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For the year 2022, below are the top 20 sales productivity tools.

Only around 34% of sales productivity tools’ time is spent in selling. Writing emails, data entry, scheduling, and prospecting take up more than half of their time, which can readily be automated using sales productivity tools.

20 greatest sales productivity tools for 2022.

Content sharing and management tools for sales productivity

For the year-2021, here are the top five content sharing and management sales productivity tools:

1. Bit 

sales productivity tools

Bit is one of the most effective collaboration tools for salespeople. It helps teams to collaborate on sales proposals and client-facing materials in a shared workplace. When a prospect or current client accesses those resources, Bit notifies you and offers engagement analytics like how much time they spent on your sales presentation.

2. DocSend

sales productivity tools

DocSend is a sales productivity platform that gives sales teams access to an on-demand content library. It’s a centralised content management system with tracking and presentation tools to help you better engage with clients. DocSend assists your sales productivity tools

in determining the optimal time and method for starting a conversation with the greatest prospects.

3. Guru

sales productivity tools

Guru gives your sales team access to on-demand marketing content and information while also allowing each company to tailor their knowledge base to meet their unique demands. This sales productivity solution excels at providing your team with the relevant information and resources during the sales process.

4. Prezi

sales productivity tools

Prezi is a viable alternative to PowerPoint and other presentation software. Its commercial edition (Prezi Business) includes additional collaboration features sales productivity tools

to assist your sales team in reaching their target audience across many channels and devices. It also offers near-limitless customization options and live leader board stats to track your access.

5. Vidyard

sales productivity tools

When you want to incorporate video content into your sales processes, Vidyard is the sales productivity solution to employ. Sales teams can’t ignore video advertising, which includes everything from adding videos to landing pages sales productivity tools to embedding them in emails. Vidyard simplifies the process and gives your team an advantage when it comes to converting leads.

To boost sales productivity, use customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

For 2022, here are the top five CRM tools for increasing sales productivity:

1. CRM

sales productivity tools

For small organisations who are struggling to create sales and marketing processes, Agile is a strong sales productivity tool. Agile CRM also interacts with email platforms, social media channels, customer support software, and a variety of other tools that are already in use by most businesses. From sales and marketing automation to project management optimization, Agile has a solution for you.

2. HubSpot CRM

sales productivity tools

HubSpot’s CRM was designed to be intuitive, automated, and as user-friendly as possible. It’s well-known as one of the best CRMs for small firms, but it also has capabilities that larger businesses would appreciate. HubSpot has a lot of integrations and handles a lot of the grunt work for you, such recording calls and emails and maintaining sales data.

3. Pipedrive’s

sales productivity tools

Pipedrive’s activity-based methodology and user-friendly UI make it a near-perfect CRM platform for small sales teams. The CRM makes it easy to monitor your full sales funnel and determine the best next steps for moving your leads ahead sales productivity tools. Pipedrive has a lot of customization options and works well with other sales productivity tools.

4. Salesflare

sales productivity tools

Salesflare is developed for sales teams at smaller B2B companies who don’t have the time to manually enter data. It syncs with your social media, phone, calendar, and other devices to automatically fill out and organise data, and the CRM’s email connection is unequalled. The benefit of Salesflare comes from its ease of use in terms of automation.

5. Zoho

sales productivity tools

Zoho is one of the most cost-effective CRMs, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in functionality. It provides email marketing and lead creation services sales productivity tools. Zoho interfaces with the most generally used sales productivity programmes, such as QuickBooks, Mailshake, Google Apps, and Microsoft Office, and has a simple, intuitive UI that makes it easy to use for any sales team.

Prospecting and lead generating sales productivity tools

Here are the top five sales productivity tools for prospecting and lead creation in 2022:

1.   DataFox

sales productivity tools

DataFox sorts through many data sources using machine learning to find the prospects who are most likely to respond to your sales efforts. It aids sales teams in moving through their pipelines more quickly and making meaningful connections with the right customers. DataFox can help you spend less time and money on prospects who aren’t likely to become leads.

2. Drift

sales productivity tools

Drift connects email and on-site chat, allowing your sales people to communicate messages across platforms. Start a conversation with sales productivity tools a prospect via email and continue it on your website using Drift. Chatbots are also used by this sales productivity solution to qualify prospects and route them to your sales team. Drift’s connections make it easy to sync leads across platforms.

3. Growbots

sales productivity tools

Growbots helps sales teams in the creation of customer profiles and finds prospects who are likely to be interested in your offering. It’s intuitive to use, highly configurable, and after generating warm leads, it allows your sales team to quickly automate and execute email campaigns to complete the transaction.

4. Leadfeeder

sales productivity tools

Leadfeeder specialises in locating businesses that will respond positively to your content. It examines website traffic to find which companies are most interested in your brand sales productivity tools and which products are most relevant to them. These insights can be used by sales teams to engage prospects with the correct pitch.

5. Refinement

sales productivity tools

B2B SaaS organisations can use Refiner to qualify leads so that their sales teams don’t waste time and resources on bad leads and miss out on better chances. This gives your team information on which leads to pursue, when the best time to contact them is, and how to approach them in order to make the conversation more relevant.

The most effective sales productivity tools for increasing sales engagement

The top five sales interaction tools to boost sales productivity in 2022 are as follows:

1. Accent Accentuate

sales productivity tools

Accent Accelerate provides your sales team with a 360-degree picture of each sales situation, allowing them to make the best decisions possible. It gives information on selling activity and consumer behaviour, both of which are critical for high conversion rates. Through data analytics and real-time tracking tools, the platform helps sales people in prioritising the most value opportunities.

2. Bloobirds

sales productivity tools

Bloobirds’ goal is to make getting leads through the sales pipeline more intuitive by reducing or eliminating administrative activities for your sales team. It also captures insights automatically, so team members don’t have to manually fill out your CRM. The software is incredibly user-friendly and provides sales and prospecting teams with a vital sales productivity tool.

3. Highspot

sales productivity tools

Highspot uses machine learning to assist sales teams in managing and delivering content for all types of interaction scenarios. It helps sales professionals’ sales productivity tools with training modules and assists them in implementing new strategies in order to provide more relevant content. Highspot also integrates with your CRM to deliver real-time statistics on your prospects and leads.

4. Klyck

sales productivity tools

Klyck helps your sales team in creating interactive presentations to deliver more interesting content to your prospects—the quality of your content, as well as how you deliver sales productivity tools it, has an impact on their buying behaviour. It also includes powerful search capabilities, allowing your sales team to easily find the most relevant content.

5. Mailshake

sales productivity tools

Mailshake is a powerful sales interaction platform that lets your sales team send cold emails, engage with prospects on social media and over the phone, and design all-in-one sequences all from one dashboard. With its integrated phone dialer, it helps you increase your email outreach and saves your sales team time.

Ready to automate your cold outreach and sales productivity tools ensure a steady flow of leads into your CRM? Request a demo of Mailshake, the sales productivity solution that connects you with prospects wherever they are.

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