How to Create a Manage Discord Server

how to create and manage discord server

This post will explain how to create and manage discord server. Discord is without a doubt one of the most well-known social media networks for gamers, exceeding Skype, TeamSpeak, and other similar services. Most games have their own Discord server for fans to follow, but the best thing is that you can create your own server for your community. A Discord server is like a supercharged group chat for keeping in contact with your community. This is how you can create an Discord server. Let’s get started.

How to Create a Manage Discord Server

In this article, you can know about how to create and manage discord server here are the details below;

In this tutorial, we’ll look at how to create up and administer a Discord server. I’d explain what each feature does and why you should enable it or not.

1. Creating a Discord Server

It’s not difficult to set up a Discord server. Simply go to the Discord website or download the Discord app (Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, or iOS) and open it.

If this is your first time coming in, you will see a pop-up asking you to create or join a server. To start, click the “+” icon in the bottom left corner if you are already a Discord user. There is also a way to create a Discord Server using pre-made templates, which you can start here.

It will open an new popup window where you can click the Create a server button.

Fill in the fundamentals, such as your server’s name and even a picture. If you’re not sure about the pictures, you can skip it for the time being. To continue, click the “Create” button.

That’s it, you’ve just finished setting up your first Discord server. You’ll be prompted by Discord to invite friends to your server. You can either invite your Discord friends now or skip till later.

2. Change the server’s settings

Right-click on the server name in the top-left corner and select Server settings options to adjust the server settings. We’ll concentrate on the sections Overview, Moderation, and Interactions.

To begin, enable the AFK channel and AFK timeout in the overview area. If people are idle for longer than the AFK Timeout, Discord will automatically shift them to the AFK channel. When you want to optimise the server and don’t want people who aren’t interacting enough, this will come in helpful.

You may now scroll down and change the default notification settings from all messages to only mentions, so that people aren’t bothered by your server’s messages.

You can change the verification levels and content filter on your server in the moderation area. You can set it to “Don’t scan any media content” if your account just has friends, but if your servers is going to be public, it’s recommended to check media content for unsuitable content.

Finally, on the Interactions page, you can link your other accounts to your Discord, such as YouTube, Steam, Reddit, and so on.

3. Adding Users to the Server

Simply click the server name in the top left corner and select Invite People to invite people to your server.

Discord will generate a link that you may send to your friends via email, WhatsApp, iMessage, and other social media platforms.

4. Manage Role on Your Server

To manage roles on your server, go to server name > Server settings > Roles and add a new role by clicking the addition (+) symbol.a

The roles are essentially titles assigned to particular members of your server that specify what they can do on it. The configuration is simple; all you have to do is give them a name and a colour, and tell them what they may do on your server.

On your server, you now have roles. You can fill in these roles by going to Server Settings> Members and viewing all of your server’s members. Simply select the member’s role by clicking the Plus (+) symbol next to their name.

5. Creating Channels and Categories

A Channel is simply a chat room for everyone on the server to communicate. A text channel and a speech channel are the two sorts of channels available. For a variety of reasons, people create many channels.

There are channels dedicated to discussing Builds, textures, beta versions, various Minecraft programmes such as Dungeons and Earth, technical help, and general Minecraft conversation. While playing the game, voice channels are mostly utilised to connect with other people on the server. Admins can also create channels for their server’s rules, FAQs, announcements, and a channel list that explains all of the channels.

To create a channel on your server, go to the top-left corner of the screen and click Create Channel.

Choose the channel type you want to make, give it a name, and then click Create Channel. You may also make it private, allowing only those who have been invited to participate.

When it comes to Categories, simply click on the Server name in the top-left corner and select Create Category. You can categorise your channels depending on Context under the Categories area.

Click Create Category and give your category a name. Now all you have to do is drag your channels into different categories to keep track of them.

6. Boosting your Server for more features

Discord will unlock extra features for your Server based on your Server’s popularity and involvement. Click on the servers name > Server settings > Server Boost Status to check the status of your server at any moment. You’ll earn more bonuses exclusive to your tier as your server expands.

Final Thoughts

To communicate with friends or your gaming community, you can utilise any social media network. Because Discord is designed exclusively for gamers, it offers you more control over your server and offers you to have as many channels as you desire. What are your thoughts? Will you create up a Discord server for your favourite game? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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