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Free Software Alternatives to Paid Tools 2022

Free Software Alternatives

There is severe competition between computers and mobile devices as a result of the enormous growth in the number of applications. Although many of them are paid, we are aware that not everyone can afford to purchase these types of apps.

When “Calm,” a well-known meditation app, increased the cost of their subscription, I personally saw a mental breakdown play out in the user reviews section. The irony, eh?

But! Don’t worry; in this article, I’ll show you 69 free software alternatives from various markets that can take the place of paid apps.

Alternatives for Photography Free Software

Free Software Alternatives

Because everyone enjoys shooting photos, here are some of the most widely used free software choices. The following could be quite helpful if you’re seeking for an free ssoftware alternatives to applications like Facetune:

  • Photo Pos Pro 3: A free programme that lets you edit, modify, and organise the photos on your computer.
  • Polarr: A potent photo and video editor that you may use free ssoftware alternatives to retouch and enhance the quality of your source materials.
  • Irfanview: is a well-liked picture viewer that allows simple modification possible.
  • RawTherapee: is an open-source, user-friendly programme for editing images. This programme allows you to edit numerous photos at once (bulk editing!).
  • Shotwell: An picture editor that has incredibly useful capabilities for managing and saving your files.

Free Software Alternatives

Additional Image Editing Options

In terms of image editing, there are paid applications like Lightroom. However, there are a number of excellent software alternatives for this kind of apps, including:

  • Canva: This is one of the better options because it can also be used to create newsletters, infographics, and other things.
  • Inkscape: This open-source, free ssoftware alternatives programme is useful for professional editing. accessible on Windows, Linux, and Mac.
  • Pixlr: is a rather comprehensive editor that can be used to trim photos and add texts, filters, and other images.
  • Paint.net: developed by the NET firm and available for Windows. It is effective for image editing and graphic retouching.
  • Pixlr-o-Matic: This application enhances images using a three-step method that involves first adding filters, then effects, and lastly frames.
  • Seashore: The best tool for beginning image editing. It has a highly user-friendly interface that allows editing photos extremely easy and simple.
  • Photoscape’s: functionality includes a variety of tools for giving photos a professional touch-up.
  • GIMP: An advanced cross-platform image editor free ssoftware alternatives that works with the majority of current operating systems.
  • RIOT: is a fantastic programme that helps you to downsize images without losing quality.
  • Pinta: This programme allows you edit images or work new ones from scratch. It is extremely similar to Windows Paint.
  • ImageOptim: Another software that can shrink the size of different image formats without losing quality.

Free Software Alternatives

Alternative Software for Video Editing

Don’t worry if you want to edit videos or are learning how to do it right now but are unable to buy a full-featured premium editor. Perhaps you wish you had an application like FilmoraGO, but keep in mind that this is not your only choice.

Some of these applications could be the free software alternatives you require:

  • Blender: This programme may be used to model 3D objects as well as produce beautiful videos.
  • OpenShot: Designed to edit videos in a very simple manner, it works with all operating systems, including Linux.
  • Handbrake: This is a strong video editor that can also compress videos.
  • Miro: This system makes it simple to change and convert video formats.
  • Lightwork: An expert video editor that allows you to master movies and make montages.

Free Software Alternatives

Software for entertainment and streaming

There are also options for completely free applications for fans of movies and television shows. Free software alternatives is available for those who cannot afford streaming companies like Netflix:

PlutoTV: is a free website where you may view a variety of TV shows, movies, or series online.

  • VLC: This video editor also works as a movie player for all format types.
  • Kodi: An open-source application that may transform your house into a theatre for watching movies, TV shows, or other videos.

Free Software Alternatives

Playing music

Do you frequently listen listening to music? People occasionally have the habit of believing that if you don’t pay for an app, you won’t be able to listen to the songs in a respectable quality. Nothing is more false than it is.

You can listen to your favourites musicians without the sound quality degrading at all with the software listed below:

  • Spotify: One of the most well-known podcast and digital music services worldwide, Spotify is undoubtedly already familiar to you.
  • Audacity: This audio editor, exporter, and converter also functions as a sound player.
  • FooBar2000: an extremely user-friendly and customizable Windows audio player.
  • Deezer: This free music streaming time is similar to Spotify and allows users to listen to music whenever they want.

