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Gmail tricks to make the most of your email address

gmail trick

Gmail dethroned Yahoo, Hotmail, and AOL to become the most extensively used consumer email service today, almost ten years later. With over 1 billion users, its no surprise that most of us have a Google account.

Addresses in Gmail

Do you, on the other hand, believe you’re getting the most out of your Gmail account? Do you know about the Gmail features that can really improve your email experience? We’ve compiled a list of three hidden gmail trick that you may not be aware of. Continue reading.

1. Use the plus sign (+) to create an unlimited number of siblings for your Gmail address.

Yes, that is conceivable. Simply add a plus (“+”) signs to the end of your gmail trick address, and then type any combination of letters or numbers to create an unlimited number of personalised email IDs with the same inbox.

For example, if your current gmail trick address is windowsclub@gmail.com, you can change it to windowsclub+authors@gmail.com & windowsclub+contactme@gmail.com, or any combination of these to continue receiving emails from windowsclub@gmail.com.

As a result of this gmail trick hack, you’ll be able to create many aliases for your primary ID without having to change any settings or configuration.


  1. You can sign up for web services using numerous aliases by putting their names after the (“+”) sign. As a result gmail trick, when you receive an email from them on your primary ID, you will immediately recognise which service provided you the email.
  2. You can sign up for social media channels using an alias name and utilise their name when registering. Thewindowsclub@gmail.com, for example, can be changed to thewindowsclub+facebook@gmail.com, thewindowsclub+twitter@gmail.com, and so on.

2. Create additional addresses for your primary address by using the (.) dot.

Another Gmail hack involves inserting a (.) dot anywhere in your Gmail address to create several gmail trick addresses. Periods aren’t recognised as characters in Gmail addresses, so they’re ignored even if you type them in by accident.

Windowsclub@gmail.com, for example, can be written as windows.club@gmail.com. Emails would continue to be sent to the primary address. You can create several ids by remembering that the periods in your gmail trick address do not count.

Tip: You can sign up for an online service even if you don’t want to give your email address. If you want to creates an email filter for thats id to know the emails coming in for that online service, simply use an alias name by inserting (.) dots in between. Delete or save such emails as you see fit.

3. Remove emails from your Gmail inbox.

This is a fantastic gmail trick tip that will spare you from embarrassment. Many times, we send an email in hastes only to discover afterwards that we should not have sent it or that the email content needed to be changed.

Don’t be concerned! There is a technique to avoid this, and you can really stop an email after hitting the “Send” button in Gmail.

Go to “Settings” by clicking the “gear” icon in your inbox.

gmail trick

Locate the “Undo Send” tab in “Settings.”

gmail trick

Click “Enable Undo Send” from the drop-down menu. The “Send cancellation period” can be set to a maximum of 30 seconds. The Send cancellation period is the amount of time you have to cancel the message.

Scroll to the page at bottom click “Save Changes.” You’ve finished making changes gmail trick to the settings.

You will now get a “Undo” option (as seen below) anytime you send an email, which you can use to stop the email from being sent. Keep in mind that Undo will only be operative for a few seconds, exactly the time you set in “Settings” for the cancellation period. As a result, you’ll need to hit “Undo” soon.

You’ll get a confirmation pop-up indicating “Sending has been undone” once you’ve successfully stopped the message. As demonstrated below, you can now edit or delete the original message.

I am confident that you will enjoy the gmail trick listed above. Please let-us know if you found them useful or if you have any further tricks to contribute.

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