How to Record Zoom Meetings Automatically

how to auto record zoom meetings

This post will explain how to auto record zoom meetings. Zoom makes it simple to record meetings. Once you’ve joined a call, go to the bottom of the screen and click the “Record” button. If you’re running a webinar and want to record each meeting, here’s how to do it automatically.

How to Record Zoom Meetings Automatically

In this article, you can know about how to auto record zoom meetings here are the details below;

Recordings with Zoom

We need to understand how Zoom recordings work before we can set up auto-recording on Zoom meetings. When it comes to recording Zoom meetings, there are three things to keep in mind.

  • Zoom can record meetings on-site or in the cloud. Cloud recording costs money, while local recording is free.
  • The Zoom apps for Android and iOS cannot record meetings locally. As a result, the Zoom Android and iOS apps cannot record meetings in the free version.
  • Meetings can only be recorded by the host by default. To be able to record meetings, the participant must first obtain permission to “Allow Record.”

How to record Zoom meetings automatically

It is preferable to set up a meeting with automatic recording if you frequently record your meetings. To do so, go to the Zoom app and tap the “Schedule” button.

Navigate to the bottom of the schedule meeting window and select the “Advanced options” toggle.

Check the box next to “Automatically record meeting on the local computer” in the extended menu. This will ensure that the meeting is recorded as soon as it begins.

Zoom will open the location where the recordings are saved after the meeting has ended. You can also access your recordings by going to the Meetings tab.

What is the location of Zoom’s recordings?

Zoom creates a local folder under documents to store recordings by default. Under the Recordings tab in Zoom Settings, you can access or change the same.

Final Thoughts

Zoom has many useful tricks up its sleeve. You can, for example, integrate Zoom with Slack and schedule meetings directly from Slack. You can also have a noise-free video call on Zoom by using third-party apps like Krisp. Please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns about Zoom in the comments section below.

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