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How to fix discord no route error

discord no route error

On Discord, are you getting a discord no route error? Is there any red text that says RTC Connecting or No Route? Fortunately, the fix is simple. This is how you go abouts doing it.

Discord’s servers are reliable and stable, and they can accommodate millions of users every day. It is a dependable platform that allows you to quickly keep a communication channel with your friends and others.

Despite Discord’s usual dependability, you may have problems connecting to its servers on occasion. When this happens, an RTC Connecting No Route error will appear in the bottom left corner of your Discord window.

This could be a issue on your end or with Discord. Fortunately, there are a few fixes you may try to get back to speaking with your friends as quickly as possible.

Fix 1: Restart Discord

Your discord no route error desktop application is experiencing problems connecting to the Discord servers if you notice an RTC connection issue.

 discord no route error

Restarting the application is the simplest way to try to re-establish your connection. In many circumstances, this simple step is all that is needed to fix the issue.

Try joining a voice channel after reopening the app to check if the same RTC connecting error appears.

If this doesn’t work, try any of the following suggestions:

Fix 2: Restart the computer

If restarting Discord does not resolve the issue, the next obvious approach is to restart your computer completely. If there was a disagreement between Windows and Discord’s servers, this will reset your online sessions.

It’s an good idea to reset your modem/router while your computer is rebooting. This ensures that the issue isn’t with your setup, or at the very least, not with your internet.

Join a discord no route error voice channel once your router has been reset and you have an active internet connection. Hopefully, you’ll be able to hear and communicate with other users once more.

Fix 3: Change the voice region

It’s not unusual for Discord’s servers to cause issues for a voice channel or even a single user. Discord’s servers are generally reliable, although they aren’t without flaws. You can also try changing the voice region if problems emerge.

Here’s how to do it (but only if you’re an administrator on the server):

  1. Hover over the problematic voice channels and click the cogwheel.
  2. There will be a Region Override dropdown menu on the Overview tab.
  3. Select any region.
  4. Choose a different region than the one you’re in now (preferably the one closest to your real location).

 discord no route error

Tell everyone to come back into the channel to see if the issue has been resolved.

If you don’t have the ability to make this change, you should notify an administrator and change that the voice region be changed instead.

Fix 4: Disable off your VPN

Some customers have reported having trouble connecting to some discord no route error servers while using a VPN. It’s unclear why this occurs, however if you’re using a VPN, turning it off may help.

This isn’t the perfect solution, but at the very least you’ll know why your RTC Connecting/No Route issues are causing.

You could try a different VPN provider, but make sure your current one supports UDP. If it does, turn it on. Even with your VPN turned on, you should be able to use Discord with confidence.

Fix 5: Discord – Allow Outgoing Connections Through Windows Firewall

Any Windows computer’s last line of defence is a firewall. It keeps track of every connection the PC makes and receives. The firewall will ask if you want to accept certain connections.

The firewall, in most cases, determines whether or not a connection is safe.

However, Windows Firewall might sometimes make a mistake and block a connection that is not hazardous. This can be really aggravating, particularly if it occurs without your notice.

Your firewall may be interfering with your computer’s ability to establish a steady connection to the Discord servers, causing in an discord no route error connecting and No Route error. There are, fortunately, workarounds

You may need to change your Windows Firewall settings to allow outgoing connections for Discord. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. In the Start Menu, look for Windows Defender Firewall and open it.

 discord no route error

2. A control panel will appear. Select Allow an app or feature through Window’s Defender Firewall on the left side of the window.

 discord no route error

3. A large list of programmes will appear in the new window. Scroll down to Discord and check both the Private and Public boxes, then click OK (If the boxes are greyed out, click on the Change settings button).

4. If discord no route error isn’t on this list, select Allow another app…

5. Select the Discord.exe executable from the Browse menu. This is located by default at C:UsersYOUR USER NAMEAppDataLocalDiscordapp-0.0.309.

6.After adding the app to the list, repeat Step 3 and hit OK to exit the Windows Firewall settings.

You should have successfully allowed discord no route error to build a stable connection with the servers by modifying the firewall settings. Hopefully, you will not have any of more issues!

The RTC Connecting and No Route errors are two of  discord no route error most vexing issues. If you try the five fixes described above, you should be able to simply eliminate these issues.

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