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In 2022 Fitbit has released the Sense 2, Versa 4, and Inspire 3 wearables.

Fitbit Sense Versa

In 2022, Fitbit has introduced three new wearables: the Sense 2, Vers 4, and Inspire 3. The claim is that all smartwatches are slimmer and include a range of health features, Fitbit app integration, and other features. Look at the specifics.

Details and Features of the Fitbit Inspire 3

A new fitness tracker with a colour display is the Fitbit Inspire 3. The ability to monitor the SpO2, stress levels, and resting heart rate is available. You can track your menstrual cycle and measure your skin temperature.

Fitbit Sense Versa

The tracker supports app, phone, and message notifications. Plus, it will prompt you to get up if you have been sitting for a while. Along with the ability to track sleep, the Smart Wake feature is supported, allowing you to be awakened at the ideal support in your sleep cycle. Calorie, step, and distance tracking are also supported.

The Fitbit Inspire 3 also has a 10-day battery life, water resistance, and support to accessories and clock faces. There are three colour options for it: Midnight Zen/Black, Lilac Bliss/Black, and Morning Glow/Black.

Details and Features of the Fitbit Versa 4

The Fitbit Versa 4 smartwatch sports an AOD feature and a square dial. It also has a colour touch screen. It comes a heart rate sensor, a blood oxygen sensor, a sleep tracker, a period tracker, a skin temperature monitor, and a stress monitor, among other health features.

Fitbit Sense Versa

It is swim-proof, has an inbuilt GPS, supports Google Maps, and has support for more than 40 fitness modes. The number of calories, steps, and miles may all be tracked. Additionally, there is Alexa support, a rapid charging battery life of six days, Active Zone Minutes, and tablet compatibility. It is anticipated that Bluetooth calling will be available soon.

There are four colour options for the Fitbit Versa 4: Black/Graphite, Blue/Platinum, Pink Sand/Copper Rose, and Beet Juice/Copper Rose.

Details and Features of the Fitbit Sense 2

The Fitbit Sense 2 is the most expensive model and comes a heart rate sensor, a SpO2 monitor, a stress monitor, and a sleep tracker, among other health features. In support to the standard health and fitness features, a PPG algorithm and an ECG app are supported to look for atrial fibrillation symptoms.

Fitbit Sense Versa

For all-day stress management, it also supports a skin temperature sensor, a Body Response sensor, and has an battery life of more than 6 days. Alexa support, water resistance, Bluetooth calling (coming soon), Google Maps, and many other features are available.

There are 3 colour combinations available for the Fitbit Sense 2: Shadow Grey/Graphite, Lunar White/Platinum, and Blue Mist/Soft Gold.

Cost and accessibility

Priced at Rs 8,999, Rs 20,999, and Rs 24,999, respectively, are the Fitbit Versa 2, Fitbit Sense 2, and Fitbit Inspire 3.

Currently, buyers can purchase the wearables on a few retail and online venues. They all include a 6-month Fitbit Premium subscription.

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