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How to disable the voice on your Vizio TV. Explaining the Talkback Feature


Have you unintentionally started your Vizio Smart TV’s voice? Afterward, continue reading this article. You may read about all the accessibility features included in modern Vizio TVs here, as well as how to disable the voice on a Vizio TV.

Since 2002, American company Vizio has specialised in the sale of televisions and other electronic products, but it wasn’t until 2017 that they started incorporating more cutting-edge accessibility capabilities into their TVs. features like the TalkBack, a device made to assist those with hearing and vision impairments.

What the TalkBack feature on a Vizio TV performs and how to disable voice?

A talkback feature is a voice-guided device created to assist users in locating themselves on the TV menu. It’s vital to note that this feature simply uses a predefined voice to dictate words, not speech to text conversion, to indicate where the highlighter is located on the television.

In other televisions or devices, this feature is frequently referred to as a narration, voice assistance, or audio description feature.

Using text-to-speech technology, this television function reads aloud the captions on the screen and provides information about important aspects of a show.

People who have trouble reading text and others who are visually challenged can easily follow TV shows thanks to this feature.

In 2022 How to Turn Accessibility Features On and Off

For those that require them, these accessibility features can be incredibly helpful. But it can be a little irksome for those who don’t. This post will demonstrate how to switch them on and off to your preference:

  • Press the Menu-button on the remote control.
  • Select System with the arrow buttons on your remote and press OK.
  • Choose the item from the list that shows on the screen (such as TalkBack, Speech Rate, Zoom Mode, and
  • One accessibility feature that is definitely available on your device is closed captioning.
  • Finally, switch it on or off.
  • Check the Settings area or seek for the Cog icon if you can’t find the System function.

What Vizio TV accessibility features are offered?

As previously indicated, this post will educate you about all the accessibility features available on a Vizio TV. Each one is listed and explained individually below:


Voice Direction and TalkBack

If you think the voice is too sluggish or too quick, you can alter it to your satisfaction in the options. This feature will read the material on the screen aloud.

Text-to-Speech or voice guiding is what it is termed because it helps users navigate the Vizio interface. The TalkBack feature will start describing what you see on the screen as soon as you open your menu.

It’s not just on Vizio menus. TalkBack is a function that reads the captions on the screen for you on many TV stations and applications.

Unfortunately, this option does not work with linked devices like satellite boxes, cables, or streaming services, just like any other audio description feature. For instance, it doesn’t work on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

Modus Zoom

This feature is unrelated to the aspect ratio. It is merely a choice that enables you to enlarge the text on the screen. In some circumstances, such as when using Netflix or Amazon Prime, this won’t function, such as when using the TalkBack feature.

Closing captions

You may hear the action in a show using this function. This feature might be accessed from the first menu if the Accessibility section does not. This feature is exclusive to Vizio TVs with a built-in tuner.

Be aware that Vizio does not offer closed captioning on YouTube, however they may do it in the form of subtitles. Any mistakes or delays in the subtitles are the responsibility of the content provider, not Vizio TV.


SAP stands for Secondary Audio Programming. Many TV shows offer it as a feature for their viewers who do not speak English. The TV programme includes a second audio stream (SAP), which enables you to listen to it in a language other than the original.

Can Voice Guidance mistakenly be turned on?

When the Vizio voice activates, it may occasionally happen by accident or carelessness. It is possible to accidentally enable the TalkBack option by pressing the Menu button, a couple more buttons, and then another button.

It’s the same as accidently dialling a number when you put your phones in your pocket. Due to the fact that some universal remotes allow accessibility capabilities to be triggered with just one button, they are the most common reason of voice guiding being initiated by accident.

Every programme that supports TalkBack will give voice instructions if you accidently activate it. Fortunately, not all television programmes have audio description.

But don’t worry, even though it’s frustrating when accessibility features automatically turn on, it’s much easier than you might think to turn them off. Just go through the steps listed above in this post one at a time.

My Vizio TV has narration; why is that?

A function for persons with vision and hearing impairments or problems was added to this firm’s televisions back in 2017 so they could also enjoy and use a Vizio TV. This company also began offering more advanced accessibility features to its products at that time.

One of the novelties was the TalkBack feature, which only functioned with words that the television could display on its user interface, including menu items.

In other words, a narration is there on your Vizio TV as a result of the company’s decision to be more accommodating to its users and other people who have hearing or vision impairments.

They also considered the needs of their elderly clients who want to keep using their Vizio TVs but find it challenging to read from a distance or locate the highlighter on the screen.

The Vizio’s narrator doesn’t turn off! What’s expected of me?

Even after they followed the step-by-step instructions, some Vizio TV users claim that the TalkBack feature on certain of their televisions still refuses to turn off. There are numerous potential causes for this issue, including system failures and others.

For instance, if the menu functions flawlessly and you are still unables to turn off the audio description, another source or input may be the culprit.

Check your satellite or cable connections to your television to see if they are the cause of the issue.

You might try to reset your Vizio television’s system to see if that fixes any issues. If it doesn’t work, don’t worry—resetting will just make your television start up as if it were brand-new and won’t result in any additional issues or damage.

When you reset the TV, all of your specific settings are lost, so you will need to add them all over again.

Continue reading, though, as there are some instructions below that you must adhere to in order to correctly reset your Vizio Smart TV and, hopefully, resolve your issue. Use these steps to restore the TV to factory settings if the issue is with it:

  • On the menu bar of your Vizio remote, select System.
  • After choosing the Reset & Admin option, click OK.
  • The option is to reset the TV to factory settings. Input OK.
  • Watch for the TV to turn on again.
  • After it fully activates, check to see if the narrator has been turned off; if not, turn it off manually by selecting the option.

If you’re having problems locating the Accessibility feature in the System function, look under the Settings option.

If you’re still having problems or need more help figuring out how to solve this issue. For instructions, you should read and refer to the TV’s user manual or get in touch with your dealer. Otherwise, calling Vizio customer support and explaining your issue is the next best course of action.

Last Words

Yes, the TalkBack feature is useful to us. Some folks might rather disable it or turn it off permanently, though. If you fall into this category, all you need to do is follow this straightforward how-to to disable the narrator on your Vizio TV.

Your Vizio Smart TV’s TalkBack accessibility feature, often known as the narrator, can help you interpret what’s on the screen.

If you’re watching a show while navigating the menu, you’ll hear the narrator or TalkBack say whatever is selected on the menu.

As amazing as it is that the Vizio firm implemented this feature, they did it while taking into account and paying attention to the needs of a substantial number of their customers who are over fifty. It’s a feature that just isn’t to everyone’s taste.

So, you have come to the right places if you are looking for an way to turn off the voice narration on your Vizion Smart TV. Just take the actions listed above. Keep your cool and keep in mind that the narrator is there to aid and support those who need it.

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