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Fastest VPN in 2022

Fastest VPN in 2022

When there are numerous options and you must pick the best one, the real problem occurs. In this way, the fastest VPN industry is comparable. Because there are so many companies competing in the market, it is only fair to test several before choosing one that is really up to the task.

In relation to the Company

We will examine FastestVPN today; it is a division of fastest VPN Technology Limited. The Cayman Islands serve as the company’s base of operations, with the aim of advancing security and privacy on a global scale. We chose to test it out for ourselves in order to understand more because the business has only recently been established and has received good marks for its excellent services.

Privacy and security

Fastest VPN offers security that ranges from the most basic to the most sophisticated thanks to its variety of security protocols. The protocols can be chosen before joining and are supported on a number of platforms.

The fact that choosing a protocol must be done manually, however, unnerves some less tech-savvy consumers. But when you give it some thought, having the benefit to select a protocol to suit your requirements at various times is genuinely advantageous. For instance, you would likely connect to a protocol like LT2P or Xsec that offers the maximum level of security for financial transactions. On the other hand, you can utilise the simple PPTP, which offers security without sacrificing speed, if all you wants to do is watch Netflix and download torrents.

The following protocols are available from FastestVPN:



OpenVPN (UDP and TCP)



We used their desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and Android. The UIs of both apps are similar and very user-friendly. To connect to the app, choose the protocol and the country you want to change your IP to, and then hit Connect. I’m done now.

They just developed Chrome and Firefox extensions, which we tested and discovered to operate far more smoothly than the actual apps. The fact that it offers seamless access to all streaming websites and content from around the world is its best feature.

The 256-bit AES encryption that Fastest VPN employs safeguards all of your data against intrusions. The biggest benefits of using an VPN is that it offers military-grade encryption.

Fastest VPN has great marks for privacy as well.

They adhere to a zero logging policy, thus they don’t record IP addresses, credit card numbers, or browsing history. They do keep a record of the names and email addresses you provide when enrolling in order to establish a clientele log. In theory, they have your consent to retain the data. If you don’t want to share either of those credentials, you can use an anonymous email ID and choose Bitcoin as your payment option. In this way, you are completely anonymous, even to your VPN provider.

Contemporary FastestVPN Features

Out of the various features offered by FastestVPN, the few complex features included for increased privacy and security that were delivered without any additional charges to the package satisfied me. That is truly a unique selling proposition because other VPN services add it as an add-on to the subscription and charge more for it. FastestVPN differs from the majority of VPN providers in how it does business, making it the best VPN provider in terms of pricing, privacy, and security.

Free FastestVPN features include the following:

Malware Defense

the kill switch for the internet

Block Ads

Firewall NAT

Other enticing characteristics are:

The greatest number of protocols

P2P servers offering the ability to share files.

A number of server switches

simultaneous logins on five different devices.

Pricing Plans

Leaving all the technical jargon aside, FastestVPN is remarkably inexpensive. It has the most features, protocols, and security levels available today and is also the least expensive VPN.

From FastestVPN, three options are available:

A one-month package costs $10 per month.

By paying $1.11 a month rather than $39.95 a year, you can save $320 over three years!

For a one-year plan, $2.49 per month works out to $29.95, saving you $90.12 overall!

But that’s not all; there’s still room for debate over the price, which is by far the best I’ve seen for a top-tier VPN service.

At $0.83 a month, the 5-year plan saves you 92 percent.

The prices are the most affordable at as little as $0.83 when compared to other high-standard VPN services like FastestVPN.

This comes with a seven-day money-back guarantee. Even if they don’t provide any free trials, a money-back guarantee with no questions asked is just as good.

They also give customers a variety of payment options, such as credit cards and PayPal. Everyone, without exception, is welcomed.

Service to clients

No matter how straightforward or complicated your inquiries are, FastestVPN can provide an answer. First off, their website is quite thorough and helpful. It includes tutorials and FAQs, both of which are great resources. Users can use Live Chat to contact a representative whenever they need assistance throughout the day. We personally interacted with a representative for review purposes, and they were quite accommodating and helpful.

A call service is now available in addition to live chat. However, call customer service is only accessible during business hours, as opposed to live chat, which is accessible continuously (9 am to 5 pm).

FastestVPN already holds a strong position in the industry, so responsive live chat, helpful agents, and top-notch customer service are positive moves.


Overall, we were happy with the business and their superior service. They rapidly emerged from the mud, but they still have a lot of things they want to do.

There is no benefit that the service is advantageous because it ensures anonymity on more than 20 devices and is secure. Although their limited number of servers is in question, they likely intend to raise it as well for a company that only began operating last year.

Our comprehensive investigation indicates that FastestVPN is a solid choice given their cutting-edge features offered at affordable costs.

We have collated the benefits and drawbacks in order to present a complete picture. I sincerely hope it helps you!


the kill switch for the internet (For Chrome and Firefox)

at once, five connections

Guidelines for zero-logging

The greatest number of protocols

Based on P2P optimization, Unix servers

NAT fire wall

advert blockers

Able to work with an wide variety of devices and routers.

There are no additional costs for the features.

24/7 service support.

7-day money-back guarantee


No offers of a trial.

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