Free Software Alternatives

Alternatives to Free Communication Software

TigerText and other messaging applications are great for connecting with people quickly and safely. In terms of security, privacy, and advanced features, there are, however, options that are similar and of extremely high quality. Among them are:

  • Telegram: It has emerged as one of the top free software alternatives messaging alternatives. You can do a lot more than just text with this simple messenger. Consider downloading files from themed communities or participating in a group chat about your passion project or interest.
  • Pidgin: Pidgin allows instant chatting between many platforms and accounts and works as a client.
  • WeChat: This app allows you to chat with people from all over the world and features voice, text chat, and video chat.
  • Slack: A free software alternatives more geared toward companies than individual users. In any case, it promotes interpersonal interaction and group communication.
  • Adium: This free chatting app works with Mac OS X.

Free Software Alternatives

Tools for Productivity Software

There is a huge variety of tools available, both free and paid, that have been developed to increase people’s productivity. We have invaluable (pun intended!) time monitoring, task management, and productivity tools in the paid versions. We provide options for productivity in the free editions, including:

  • Howler Timer: This capable Mac and Windows software tracks the amount of time spent on daily tasks. It’s very straightforward: the affordable yet effective Everhour might be a better alternative for people who value their time & are looking for ways to increase their productivity.
  • Dashlane: system that helps secure password and personal information storage.
  • OneNote: An application designed to save data or notes that are conveniently arranged to make finding them later on simple.
  • Trello: This project management free software alternatives, which is free (we’ve discussed the main distinctions between the two in this piece), can be thoughts of as an Asana alternative. Multiple users can prioritise and organise projects in Trello to ensure that no one misses anything.

Read It Later was formerly known as Pocket. It allows you to save all different types of texts you find on the internet and then view them offline when you’re ready for those lengthy readings, like on a trip or a lengthy subway ride.

  • Alfred: An application launcher designed to optimise the amount of time spent looking for a certain file or application on a computer.
  • Pomodoro One: It helps users to complete things in chunks of time to optimise performance and make the most of the day (read more on the Pomodoro technique here).

One of the most popular calendar free software alternatives is Business Calendar 2. It has a lot of helpful features and a user interface that is generally inviting.

  • Evernote: is a helpful tool for people who deal with a lot of information every day. This app allows you to store and organise notes in any format, including text and images.

Free Software Alternatives

Free Office Software

You could require programmes like Microsoft 365 if you work in an office environment. However, even in this case, you can benefit from many alternatives. Below are a few of these that we will mention:

  • Google Docs: A straight browser-based alternative for Microsoft Office offered by Google. Create and edit slides, text documents, and spreadsheets for free, with (nearly) limitless disc space.
  • Foxit PDF Reader: This programme allows you to read and edit PDF files.
  • Atom.io: This open-source text editor is primarily targeted at computer programmers.
  • Sublime Text: Similar to Atom, this text editor allows you to write anything you want (with automated backups) and includes some helpful formatting tools for programmers.

Free Software Alternatives

Software Alternatives for Utilities

Finally, we must not be forget to mention the following software and applications that can be used for a variety of real-world scenarios.

  • Dropbox: An online file system for all kinds of files.
  • CoconutBattery: Allows for the knowledge of the capacity and details of the Apple device battery.
  • CCleaner: This programme allows users to remove unwanted files or files that have an impact on the computer or device they are reviewing. Additionally, it creates backup copies of the deleted files.
  • BetterTouchTool: allows users command-line access to the peripheral devices your computer utilises.
  • Flux: Flux helps to change the screen tones to make them easier on the eyes.
  • DaisyDisk: can tell you precisely how much space each application free software alternatives helps up on your device. Additionally, it frees up space on the hard drive by removing unnecessary components.
  • TreeSize: is a space organiser for computer hard discs.
  • 7-Zip: A file compression and decompression utility that is open source.
  • Jing: This application is excellent for taking screenshots and recording device screens.
  • Caliber: A digital book manager that lets you read and move books.
  • Rocketdock: A Windows programme that displays shortcuts to various previously customised programmes, giving your Windows taskbar a Mac-like appearance.
  • Rainmeter: This software allows users customise their desktop by placing a variety of skins on it.
  • The Unarchiver: This programme quickly and painlessly decompresses any file.
  • Everything Search-Voidtools: This programme, developed primarily for Windows, helps people in expediting the search for files in computer memory.
  • Memory Clean: This free software alternatives reduces storage requirements for improved device performance.
  • App Cleaner: This tool helps in completely deleting any programme or file from Mac devices.
  • FastStone: Capture is an application that, as the name implies, makes it incredibly simple to capture any desktop fragment.
  • FileZilla: Perfect for companies that often host and distribute files online. It allows it possible for computers and mobile devices to connect to web servers.


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