than you may assume, thanks to a range of smart design decisions.

Deals mobile on the Google Pixel 4 / Google Pixel 4a

After three generations of top camera phones, the Google Pixel 4 was expected to be a big hit with the public. This will be the way to go for people looking for a camera phone that can compete with the best. It should hear as no surprise that this is Google’s best phone to yet.

Deals mobile on the OnePlus 9

Check out this week’s greatest mobile phone deals mobile on the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, the latest devices from the well known Chinese brand. These are a great alternative to Google, Apple, and Samsung, with co-designed Hasselblad camera systems, powerful Snapdragon 888 CPUs, and magnificent 120Hz displays.

There are a lot of elements to considerd if you want to make sure you’re getting a decent deal on a phone.

Compare and contrast your favourite retailers.

For starters, you should shop around for different phone deals mobile. Carriers frequently offer steep discounts, but unlocked phone deals mobile can sometimes beat them, allowing you to avoid being trapped into a costly mobile plan. So, if a carrier appears to be offering a decent deal, double-check to see if you can find a better deal elsewhere. Also, be prepared to perform some math to account for the price of the phone as well as the price of the plan you’ll be locked into.

When is the best time to shop?

It’s also a excellent time to go shopping around major sales events to find a nice phone deal. While large stores lower prices on popular items, carriers can take advantage of the opportunity to make their already attractive discounts even more appealing. Some of these significant discounts are also offered by carriers around the launch of a new phone. Even if the phone’s price remains the same, there may be certain freebies that offer value.

To obtain the greatest phone deals mobile, switch.

If you want the best discounts, you’ll need to be willing to switch carriers or at the very least add new lines to your account. Major carriers encourage this, and it’s one of the few ways to buy a new phone for less than half the price. These deals mobile mobile are sometimes simpler to find if you’re shopping with a friend, as buy-one-get-one deals mobile are also very prevalent and usually only include one new line of service.


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