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How To Fix Discord Not Updating

discord not updating

Is there a reason with your discord not updating? When your Discord isn’t updating, what should you do? Here’s the quickest and most straightforward fix.

To improve the user experience, Discord’s team of developers is continually providing bug fixes, new features, and other types of updates.

With each update, users get better voice communication, better streaming, a more intuitive UI, and other improvements.

You won’t be ables to use any of the new features if your discord not updating. Updates can occasionally fail, leaving you with an older version of the software.

Here are an few fixes you should try to guarantee you have the most recent version of Discord.

Fix 1: Use the Dedicated Update Option

Discord users typically only need to restart the application to install an update. This, however, does not always work.

The discord not updating team has thankfully created a dedicated button that requires the application to update! The button is to the rights of the search bar in the upper right corner.

discord not updating

The application will close and relaunch itself as soon as you press it, demanding the update.

If you still can’t see the update icon, try the second fix.

Fix 2: Run the programme as an administrator.

Without the requisite administrator credentials, several programmes have problems working properly. As a result, trying to install or update certain programmes can be difficult.

This could be the reason of your computer’s Discord not updating. To give it admin rights, follow the steps below:

  1. From your Desktop or Start Menu, right-click the Discord icon.
  2. Choose Run As Administrator and then confirm your decision.

discord not updating

Discord should now start up and update.

Fix 3: Turn off anti-virus protection for the time being.

Even if your user account has administrator/owner access, anti-virus software on your computer can override your decisions. This ensures that your anti-virus software can protect you from malicious files even if you give programmes administrative privileges.

Anti-virus software isn’t always accurate, and it can discover false positives while trying to protect you. It can, for example, mark innocent files and programmes (like Discord) as viruses or malware.

It’s possible that your antivirus programme is stopping Discord from updating, in which case you’ll need to temporarily discord not updating it. On Windows Defender (the default and most popular Windows anti-virus), you can accomplish the following:

  1. Go to the Start Menu & select Windows Security.
  2. Go to Virus & Threat Protection settings after opening Virus & Threat Protection.
  3. Run Discord after disabling Real-Time Protection (preferably as Administrator)

discord not updating

If this solves yours problem, make sure to turn on your antivirus software right away. Do not leave your computer unattended for an extended period of time!

If this does not resolves your problem, you may need to try a more drastic fix.

Fix number four is to reinstall Discord.

It’s often an good idea to simply reinstall the application to resolve these issues. It’s inconvenient, but it’s quick, and your settings and user data are preserved. After reinstalling Discord, your account will be immediately logged in.

  1. In the Start Menu, look for discord not updating, right-click it, and select Uninstall.

 2.Find Discord in the Programs and Features window and press Uninstall once again.

  1. Go to the Discord website and click on Download for Windows 4.

Complete the setup procedure.

You should now have the most recent version of the software on your computer after reinstalling it.

There aren’t many other ways to resolve this problem discord not updating, so either of the two fixes should get your Discord up to date!

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