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2022’s Top 15 PC Hack and Slash Games

Hack and Slash Games

Best Hack and Slash Games on PC: Finding out what hack and slash games are and how to find the top titles in this genre are challenging tasks. You can find what you’re thinking if you’re fortunate, pay close attention, and put some time and lot into it. We have determined that the best hack and slash games are those that feature swords and other sharp, pointy weapons. It is not easy to identify the true meaning of this best hack and slash games genre in the present world when hack and slash games are combined with another genre, but the games listed below do just that.

2022’s Top 15 Hack and Slash Games

Choose a game to play, and even though they all have unique differences, they all fall under the category of the best hack and slash games.

1. Bloodrayne

best games for hack and slash Regardless of how you felt about the overly sexualized protagonist, Bloodrayne was a “must-play” for Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox players. Despite being a bit of a technological mess today, Terminal Reality’s harsh action-adventure inspired a (poor) movie, multiple sequels, a comic book series, and numerous horrible dreams. That suggests something about the long-term viability of Bloodrayne.

Players assume the role of the game’s vampire and are taken to the 1930s, just when Nazi Germany was emerging. Bloodrayne uses her signature blades and her bloodlust to literally cut through the Germans. Bloodrayne is one of the best vampire games even if it is gory, ridiculous, and over-the-top. It has everything you could desire from a mindless hack ‘n slash game.

2. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

What can be done to please Star Wars fans the most effectively? By allowing them to dual-wield lightsabers, granting them access to the Dark and Light sides of the Force, and engrossing them in a convoluted story involving clones and the Galactic Civil War before adding a dash of Darth Vader.

With some of the shortcomings of The Force Unleashed II fixed, players may now enjoy a more satisfying gameplay experience that is focused on frantic lightsaber combat. Six months after The Force Unleashed, players assume command of the renegade clone Starkiller and engage in a game about fan service. In this original interpretation of a unique film legend, Han Solo, Chewbacca, and other characters from the film series appear.

3. Dante’s Inferno

As Dante, a wounded and morally depraved Templar knight who was stabbed in the back and exposed to the horrors of hell, descend the nine levels of hell. Although Dante’s journey is difficult, those who are lucky enough to go with him on his quest for salvation are given to a spectacular show. With the scythe of Death, the Templar battles through a cacophonous army of monsters that are as much fun to look at as they are to maim.

As Dante descends further into hell, he meets mythical characters like Lust, Cerberus, the River Styx, Cleopatra, and many others. With some of the most hideous creations yet to adorn the PS3, Xbox 360, or PSP, monster and boss design is at its best in Dante’s Inferno.

4. Darksiders Genesis

best games for hack and slash The critical response to Darksiders III was mixed, and it didn’t live up to its predecessors. Airship Syndicate (Battle Chasers: Nightwar) chose Genesis, a top-down hack ‘n slash, rather than attempting to revive the series with yet another third-person hack ‘n slash RPG. The choice I made was the best one I could have made.

Players can instantly switch between War and Strife in this brand-new story, which starts after the Horsemen attacked Eden’s Nephilim. The two set forth across hellish landscapes and unearthly settings to bring the events of the original Darksiders games to fulfilment, with more monstrosities to vanquish.

5. Heavenly Sword

Don’t be misled by those critics who said it was too similar to the best hack and slash games God of War. Heavenly Sword is unique in and of itself and only borrows games from a top-tier hack-and-slash game. There are some excellent combat sequences as a result of how chaotic and quick-paced everything is. When Ninja Theory made this PS3-exclusive, it appeared to know what it was doing.

With the exception of a lacklustre anime series and movie, Heavenly Sword was a great addition to the PlayStation 3 canon. With her arsenal of weapons, Nariko was a wonderful protagonist who could cause mayhem. Kratos may have been the first, but Nariko has gorgeous red hair that the Ghost of Sparda will never have.

6. Hades

best games for hack and slash Players in Hades acquire destructive abilities when the Gods of Olympus aid the Prince of the Underworld, igniting the action-packed hack and slash from Supergiant Games.

And Hades is enthrallingly captivating in addition to being wonderfully beautiful. Its unique fusion of classical mythology and a fresh plot does wonders for advancing players. You will recognise many of the characters who are waiting to help or obstruct the Prince.

7. Darksiders: Warmastered Edition

Who wouldn’t desire the role to play War on the verge of extinction? As the fabled Horseman of the Apocalypse, players slash and dice their way through legions of angels and demons after War is deceived and tricked into bringing Armageddon early. After being tasked with keeping the armies of Heaven and Hell in check, War takes up arms against the demons and angels who stand in his way.

best games for hack and slash Even if Darksiders: Remastered occasionally has an old-school vibe, the joy of annihilating adversaries with an arsenal of weapons and spells remains unaffected. The narrative could have served as filler to draw attention away from the action. Nevertheless, a stellar cast led by Troy Baker, Mark Hamill, and Liam O’Brien helps to create a gripping plot.

