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The Top 10 Free eBook Creator Programs for Windows

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This post will explain epub creator. eBooks are not only one of the finest methods to keep oneself digitally engaged, but they’re also one of the best and reliable ways to get your work out to a broader audience. In today’s competitive world, book authors and content marketers must design an eBook that appeals to their target audience. While giving away a free eBook of your material will help you build a client list, an intricately written eBook will also persuade your buyers of your expertise, knowledge, and resources.

The Top 10 Free eBook Creator Programs for Windows

In this article, you can know about epub creator here are the details below;

Why Would You Want to Make an eBook?

Rather of waiting for the print copy to be released, the eBook is available to download and read right immediately, keeping it fresh in their thoughts. It also saves the reader time from having to go to the bookshop, buy the book, and then read it. Unlike paperbacks, eBooks enable you to search for certain words or phrases, enabling you to read your favorite books on the move, and even make them more interesting to read with features such as hyperlinks, audio, and pictures.

In addition to assisting you in becoming the authority on your topic, it also aids in increasing your brand’s exposure by reaching out to a larger audience of readers who learn about your eBook through an online search, book reviews, or word of mouth.

The entire process which includes designing, manufacturing, and distributing an eBook takes far less time than producing and distributing a paperback, resulting in higher earnings.

The Top 10 Free eBook Creator Programs for Windows

Calibre – eBook Management

Calibre is a multi-platform free eBook creator that includes all of the required and cutting-edge features to enable you create your own eBook quickly and easily. It allows you to convert between a variety of file types and an equally diverse set of output formats.

It can convert input file formats such as DOCX, PDF, PRC, HTML, EPUB, PML, AZW, CBZ, AZW3, CBC, and many others to output document formats such as MOBI, ZIP, DOCX, HTMLZ, AZW3, TXT, PDF, and a variety of others. It enables you to alter any previously printed or downloaded eBook by adding author descriptions, illustrations, cover pictures, and more.

To generate an eBook, go to the “Add Books” option and select the input file format from your computer. Now you may add meta-descriptions to your digital book, such as author bios, illustrations, and so on, or you can update it. You can use the built-in eBook cover creator to add a personalised cover image to your eBook, as well as add a content table, word search, and word substitution option, and change the style of your eBook.

Now that your eBook has been properly converted to the required format, you can save it to your computer or transfer it to any of the eBook readers that are linked to your computer. Calibre also allows you to download eBooks, modify them, and manage them. You don’t need to download any additional eBook reading software because it already has its own.

It comes with practically everything you’ll need to build your own professional-looking eBook. Calibre may be used on Windows, iOS, and Linux.

Mobipocket eBook Creator

Mobipocket is the best bet if you’re looking for a free all-around performance. It has a very user-friendly UI that is also simple to understand. You can either import previously written content or start from scratch to produce an eBook. It accepts the following file formats as input: DOCX, PDF, TXT, and HTM.

You can then add content tables, cover pictures, meta-descriptions, and other features to your eBook after you’ve imported all of the existing information. You can also add an author bio, an artwork, an eBook title, the date of publication, the publisher’s name, and more to the meta-description area.

To begin the conversion of your eBook, go to the “Build” option at the top of the application, press the button, and you’re done. Your eBook will be converted to PRC or PRCX file extensions. Your eBook can be published right away from the app, and it can also help you manage your internet issue. Mobipocket is also an excellent editor for your eBook.

Overall, it’s an excellent software for making eBooks, with features like as integrated templates, a photo gallery, a dictionary, a date book, an index, and quests.

MS Word to EPUB Converter

MS Word to EPUB Converter, as the name implies, is a free utility for converting MS Word documents to ePUB. It has a clean, simple UI that is simple to use and understand. After you’ve completed writing in MS Word, you can simply convert it to an ePUB format. Within minutes of the conversion, you will have immediate access to this.

It accepts MS Word documents in the.DOC or.DOCX format, which can be converted to the ePUB format. This application has limited features because it only converts from MS Word files. To begin the conversion process, pick the “Add Word File/Files” option and select the relevant MS Word file from your computer, followed by the preferred destination/folder where you wish to save your eBook. Start the document conversion process now, and you’ll have it in the ePUB format in minutes.

To observe when the conversion is complete, keep an eye on the progress bar. Even in the demo version, you can change an MS Word file without restriction; however, you cannot combine all MS Word documents in the conversion string.

