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16 Best Places to Find and Hire Freelancers


Why should you hire a freelancer?

I can think of two very good justifications. It first lowers costs. Even when there is no work, you are not required to keep paying.

Second, you have access to a variety of talents. If you don’t like the work of one particular freelancer, you can quickly hire someone else. This also saves time.

If you have more time, you can always come up with more justifications.

Instead than concentrating on the reasons to hire a freelancer, allow me to draw your attention to a list of places where you can find incredibly talented freelancers.

I never suggest that these places solely employ talented independent freelancers. That is not possible. There will be those people who are uncaring, reckless, and ill-informed. Their talent is practically nonexistent.

As the hiring manager, you must filter out the undesirables and focus on the cream of the crop. To further focus your search, you must interview them and request samples of their previous work.

I assume you are familiar with the process.

In order to save time, let’s jump right to the list of the finest places to find and hire freelancers.

Best Places to Find and Hire Freelancers

If you’re pressed for time, the following list is presented without any further description (for descriptive tales, go on past this short list):

Huh! That is a really long list. So let’s get started and discover a little bit more about each of these companies.

1. Turing

Unlike other freelancing platforms on this list, Turing is an AI-based platform that offers full-time remote software developer jobs. Turing’s Intelligent Talent Cloud platform helps software developers and remote engineers to find long-term jobs in top tech companies.

With Turing, you don’t need to make constant bids to secure gigs every now and then. Instead, Turing makes you go through its one-time vetting process. Once you clear the vetting process, you become eligible to be matched with new jobs for a lifetime.

Turing is an ideal platform for software developers and engineers to find long-term remote jobs without compromising professional growth. After vetting each candidate, Turing creates deep developer profiles that help in matching the developers with an ideal job.

Due to creating deep candidate profiles and deep matching, Turing has a 97% retention rate. This means once you get a job through Turing’s AI Talent Cloud, there are high chances of your long-term success with the hiring company.

That is why over 2 Million software developers and engineers have chosen Turing’s Intelligent Talent Cloud to find their next big job.

2. UpWork


The name UpWork is arguably the most well-known. 12 million freelancers are on a waiting list to complete your job. UpWork is not a niche platform. Therefore, you may find freelancers who can do anything from creating movies to complete complex coding tasks to those who can merely work on data entry tasks.

You will find someone with experience in the desired field if you post a job. It can take hours for the first bid to appear, and it can also happen that you receive dozens of proposals in a matter of minutes. Everything is dependent on your job’s complexity and budget.

You can decide either an hourly pricing plan or a fixed pricing model. If you are unsure of the work volume or the amount of time it will take to complete the work, the hourly pricing model is ideal.

On Upwork, you can find people with a variety of talents. You name anything, and UpWork has someone for you. Writers, designers, animators, video producers, data entry professionals, translators and transcribers, engineers, coders, doctors, you name it.

Your money will be secure. The first step is to hire a freelancer and deposit the funds in Escrow. The money will be kept on your behalf by UpWork. You can ask UpWork to release the funds and pay the freelancer whenever the freelancer completes the work and you accept it.

3. Freelancer


Freelancer is a huge freelance marketplace with millions of freelancers waiting to bid on the projects people post, much to UpWork.

Almost any talent you require can be found. They employ everything from high-end coders and designers to animators, writers, and other professionals.

You will start getting bids from all over the world as soon as your project is public. You are not required to only work with independent freelancers from your country. You can hire someone on the opposite hemisphere, halfway around the world.

The hiring procedure is entirely dependent on you, as usual. You can decide whether or not to interview the potential independent freelancers. However, doing so is encouraged to avoid any potential project problems.

There isn’t a pricing structure. Although you are free to set the price of your project, be sensible. Don’t offer a big purchase at an absurdly low price. There won’t be anyone eager to work for you.

After you’ve hired someone, you must pay for the project and place the funds with Freelancer in escrow. When the project is finished successfully, you must release the funds so that Freelancer can pay the contributor.

4. PeoplePerHour


The name speaks for itself. On that platform, hourly pricing models are used for the majority of the jobs. So, you ought to choose that model if you’re looking for a freelancer on this platform.