8. Torchlight II

Before the words even form in your head, I can assure you that this is not a Diablo clone. Torchlight II is a completely distinct game from Blizzard’s, while sharing the same isometric graphics and top-down gameplay. In original to prevent the Archmage from getting corrupted after the first, players assume the roles of Engineer, Outlander, Berserker, or Embermage and explore outside of Torchlight’s mining village.

With a pet at your side, you can explore the vast region surrounding Torchlight while slicing through armies of corrupted men and beasts. Fast-paced hack-and-slash game Torchlight II lets players personalise their gameplay. Additional class customization is possible in the game, thanks to the abundance of gear that enemies drop and that may be found by paying close attention to the environment.

9. Titan Quest

Almost everyone who appreciates mythology will appreciate the effort Titan Quest makes to bring some of the most infamous monsters from ancient Egypt and Greece to life. With its top-down, hack-and-slash action and role-playing mechanics, Titan Quest could make you think you’ve played it before, but it does a great job of standing on its own.

Help the Olympian Gods in their fight for survival by journeying across ancient Greece, Egypt, and Asia’s Silk Road. As opposed to a self-assured, outraged Spartan warrior, your goal is to keep Olympus from being taken over by the Titans. Your path is blocked by an army of mythical and modern monsters, such as the multiheaded hydra, mummies, centaurs, Cyclops, skeletons, and trolls.

10. Golden Axe

It’s difficult to talk about the best hack and slash games without mentioning this timeless title. Golden Axe may not be perfect by today’s standards, but its side-scrolling, cooperative multiplayer mode perfectly captures the spirit of the first hack and slash games.

Players fight on the roles of Gilius Thunderhead, a dwarf, Ax Battler, a barbarian, or Tyris Flare, an Amazon, and battle through waves of foes with a battle-axe, broadsword, or longsword before facing Death Adder.

11. Path of Exile

As shown by games like Path of Exile, the hack and slash genre is known for its top-down viewpoint. An excellent job was done by Grinding Gear Games in creating a game that isn’t just a carbon copy of others in its genre. Before we discuss the gameplay, it’s important to note that Path of Exile is one of the top-down hack ‘n slash games in terms of visual attractiveness. Insightful shadows and stunning character models are made possible by the lighting alone, which is astounding.

Path of Exile is a game that makes you wonder how it can be free to play the more you play it. There is a plenty of information, few issues, and a rich and enjoyable environment to explore.

12. Dynasty Warriors 8

Since its inception, the Dynasty Warriors series has been a model of a hack and slash game. What you would anticipate from a game in this genre in terms of the core gameplay. You slice and dice your way through waves upon waves of foes as a warrior.

Later games, especially Dynasty Warriors 8, the best in the series, turn the screen into a mess of fodder that is waiting to be cut down. As a result, the assault animations and fluidity are spectacular to see.

13. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Solid Snake and stealth have always been linked to the Metal Gear series. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, which featured action gameplay with Ninja Raiden as the main character, was not well received by longtime series fans. The game is, in reality, pretty enjoyable.

The situation is as absurd as any of Hideo Kojima’s Metal Gear storylines, and Snake’s sneaky antics stand in stark contrast to the sword-based physical fighting. It’s difficult, sometimes even frustrating, but once you master literally cutting through your surroundings, it’s a wonderful experience.

14. Shadow of Mordor: Middle-earth

The King of the Rings setting has been featured in a number of games. But there’s also the hack and slash RPG game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor. The fun can be the most enjoyable. Talion, a captain in the army of Gondor, is controlled by the players. He is armed with a sword, dagger, and bow and arrow, all of which are essential for destroying an army of orcs.

In Shadow of Mordor, you can use the Nemesis System to focus on a particular Uruk who is aspiring to become one of Sauron’s captains. It’s incredibly rewarding to target a specific Uruk and cut off his head during a fight. Many leaders will roll as you get the hang of the dance-like battle of evading and striking.

15. No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

We were already aware of Grasshopper Manufacture’s infamously bizarre gameplay. And the original storytelling way made possible by Killer7 and the first iteration of No More Heroes. One of the best products the firm has produced, No More Heroes 2 exceeds the standards set by its predecessor.

It’s still a hack and slash game even though beam katanas take the place of swords. A comparatively new genre for the Wii. Potentially disappointing was the follow-up to Travis Touchdown (yes, that’s the name). However, it ends up being a lot of fun. And a fighting and gameplay upgrade over No More Heroes.

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