Given that it is the basic edition of MS Word to EPUB Converter, it does not have a lot of features. It’s very similar to the MS Word default add-ons, which can be downloaded to accomplish something similar to what the “Save As” option can do.

Sigil eBook

Sigil is a superb free eBook creator software that can help you produce your own eBook quickly and easily. It is useful and workable for both beginners and experts. It also includes a code view in addition to the usual view and WYSIWYG to accommodate different skill levels. Sigil includes a number of important features such as spell checking, content table creator, and book browsing.

You can use Sigil to change file extensions such as ePUB and HTML to solely ePUB. While you can utilise add-on features like adding images, audios, or photos to your digital book, you can also change the words using hyperlinks, tables, superscripts, lists, and other tools.

Sigil is compatible with and can be read on Mac, Android, Windows, and iOS operating systems.

 EPUBee Maker

EPUBee Maker could be the perfect answer for your PC if you’re looking for a quick and easy way to create eBooks. This programme is an add-in for Microsoft Word, and after installation, you’ll notice the “ePUBee Maker” option on your MS Word toolbar.

After you’ve completed creating your eBook in Microsoft Word, you can convert it to PDF and ePUB formats. After you’ve finished the text file and your eBook is ready to print, choose the “ePUBee Maker” option in the toolbar. It will display you the publishing options of Quick Publish, Publish, and Save PDF. These choices can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

Quick Publish — If you select this option, your documents will be converted to ePUB format without the need to provide any further information to your eBook.

Publish – selecting this option will prompt you to add an eBook cover photo (add eBook cover) as well as meta data such as author bio, illustration, eBook title, characters, and more before converting your Word file to an ePUB version.

Save to PDF – selecting this option will convert your Word document to PDF format.


Scribus is a strong desktop publishing application that is available as an open source eBook creator. On some occasions, all you are required is a cutting-edge design tool to turn an otherwise mundane project into a competent one, and that’s where Scribus comes in to help you give your eBook that much-needed professional look.

This programme is a terrific and convincing alternative to all of the expensive software available out there because it is licenced as a free tool. It is highly competitive, especially when compared to the most expensive and high-end eBook creator programmes available online. However, Scribus is a programme that is difficult to grasp at one sitting, so you must first learn it and become accustomed to it, which takes time.

You’ll be able to build stunning designs for your tabloid or news daily after you grasp its concepts. It is made up of free Q equipment with original editions for operating systems such as OS X, Windows, Mac, Unix/Linux, Haiku, and others.

Scribus also allows you to create complex files suitable for professional publication or just export them as PDFs for online distribution. You can also create animated and interactive versions of PDF documents.

Exe-eBook Creator

It is a very simple piece of software that allows you to quickly generate outstanding eBooks. It takes up only 1.8MB on your PC and is compatible with Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows 7, and Linux (32 and 64 bit architecture). Treepad’s Exe-eBook Creator is free to download and use, and it may be used to build executable versions of TreePad Docs that operate on their own.

It works with all TreePad versions and allows you to build HJT and TPD documents as well as share files, images, hyperlinks, and symbols as a single EXE document. The application has a basic user interface with limited capabilities. It has a low learning curve and is therefore very easy to use. All you are expected to do now is locate the TreePad’s input file and select the “Start” option. Alternatively, once the changes have been made, you can set the application to automatically run the converted eBook.

The Exe-eBook creator can help with password-protected and encoded TreePad files. The photographs you use on the input papers might have a variety of file formats, including GIF, PNG, CO, JPEG, and others. It also includes a shell context list for the document’s hyperlinks, as well as the ability to open, change, and print images.

Additional capabilities such as zoom, search, and activity history are included in the output files. You can also print the TreePad files and make changes to the design. You can download the Ex-eBook Creator straight immediately from a portable device without having to install it, and it will have no effect on the system registry.

SCRIBA eBook Maker

SCRIBA eBook Maker is an application that helps you create eBooks in PDF, ePUB, or zip formats using content that is already existent in other formats such as PDF, HTML, and so on. This can be done on file systems as well as online. SCRIBA is a command-line interface for JAVA-based software.

This tool can also be used as a “Plugin,” allowing you to pre-develop content before adding it to your eBook. To use SCRIBA, simply create a labelled XML document that contains indications/URLs to the write-up of the eBook in development.

Among the others in the category, these are the ten finest free eBook creator software for Windows. If you think we’ve missed something you’ve used and appreciated, please let us know.

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