Even though you can find freelancers for almost everything, PeoplePerHour focused primarily on developers, SEO, and social media marketing.

You can hire peoples to write content for your website, edit videos and photographs, create a website from scratch using your choice coding language, create logos for you, and more.

Although the platform may not be as big as UpWork or Freelancer, those two sites promise a combined freelancer strength of 3 million skilled workers eager to complete your job.

From this platform, big companies like the BBC, Forbes, Financial Times, Business Insider, CNBC, etc. hire freelancers.

Regardless of the project’s magnitude on our platform, you can be sure that it will be finished how you want it.

You don’t need to be concerneds about losing your cash. There is a secure escrow system in place at the company that will ensure that neither you nor the freelancer lose money. Yes, they do have anti-fraud measures in place to safeguard both clients and independent freelancers.

5. SimplyHired


SimplyHired may appear to be a completely different world where people can only hire full-time employees for work-from-office positions.

That is not the case. Hiring independent freelancers for distant work is also possible using this platform. You only needs to post your job requirements to start getting proposals.

This platform has an interesting feature in that a freelancer from your neighbourhood can find your job and send a proposal.

This platform helps more than three million employers globally find the perfect staff. You too can find the perfect freelancer!

6. Toptal


Toptal is not your typical platform for freelancers. Only the top 3% of freelancers from all over the world are accepted onto this platform. So, Toptal can be your best option if your project calls for extensive experience and precise precision.

The most well-known companies and start-ups in the world hire freelancers through this platform. Among the well-known companies are USC, Airbnb, Duolingo, Bridgestone, Shopify, and Duolingo.

The platform focuses only on a small number of distinct niches, such as developers (engineers and coders), designers (UI, UX, visual), product managers, project managers, and financial specialists.

From what you’ll find on websites like UpWork or Freelancer, the hiring process is completely different. Here, you must contact with a Toptal professional and detail your requirements. The person will then locate a freelancer who can complete your task expertly. The matching window typically lasts 24 hours. You can start a trial project with the freelancer and only pay once you’re satisfied.

Tom, Dick, and Harry are not permitted to register as freelancers on Toptal’s platform. They use a strict selection process to filter out the competition and select just the top professionals.

With Toptal, you can be sure that your project will be finished precisely and within the deadline you specify.

Additionally, they have a programme called Toptal Enterprise where they hand-pick freelancers to create a pool of just the finest for organisations. Toptal Enterprise is a select network of independent contractors that you may utilise to assemble a high-performance team or to simply add talent where it is needed.

7. Fiverr


Fiverr is not like the typical freelance marketplaces where you post your job specifications and wait for freelancers to submit bids for the job. It is actually the complete opposite.

Fiverr freelancers post a price quote along with their exact offering. You browse the postings and hire the one that appeals to you the most.

Freelancers will post projects on Fiverr such as “I will design your logo with 5 iterations” and “I will give a voiceover to your video,” among other things.

You may find freelancers in a variety of niches, such as design, animation, digital marketing, technology, programming, music, data, lifestyle, writing, translation, dropshipping, etc.

Make sure you ask the prospective freelancer to provide work samples if you decide to hire someone from Fiverr. You may find independent freelancers of every ability level, unlike Toptal. Some might be inexperienced freshmen, while others might be experience professionals.

If you don’t find the appropriate person, you’ll be let down. Take your time, then!

The name Fiverr refer to the fact that freelancers’ gigs start at $5. That does not find you from finding independent freelancers who charge thousands of dollars, though. The complexity of the job they are proposing will determine everything.

For little tasks they need completed quickly, many business owners turn to Fiverr. Typically, if you need a cheap freelancer for a small project, Fiverr is perfect.

8. Crowded


Valilly has now acquired Crowded. The original Crowded platform is thus no longer functional. You have a direct link to Valilly Inc. through it.

The platform uses artificial intelligence to evaluate and filter all job applicants according to criteria such as how much they charge, their skills, and their level of experience.

Only the top candidates are retained once the platform detects, flags, and eliminates those candidates with potentially false or dubious backgrounds.

