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Convert GIF to MP4 with the GIF to Video Online Converter Guide.

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Have you ever been annoyed that a GIF you intended to post wouldn’t be approved due of the GIF format? It turns out that posting your content won’t be difficult for you anymore!

In this article, we’ll show how to use an online GIF to video converter to quickly convert a GIF to a video online converter . Let’s get going!

Why Would You Want to convert GIFs into Videos?

There are various reasons to convert a GIF to a video. First off, MP4 files are far less in size than GIFs. This implies that by converting a GIF, you can conserve space on your computer and transfer it more easily through messaging apps like WhatsApp or Messenger.

Additionally, if you want to reuse your content, converting GIFs to MP4 is a wise choice. If you want to post your work on numerous social media platforms, converting your GIFs into  will come in useful because MP4 is the most widely used format for social sharing on the internet.

Finally, converting GIFs into videos provides your content a more polished look. Video online converter files feature better audio quality, a wider colour gamut, and higher resolutions. These characteristics are necessary to make your work look appealing and polished.

How to Convert GIFs to Videos: A Step-by-Step Guide?

We’ll now look at how to quickly convert GIFs to MP4 files.

The procedures to use an online GIF to video converter are as follows:

   1. Add your GIF

Put your GIF online in the Flixier tool collection first. Drag a GIF from your computer or use the Import button to add one from a cloud storage platform like Google Photos, Dropbox, or OneDrive. If you don’t already have an appropriate GIF in mind, you can search GIPHY using the stock tab.

You do not need to install anything on your laptop because the GIF converter programme is cloud-based. No matter if you have an ancient laptop that runs Windows, Mac, or Chrome OS, you can rapidly download your video and convert GIFs to MP4 from your web browser!

    2. GIF Editing

Double-click your GIF to add it to the timeline. Here, you can further crop, resize, cut, and edit the picture till you’re satisfied.

For instance, you can use the Text option on the left-side of the screen to add dynamic or static text to your GIF. Alternatively, if you want to mix different GIFs from your library, you can add many of them to the timeline along with noises and images.

    3. Download and Export Your Video

When you’re finished, click the Export button to save your altered GIF to your computer. Make sure “Video” is chosen in the drop-down menu, then click “Export and Download” once more. Within a few seconds, your GIF will be processed and converted, after which the video will be downloaded to your smartphone.

Additionally, converting your GIFs need not be pricey. You have access to all the essential features of the paid edition of the online GIF to video converter when using the free version. You don’t even need to establish an account; you can just test it out to see whether it’s right for you!

Start converting your GIF to MP4 now!

You learned how advantageous it is to convert your GIF into a video in this article. It guarantees that more people will see your content, giving you the work to post it on various social media sites.

The only things left for you to do is to start using a GIF-to-video converter and show your work now that you know how to convert GIFs to video files quickly and easily online.

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