Top 5 ePub Readers For Windows and Mac In 2021

epub reader windows 10

This post will explain epub reader windows 10. Why wouldn’t today’s generation choose to read from the comfort of their screens? It eliminates the heft of bulky books and adds infinite possibilities to enhance the reading experience.

Top 5 ePub Readers For Windows and Mac In 2021

In this article, you can know about epub reader windows 10 here are the details below;

However, reading from any screen is essential, so you’ll need a good ePub reader. This is a list of the best epub readers for Windows 10 and earlier versions.

Icecream Ebook Reader

In terms of UI design, Icecream Reader is a lot less grating on the eyes. It has a full-screen option, a night mode, and the ability to add bookmarks, all of which are crucial capabilities for an eBook reader on a Windows PC.

While it may not be as simple or basic as some of the other solutions on this list, it appears to be far more user-friendly than its competitors.

There includes a fullscreen option, bookmarks that let you to return to the most remembered parts of your text, and a night mode that allows you to lecture in low light or no light at all.

There’s also a book mode, which turns your screen into an actual book.

Let’s take a short go through at some of its important features:

  • Library (Manage your FB2, EPUB, PDF, MOBI, and other digital ebook libraries)
  • Progress in reading (Check how many pages are left to read and continue from where you left off)
  • Book search (find a book by author or title if you don’t know what you’re looking for)
  • Copies, translations, and searches (Select eBook text to copy, translate, or search Google)
  • Make notes (Add notes or highlight text with our EPUB reader)
  • Improved navigation (Use navigation scrollbar to browse pages faster)

The best way to find out if this eBook reader is right for you is to give it a try.

Adobe Digital Editions

The finest eBook reader is now available on the App Store and Google Play, and it’s unrivalled when it comes to maximising your reading experience, and the best thing is that it works across all platforms.

With Adobe Digital Editions, you can borrow and purchase digital content that can be read both online and offline, proofread, generate bookmarks and highlights, and better organise your files across all of your devices.

Let’s take a brief go through at some of its important features:

  • Cross-platform capabilities (download and transfer books between devices)
  • EPUB 3 compatibility (render audio and video content; support for right to left reading; dynamic image resizing and more)
  • Improved navigation and full-text search functionality
  • A number of screen readers (including JAWS, Window-eyes, and NVDA)
  • Bookmarking, Highlighting, and Taking Notes
  • Obtain eBooks from a variety of public libraries.
  • File Management (create custom bookshelves sorted by title, author, and publisher)
  • Various file types (EPUB, EPUB3, and PDF)

 Soda PDF

Soda PDF has been a popular choice among consumers, even when it comes to eBook reading, thanks to its modern interface and beneficial cloud-computing component.

The software offers improved editing capabilities and unique features, like 3D viewing technology, designed to give you a more immersive experience. Furthermore, the different viewing choices allow you to zoom into the page for better clarity or even change the eBook’s orientation.

You can take notes or highlight your favourite portions using the sticky notes tool. Your experience will be enhanced by bookmarking and the ability to skip backward or ahead to any part of the book by inputting the page number.

The following are the main characteristics of Soda PDF:

  • 3D page-flipping technology that is one-of-a-kind.
  • The Read Aloud feature.
  • Import choices abound.
  • Font size and layout can be changed.
  • EPUB compatibility.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) system built-in.
  • Cross-platform compatibility

Soda PDF offers two cloud-based pricing options, as well as a free edition with all of the software’s regular features.


Calibre is more than simply an eBook reader; it’s a full-featured software package.

It’s a complete suite that can manage your library, convert your eBooks to various formats, sync with your eBook reader devices, and even assist you locate the best price for the books you wish to buy.

Let’s take a brief go through at some of its important features:

  • News function – allows it to gather news from many websites around the world in a variety of languages and compile it into a book.
  • A one-stop shop for all of your eBook requirements
  • Library management applications
  • Tools for device conversion and synchronisation


Bookviser features a one-of-a-kind interface that resembles a book, and it not only allows you to bookmark pages, but it also allows you to highlight certain text with different colours.

It accepts a variety of file types, including FB2, TXT, and EPUB. At Project Guttenberg, you can get any book from the library for free.

It’s one of the few modern eBook readers for Windows PC that has features that will appeal to the Twitter-obsessed generation.

The software has a very clean and straightforward layout, as well as a realistic page-turning animation that will make you feel like you’re reading a real book.

Let’s take a brief look at some of its important features:

  • Create day and night colour schemes, as well as font type and size.
  • Make adjustments to the margins and line spacing.
  • Choose between landscape and portrait page-turning animations.
  • Indicators on the page can be added or removed (battery, time, page number and reading progress bar)
  • While reading, you may easily adjust the brightness.
  • Easily convert from day to night mode
  • Disable/enable automatic screen rotation


EpubReader is an EPUB reader, as the name implies, but it is a premium one. It allows you to manage your local ebook collection and download ebooks from various web sources such as Project Gutenberg.

You can also modify everything in the reader, from text size to font type, and if you have a Windows tablet, this software also supports touch screens.

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