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What is Deezer?


Here is the information you require for 2022.

Although Deezer may not be as well-known as some of its rivals, it still has a lot to offer.

Deezer has been around for roughly 15 years. The music streaming service has expanded since then, both in terms of its global accessibility and the variety of artists and songs it offers.

Here offers everything you need to know about Deezer, what it has to offer, and whether or not getting a subscription is worthwhile.

What is Deezer?

A digital, internet music streaming service is called Deezer. Download the application or use the desktop player to have access to music and podcasts. Over 90 million tracks are reportedly accessible globally, according to Deezer.

You have the advantage of using recommendations based on your listening preferences or manually sorting through various genres. There is also Deezer Originals where you may find content that is only accessible through the platform if you’re looking for new music.

There are numerous subscription tiers available, however not all of them are offered in every country where Deezer is accessible. Each of these subscription tiers will be covered shortly.

Deezer is it free?

You might have access to Deezer Free depending on your country. At this subscription level, you can stream music, create playlists, and receive suggestions.

SongCatcher is a feature that you can use as well. Like Shazam, it functions. You can ask SongCatcher to listen to a song you hear in public and attempt to identify it. At this level of subscription, lyrics are also made available when they are available for a tune.

If you select the free plan, periodically playing advertisements will occur. With fewer skips, you don’t get genuine on-demand playback. Instead, the playback schedule is shuffle-based. Additionally, you cannot download songs to listen to offline. At this level, your streaming bitrate cap is 128 kbps.

Why would you pay for Deezer Premium?

You receive some benefits when you sign up for Deezer Premium. The big change is the end of advertising. But this subscription tier also offers the following benefits:

  • Better audio quality: Deezer Premium offers CD-quality tracks for listening to if you prefer lossless streaming.
  • Offline listening: By saving songs, you can listen to them later without an online connection.
  • Unlimited skipping: You don’t have to listen to songs you don’t like. In order to find another banger, simply hit skip. Play any playlists or individual tracks you choose.
  • Personalized suggestions: You may access Deezer Flow, Discovery, Chill, and New Releases to find new music.
  • Cross-device syncing lets you play music on up to three different supported devices at once and switch between them.

How does Deezer function?

You need an internet connection to utilise Deezer, just like any other streaming service. You then only need to create an account to receive the free subscription. Or you can sign-up for a Premium trial.

  • To access the free version, go to the Deezer sign-up page and complete the necessary fields.
  • To access Premium, sign for a free month of Deezer Premium.

You then need to download the Deezer app to your phone (iOS or Android). You can utilise a desktop app on Windows or macOS as well. You can also use the web player in your browser if you don’t want either of those.

Finding playlists and music

Once you’ve created an account, you may browse Deezer’s offerings. You can search for music using several filters, including genre, artists, albums, and popularity. You could also go through the available podcasts.

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Run by Playwire

More individualised suggestions will be made as you listen more. The Flow discovery tool will swiftly ascertain your tastes and make recommendations for comparable music to listen to.

You can easily create your own if you don’t like what the app suggests. Simply select Create a playlist from the sidebar’s Playlists option. Playlists can have songs added to them at any moment, not only when they are made.

You may also find and bookmark playlists made by other users. There’s always the option of just favoriting a lot of tracks and listening to those if you don’t want to bother with playlists. Additionally, you may select to subscribe to artists by selecting the Bell icon in order to receive updates on new releases and more specialised recommendations.

What does Deezer Premium cost?

Ad-supported Although Deezer is free, there are a couple Premium subscription options.

  • Deezer Premium costs US$9.99 a month. Includes CD-quality tracks, on-demand streaming, ad-free listening, unlimited skipping, and access for one user across up to three devices. A yearly subscription is 25% less expensive.
  • $14.99 per month for Deezer Family. All Premium features plus up to six distinct accounts across up to 13 devices and kid-specific profiles.
  • Deezer Student: Receive 50% off of Deezer Premium.

Is Deezer accessible in my country?

Deezer is accessible in many nations throughout the world, although occasionally only with a paid subscription. The comprehensive list of nations where you can access the streaming service is kept up to date by Deezer.

No need to worry if Deezer is unavailable in your country; there may be alternatives.


Alternatives to Deezer

There are other streaming music services besides Deezer. There are others, some of which offer more functionality or expansive content libraries.

Below are a few options for you to consider along with some justifications on why they could be a better fit.

1. Spotify


The leading name in music streaming is Spotify. It is accessible on a variety of devices and has a sizable music and podcast library. Even better, when you sign up for Hulu in the US, you can receive a reduced subscription.

With an individual subscription costing $9.99 per month and a two-person option costing $12.99, Spotify is less expensive than Deezer. A family plan costs $15.99 a month, while a student plan costs $4.99.

Spotify does not, however, currently provide a hi-fi option. It was supposed to debut in 2021, but that hasn’t happened yet.

2. Apple Music


The other big streaming service is Apple Music. The free tier is more constrained, but the premium plan includes iCloud connection and access to more than 50 million songs.

A family plan on Apple Music costs $14.99 per month, compared to $9.99 for an individual plan. For $14.95 per month, you can choose the Apple One programme, which includes Apple TV Plus, iCloud, Apple Arcade, and more. Voice, a more basic option, costs $4.99 a month. You will have access to the entire collection, but some services, like downloads or access from multiple devices, won’t be available.

When you choose a premium plan with Apple Music, you may listen to both 16-bit, CD-quality, and 24-bit tracks. The 24-bit tracks, however, will need an external D/A converter (DAC).

3. Qobuz


Because Qobuz is quality-oriented, all of its plans have access to lossless streaming. But you might not find all of your favourite musical genres in that content library. Even though there is no free plan, anyone can purchase content from the Qobuz download store.

A two-person account costs $17.99 per month or $179.88 yearly, but a single-user Studio subscription costs $12.99 per month or $129.99 for an annual subscription. You can listen to the entire catalogue, listen offline, and access editorial content. A two-user Sublime account costs $179.88 annually or $17.99 per month, while a single-user subscription costs $179.99 per year with the same benefits and up to 60% off on store purchases. Up to six users may use the $17.99 per month Qobuz family package.

4. Youtube Music


Youtube product in the streaming market is YouTube Music. Although it lacks many glitzy features and a high-quality streaming option, it boasts a vast library of content. This service is probably where you may find odd covers or hard-to-find tracks. Additionally, the system for recommendations is extremely good.

A subscription costs $9.99 a month, and you can sign up for one. But if you subscribe to YouTube Premium for $11.99 a month, you also get YouTube Music and no more video advertising.

5. Tidal


Another streaming service that prioritises music quality is Tidal. You have the option to sign in HiFi or HiFi Plus. Additionally, there is video material on the platform, some of it exclusive, including music videos, live performances, and documentaries.

A family HiFi plan is $14.99 per month for up to six people, and an individual HiFI plan costs $9.99 per month for access to 16-bit tracks. A family HiFi Plus plan costs $29.99 per month and includes support for Dolby Atmos and Sony 360 Reality Audio in addition to 24-bit tracks. Students, members of the military, & first responders all qualify for discounts.

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