You may start choosing the ideal candidate for your job after just a few minutes have passed through the complete process.

You can find the ideal candidate or build a team of highly qualified professionals who will complete your job quickly using Valilly’s talent acquisition platform.

A few big brands that Valilly has worked with include Amazon, Homer, Avlino, AWeber, Quicken Loans, etc. As a result, Valilly is an excellent platform to use if you’re looking for independent freelancers who are knowledgeable about their job.

9. 99designs


Looking to hire independent contractors to complete some design work? You could check at 99designs. This freelance website focuses in jobs in designing and graphics. Everything from logo design to flyer or book cover design is possible.

There are 90 categories available on 99designs, encompassing every aspect of graphics and designing you can think of. The platform will give you access to top-notch freelancers, whether you’re searching for WordPress theme design, app design, landing page designs, illustrations, or graphics.

Your project brief must be given by both you and your employer. Designers will be able to clearly comprehend your needs thanks to this. You may immediately connect with them and begin working together.

Different pricing options are flexible for the different categories. For example, logo designing services begin at $299.

It doesn’t matter if your design requirements are simple or complex. Some of the top designers in the world may be found on 99designs.

Before you ask the designers for quotations, the platform will let you look through their portfolios.

All of the designers on 99designs are ranked in three categories: Entry, Mid, and Top level. Choose the best freelancers if you want absolutely perfect designs that stand out.

10. FlexJobs


For various projects that you might wish to complete without hiring a full-time expert, FlexJobs is a fantastic place to find exceptionally qualified freelancers. The top brands in the world use this platform to hire professionals. Xerox, Dell, SAP, Kelly, Apple, CapitalOne, etc. are a few examples of well-known brands.

The company, which has beens around since 2007, now employs over 27,000 jobs at more than 5,000 reputable companies.

In order to access services like the applicant tracking system, the ability to geo-tag candidates who are applying from a distance, and unrestricted access to resume searches and job postings, employers can give for a premium membership.

The free job listing option is available if you don’t want to pay for membership, but you must be an employer with a stellar online reputation to use it.

You can choose from a number of upgrade options, including things like premium placement of the job posting, promotional social media campaigns for the job posting, message and email blasts to specific potential employees, and more, if you want to become a paying member (beginning at $299 per month).

FlexJobs is one of the most sophisticated platforms, working with very brilliant professionals that can complete your job with precision. Yes, in terms of numbers, it is not as big a platform as UpWork.

11. Guru


Guru is a fantastic platform for hiring freelancers, much to UpWork and Freelancer. Guru is not a very popular platform, though. Positively, it has a well curated list of jobs from reputable employers.

All freelancers who join up with Guru must complete the verification process. Guru makes sure that only the most dedicated and competent people continue to use their platform by requiring freelancers to authenticate their identities.

In practically every industry, including “programming and development,” “design and art,” “writing and translation,” “sales and marketing,” “business and finance,” “legal,” “engineering and architecture,” and more, you may find freelancers.

When choosing the top best candidate for the job, you can employ a variety of pricing schemes. You have the choice of hiring someone on an hourly basis or using a fixed pricing approach. Additionally, you have the choice of a task-based pricing plan or a recurring payment approach.

The platform is used by 3 million people globally who are looking for work or freelancers. The platform makes available the feedback ratings and historical transaction data of the freelancers so that hiring employers may make an educated choice.

12. Designhill


Similar to 99designs is Designhill. It focuses design and graphics. Designhill is an excellent place to go if you want to see some beautiful design work. There are numerous design subcategories available.

In categories like logo, brand identity, business and advertising, website and app, illustration and art, among others, you can find designers. There are numerous possibilities in each category to suit various requirements.

Each design category has a standard price, however depending on your particular needs, the price may go up.

You can choose from an number of pricing tiers that range in price from $249 to $999. Every plan includes a 100% money-back guarantee. Once you pay for the work, you will legally own the copyright because you get to keep and own what you pay.

You are entitled to complete copyright ownership, print-ready designs, high quality files, unlimited modifications, and more with Designhill plans. You can invite designers to work on your project, give them comments in real time, and receive 24 hour, no-cost customer service.

