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Cool Apps for the iPhone 14 Pro that Work with Dynamic Island

Dynamic Island

New pill-shaped cutout and Dynamic Island software experience are included with the iPhone 14 Pro series. There is a lot of scopes for experimentation with the new Dynamic Island, which supports apps, system notifications, currently playing UIs, and ongoing calls. Here are two amazing apps to use with Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max if you’re searching for some fun ways to use the Dynamic Island.

Try These Cool Dynamic Island Apps Right Away

There aren’t many apps that make inventive use of the function because the iPhone 14 Pro is still in customers’ hands. However, you should check out some pretty awesome Dynamic Island apps.

1. Hit the Island

Play the fun game Hit the Island against the pill-shaped cutout on your iPhone by adapting the tried-and-fun “Pong” game. Essentially, you can move this paddle around to hit the ball. You receive one point for each time the ball contacts a pill, and after every ten points, the ball’s speed increases. The paddle eventually gets smaller, and the ball occasionally even splits in time. If you’re scoring anything above 45 points, as shown in the leaderboard, you’ll likely be in the top 1% of players because the game becomes quite challenging once you pass the 30–40 point threshold.

Dynamic Island

The game is absolutely free, and its fantastic haptics and entertaining gameplay make it a must-try for iPhone 14 Pro users.

You can play the game even if your iPhone is an older model. To score points, though, you must hit the notch, which is also entertaining. This is fun from the pill.

2.  Apollo for Reddit

Most Reddit users would be familiar with the app Apollo right away. It has a tonne of features and is one of the best third-party Reddit clients. The app now includes a fun small Dynamic Island Zoo, thanks to the creator. With this, you may “adopt” an animal that lives on top of the pill-shaped cutout on your iPhone. Although a cat is the default, you can also choose a dog. There are additional animals, such as a fox and an axolotl, but in order to use them, you must unlock the app’s premium edition.

Dynamic Island

By the way the creature on the island don’t just sit around. They will move about, sit, and even sleep while you use the application, with a floating ‘Zzz’ to indicate their sleep. It’s a fun way to used island that doesn’t even compromise the otherwise perfect app experience.

Use These Fun Apps to Promote the Dynamic Island

These are the only two apps—so far—with distinctive use cases for the Dynamic Island. However, I’m expecting that more game designers will create games and features that make advantage of the iPhone 14 Pro’s pill cutout. Personally, I believe the island cutout on the new iPhone has a lot of scope for fun and games, and I will update this article as more of these apps are released. Therefore, be sure to return frequently. What do you think of the new island on the iPhone 14 Pro series, by the way? Do you like it, or do you believe it is just a novelty that won’t hold your interest after the novelty wears off? Please tell us in the comments. Also, if you despise the iPhone always-on display like I do, see how to check it off.


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