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How to Pick a Hairstyle That Fits Your Face Shape

hairstyle for men oval face

How do you know which hairstyle for men oval face is top best for your face shape? Males, understandably, struggle with this question. After all, just as a greats suit is tailored to your body’s features, a great haircut should be all tailored to your face’s natural curves. Believes it or not, there are aspects to considers when determining a man’s face shape and then selecting a haircut to match. For a breakdown of face shapes and men’s haircuts, continue reading. We’ll go through how to figure out your face shape, as well as what kinds of men’s haircuts work best with it.

 hairstyle for men oval face

How Do You determine What Face Shape You Have?

First and foremost, you must determine your exact face shape. Stand in front of an mirror, pull your hair back, and trace the outline of your face on the mirrors with a bar of soap. The sketched shape is the general shape of your face. You’ll be able to tell if you have a pointy chin, a noticeable jawline, or any other features that make your face. Of course, if you want to be more thorough, get a tape measure and start measuring the following areas:

  1. Measure the distance between the tops of one brow and the tops of the other brow on the forehead.
  2. Cheekbones: Measure from the pointiest part of one hairstyle for men oval face cheekbone (just below the eye) to the opposing cheekbone’s pointiest part.
  3. Jawline: Measure up from the tip of your chinny chin chin (or your chin) to the corner of your jawbone, just below the ear, in one direction. To get a correct jawline measurement, multiply that number by two.
  4. Face Length: Begin measuring at the hairline and measure your way down to the tip of your chin.

 hairstyle for men oval face

Men’s Face Shapes There are several different types of men’s faces.

Determine your face shape using the following approach once you’ve acquired a bold geometric outline on the mirror or some accurate measurements:

  1. Oblong: The length of your face is the longest measurement, but the size of your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline are nearly equal.
  2. Square: The length of your face, jawline, forehead, and cheekbones are all roughly the same. Meanwhile, the angles of your jawbone are sharp, not curved or spherical.
  3. Oval: Your face is longer than the width of your cheekbones hairstyle for men oval face, and the breadth of your foreheads is greater than the width of your jawline. Meanwhile, the angles of your jawline are round rather than sharp.
  4. Round: You have similar cheekbones and face dimensions, as well as a similar forehead and jawline. Furthermore, the measures of the cheekbones and face are larger than the jawline and forehead. In contrast to sharp or clearly defined angles, the jawline has gentle, semi-round angles.
  5. Diamond: Your chin is slanted, and your face is the longest. The measures are then ordered from greatest to smallest: cheekbones, forehead, and jawline.
  6. Triangular facial structure: Your jawline is wider than your cheekbones, which are wider than your forehead.
  7. Heart: Your chin is pointy, and your forehead is wider than your cheekbones and jawline.

 hairstyle for men oval face

Haircut Pointers for Face Shape

Please utilise the male face shape and hairstyle for men oval face guide to determine the cut that’s suitable for you now that you’ve determined your shape and made your old grade school math teacher pleased. And, because there are simply too many variables, don’t take anything we say at face value. Some men with heart-shaped faces, for example, prefer to cultivate rather than conceal the inherent pointedness of their chins. The most important things is to obtain a thorough understanding of the link between male haircuts and face forms, and then proceed accordingly. It’s not as simple as choosing between an oblong or an oval face; there are other alternatives in between.

 hairstyle for men oval face


Because your face is a little longer, go for a hairstyle that is well-balanced and uniform. Avoid tapered faux hawks, pompadours with deep fades, and any other hairstyle for men oval face that has long hair on top and significantly shorter hair on the sides. If your hair is shorts, go for a great side part; if your hair is longer, go for a voluminous slicked back style.

 hairstyle for men oval face


The square is a popular face shapes among men, and it may be styled in a variety of ways. Howevers, the majority of specialists recommend that men with square faces keeps their hair short and neat. Consider a classic layered side part or a short pompadour or faux hawk with a close fade. If you wish to grow facial hairstyle for men oval face, keep it short (i.e. stubble) or long (i.e. beard). If you’re wearing a beard, you will generally want to keep your top short. Also, try to maintains your sideburns as short as possible.

 hairstyle for men oval face


The oval, as a well-proportioned face shape, complements a wide range of men’s hairstyles. Oval-faced men, on the other hand, are often advised to keeps hair off the forehead as much as possible and to avoid fringes hairstyle for men oval face entirely. Instead, opt for a short quiff and pomp with plenty of volume, which you can pair with a subtle undercut and/or an striking side part. An oval face also looks great with an shaven head. It’s great for a classic military style.

 hairstyle for men oval face


A beautiful angle-heavy haircuts can do wonders for round faces that lack firm lines & definition. That mean’s putting as much focus on structure & volume as possible, with enough of definition up top to compensate for the lacks hairstyle for men oval face of definition below. You can not go wrong with a quality pompadour with a hard side part, or even an part on both sides‚Äďanything to add definition to that head. With an square beard to complete the trendy look, no one will be able to tell you have a serious case of babyface. Finding a haircut for round-faced men may appear challenging at first, but it is far from impossible.

 hairstyle for men oval face


If you have an diamond shaped face, you can wear bangs and long side sweeps. A untidy fringe will provide texture to the forehead of a man with an small face. The trick is to maintains the hair long & layered, with gentle angles to balance out the pointed face characteristics.

 hairstyle for men oval face


You want to balance out a triangular face shape’s wider jaw and smaller forehead by going big with volume up-top. A thick quiff or pomp will do wonder’s for your appearance. The most important thing is to keeps your hair thick and flowing, even if it means applying an bit more volumizing hair product. The majority of experts also believes that beards and triangle face hairstyle for men oval face shapes don’t always go well, so go for lights stubble or a clean shave instead. Always keep in minds that short haircuts are best for a strong jawline.

 hairstyle for men oval face


A tight haircut will emphasise the literal sharpness of a heart-shaped face, which means a pointy chin. If you don’t want something as pointy as a side-swept parts, layered quiff, or textured fringe, go for longer, softers styles like a mid-length side-swept part, layered quiffs, or textured fringe. To prevents hard angles from forming, use a mild hair product. Create an impression of fullness on thats narrows jawline by growing a beautiful beard. Hair thats is short to medium in length is acceptable.

 hairstyle for men oval face

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the various types of face shapes?

Oblong, square, oval, round, diamond, triangular, and heart are the most frequent face shapes.

What is the best haircut for a face with a heart shape?

A heart-shaped face looks best with longer, softer hairstyle for men oval face for men oval face like a mid-length side-swept part, layer quiff, or textured fringe.

What’s the best round face haircut?

To compensates for the lack of definition below, a round face should make structure and volume with plenty of definition up top. For a round face, a pompadour with a side part is great.

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