Depending on your needs, the 152,334 skilled designers in the Designhill marketplace may provide amazing designs and pieces of world.

13. Author Access

Author Access

Writer Access is one of the greatest places to find top-notch writers if your company relies on content marketing. They do have designers, though!

You can use the platform’s AI-powered tools to find the best writers for your project. These tools can aid in workflow optimization, writer performance tracking, and content optimization.

Almost any type of content your business requires can be written by one of the platform’s over 14,000 expert writers. You name it, they can write it: blog entries, emails, articles, social media posts, legal writing.

The platform used by Writer Access isn’t free. There is an monthly subscription cost that you must pay, starting at $39 each month. Irrespective of the plan you choose, you must pay for the content separately. If you are satisfied with the work, you are not need to pay and you are entitled to an infinite number of changes.

In essence, Writer Access is a tool-filled piece of AI software. You can access different kinds of marketplaces, depending on the subscription plan you select.

For example, if you choose their $99 per month Premium plan, you will have access to marketplaces where you can find translators, content strategists, content managers, copy editors, etc. Additionally, you will have access to their design market as well as image repositories like Shutterstock, Getty, StoryBlock, etc.

Writer Access is significantly more expensive than alternatives like Upwork, Guru, Freelancer, and others, but in exchange, you gain access to the best freelancers in the world.

14. Creative Group

Creative Group

You can access qualified professionals through the creative and marketing staffing firm The Creative Group. You can either go for permanent placement or search for independent freelancers who are eager to work on both short- and long-term projects. Access to consulting services is also possible.

You may find professionals who are skilled in accounting and finance, office management, marketing and creative, law, and technology here.

This is obviously not a marketplace for talent like UpWork, Guru, Designhill, etc. However, under technology, they include things like information systems security manager, web developer, systems engineer, software developer, mobile application developer, big data engineer, data security analyst, business intelligence analyst, and more.

15. Nexxt


It makes no differences whether you need a full-time salaried employee or a freelancer to complete your task. You can acquire the best candidate with the aid of Nexxt. One of the biggest job and talent marketplaces in the world is called Nexxt. There are 85 million users in their user pool.

For employers hoping to hire professionals, it is not free. They are required to pay a monthly subscription cost that ranges from $199 to $499 each month.

With your memberships, you will have access to modern job matching technology, job advertising software, hiring software that integrates job posting tools, applicant management and reporting, a job publication engine, a candidate search solution, and a multi-channel platform for marketing your job.

Career focus, diversity focus, local focus, and global focus are the different job search jobs available on Nexxt. The workplace is more inclusive when there is a diversity focus, but as an employer, you should choose the options that best meets your requirements.

Three hiring-targeted solutions are provided by the company to agencies, small and medium-sized businesses, and enterprise businesses. You can choose the one that top best meets your needs.

16. Aquent


Aquent is a viable option if you’re hunting for independent freelancers who can handle the digital, creative, and marketing needs of your care. This freelance business has received numerous honours.

It provides project management services, marketing and creative talent, managed talent services, and workforce services.

With the ability to interact with recruiters and view their performance evaluations, Aquent is targeted for professionals and independent freelancers.

Additionally targeted at employers is Aquent. Businesses can use Aquent’s extensive network of staffing vendors to find the talents they need.

You can post job jobs on Aquent as an employer. Aquent provides a pool of talented people who can meet your needs, whether you’re searching for frontend developers or seeking for digital marketing managers.

The platform focuses on UX, UI, Creative & Design, Development, Marketing, and Content & Writing.

So, if your company need any of these, you can trust Aquent to locate some of the best independent contractors worldwide.


For all tasks, having in-house task is not always necessary. That is outdated and frequently expensive. Borders are dissolving thanks to the Internet, allowing people and enterprises from all over the world to collaborate and accomplish incredible talents.

Freelancing platforms never cease to amaze you with the incredibly capable people hidden away in remote parts of the world. If you need some work done and are interested in hiring a freelancer or a freelance team with unmatched work ethic.

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