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How to Mirror the Screen of iPhone on an Android TV

how to cast iphone to android tv

The modest TV has taken a backseat as smartphones have become the focal centre of entertainment in our life. However, as how to cast iphone to android tv become smarter, it’s time to merge the best of both worlds — televisions and smartphones — to create the most suitable option – screen mirroring.

There are a variety of ways to mirror your phone’s screen to the TV, including Chromecast and HDMI cords.

However, if you own both an iPhone and an how to cast iphone to android tv, the issue becomes a little more complicated due to the apparent reason – a tech titans’ conflict.

Don’t worry, AirPlay is on the way to save the day. Despite AirPlay’s several features, it is incapable of pulling out such acts on its own. That’s where an Android app from a third party comes in helpful.

AirScreen – AirPlay, Chromecast, and DLNA is the app of the day. This app builds its own server and replicates the phone’s screen to the Android TV in a matter of seconds via Wi-Fi.

Isn’t it intriguing? Let’s dive right in and explore how Apple’s AirPlay and the Android app operate together.

1.   Download the app and start the server.

Download the AirScreen application from the Google Play Store and install it on your Android TV.

You can download the apkfiles and sideload the app if your how to cast iphone to android tv doesn’t have the Google Play Store.

2. Start the server

Then, on your Android TV, start the server. Navigate to the Start Server option in the app and select the Start icon.

how to cast iphone to android tv

Interesting fact

3.   Connect to the Android TV

On the TV screen, you’ll see the device ID, server name, and Wi-Fi name once the server has begun.

It’s time to connect the iPhone now that this has been completed.

how to cast iphone to android tv

4.   iPhone should be connected.

Go to your iPhone and tap AirPlay. The name of the server will appear on the screen.

To connect to the Android TV, all you need is a single tap. Your iPhone’s screen will be instantaneously mirrored to the how to cast iphone to android tv once connected. Isn’t it simple?

how to cast iphone to android tv

Simply tap on Stop Mirroring to disconnect.

All you have to do now is sits back and enjoy the performance, this time with the added bonus of a larger screen.

Versions: Free vs. Pro

AirScreen can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store. While the free version allows you to play or mirror 15 films per day, you may eliminate this restriction if you subscribe to the app.

how to cast iphone to android tv

The monthly subscription plan costs $ 2.60 (Rs 170) per month, while the annual subscription plan costs $21.13 per year (Rs 1,350).

On the Wall, Mirror, Mirror…

Mirroring your iPhone screen to an how to cast iphone to android tv is, as you can see, a simple process. Simply follow the steps to witness the magic happen.

Enjoy the material on your smartphone on a much larger screen. As we previously stated, you get the best of both worlds.

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