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Best Free Image Resizer Apps (Updated List 2022)

Free Image Resizer Apps

Smartphones generate gorgeous images, but detail is expensive. You need a dependable image resizing programme to minimise the free image resizer apps of your photos without compromising quality.

Thanks to photo resizing applications, it’s easy to perform. Most are free, while others need in-app purchases for additional filters or features. Most free options can resize photos for social media.

Best Free Image Resizer Apps


Our favourite online picture resizer is Resizing.app. It takes a few seconds to resize photographs online on the company’s website. One of the nicest features is exporting a resized image.

Resizing.app is straightforward. Your photographs go on the homepage box. You resize your image.

Image Size Photo Resizer

This photo resizer tool is great. First, it’s simple to use. You shouldn’t wing editing. Specifying a size in pixels, millimetres, centimetres, or inches instantly scales your photo.

This one offers colour overlay, filters to improve your picture free image resizer apps, colour and brightness modifications, hilarious effects, blur, focus, flip, and you can even add drawings to your options.

Express Photoshop

Many people like and use this programme. Despite Adobe’s reputation for complicated software, this photo editor was simple to use.

Adobe makes it simple to quickly resize your photographs using themes for YouTube, Facebook, ETSY, Pinterest, and more. This app allows unique sizes and device customisation. The only drawback is you can’t set the size in pixels or inches. Control freaks will appreciate this.


This programme, used by 150,00 people, is simple. White screen with black + button appears when opened. Tap the Plus sign to start editing after choosing a photo from your phone. Beautiful default filters.

We love their Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram crop free image resizer apps. Setting exposure, contrast, Lux, brightness, sharpness, and other options is simple. You may also add text and a border.


This is the best free image resizer. The simple UI features a white plus button. After choosing an image, your options are rotate, crop, and resize.

Finished! This app is simple to use. It performs the job and allows you share your resized image. Resizer only works on Apple phones, in drawback to having few options. Android isn’t supported.


PicResize can resize several images. You can choose by clicking a browse button, selecting a picture from a URL, or uploading numerous photographs at once. Start by dragging images into the box.

After uploading an image, you can crop, rotate, flip, or select a picture. Before resizing your image, you can add effects like oil painting and polaroid free image resizer apps. Select a new file type and quality. Download, editing, or watch the final product online.


The GNU Image Manipulation Program GIMP is unlike our other products because it’s a download-only programme. Open-source, has a big developer and design community. GIMP is a free, full-featured picture editor like Adobe Photoshop.

GIMP is a popular among graphic designers, web developers, and artists for its extensive features and free, open-source architecture. Similar to Photoshop, the system uses layers so you may modify elements of a picture and undo or reorganise them.


ResizeImage is another tool for resizing images. The simple UI hides several settings. There are ads, but they’re not in the tool’s midsection.

You can upload, select a size, and click finish in ResizeImage’s basic mode. You can rotate, crop, resize using a percentage or fixed height and width, and even make the background transparent. Then, save your image as a JPG, PNG, GIF, or BMP. Even before saving, you can select image quality.


BeFunky is another photo resizer on our list. BeFunky is easy to use, even for beginners, and fun.

The web-based tool has handy features like batch processing, photo cropping and resizing, editing, and a collage maker. You may remove backgrounds from free image resizer apps and turn them into pieces of art with thousands of filters and effects.

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