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How to Make Charcoal in Minecraft (2022)

Charcoal in Minecraft

Coal is currently a pretty well-known mineral in the game Minecraft. Coal is used by players as fuel, a crafting material, and in extremely extreme circumstances, even as a tradeable good. However, there is another, lesser-known option that, while not quite as efficient, can perform nearly all of the same jobs as coal. Yes, we are referring to charcoal in Minecraft, a less popular but comparatively simpler resource to replenish than coal. We’ll go over how to make charcoal in Minecraft and then discuss several applications. Let’s get started because there is a lot on the table.

How to Make Charcoal in Minecraft (2022)

Do not mistake charcoal for coal. The place of coal in Minecraft is already covered by our existing guide. Additionally, we will cover the differences between the two in a separate section. Before proceeding to the charcoal crafting recipe, you can utilise the table below to clear up any misunderstandings.

How does charcoal work in Minecraft?

Burning wood in Minecraft will provide you charcoal, an in-game item (the same as in the real world). In addition to being utilised in a few crafting recipes, charcoal can be used as fuel. Charcoal may be made in the educational version of Minecraft by combining 7 Carbon, 4 Hydrogen, and 1 Oxygen blocks. One of the very rare items having an instructive crafting recipe is this one.

How Do Charcoal and Coal Differ?

Charcoal and coal are very different in Minecraft even if they may appear and work similarly. These are their differences:

While coal is a resource that can spawn as ore blocks, charcoal does not naturally occur.

  • As a fuel for furnaces and blast furnaces, charcoal is more efficient than coal and lasts longer.
  • Unlike coal, charcoal cannot be combined to form a block of coal/charcoal.
  • Villagers only swap emeralds for coal, never for charcoal.

You cannot combine or stack coal and charcoal in your inventory because Minecraft regards them as separate items due to their differences. In some crafting recipes, which we shall cover later in this post, you can still swap them out.

Items Needed to Make Charcoal

To make charcoal in Minecraft, you’ll need the following items:

  • An furnace
  • The Fuel
  • Almost Any Wood Block

In Minecraft, you may make charcoal by smelting wood blocks. The wood blocks can be made from any tree in the game and can contain logs, stripped logs, wood, and stripped wood blocks. You can burn any wooden object, coal, dried kelp, blazing rods, or even a pail of lava as fuel. Since wooden planks and logs are simpler to get in the world of Minecraft, we advise using them.

Charcoal in Minecraft

Finally, a furnace is required to smelt the wooden blocks. By utilising the attached tutorial, you can create a furnace in Minecraft. When crafting the furnace in the Java version of Minecraft, you can even blend blocks made of cobblestone, blackstone, or cobbled deep slate. It’s also important to note that a conventional furnace is the sole option since a blast furnace cannot smelt wood into charcoal.

How to Make Charcoal in Minecraft

The crucial step is now to make charcoal in Minecraft by following the instructions below:

  1. Place the furnace on the ground first. Next, utilise the furnace by right-clicking or by pressing the secondary action key.

Charcoal in Minecraft

  1. Place any of your wooden blocks—not planks—into the furnace’s upper cell after that.

Charcoal in Minecraft

  1. Finally, put one of the fuel items (ideally a wooden plank) in the furnace’s bottom cell.

Charcoal in Minecraft

  1. The furnace will begin operating as soon as you put fuel in it. After that, the wood will quickly convert into charcoal.

Charcoal in Minecraft

Charcoal Utilization in Minecraft

In Minecraft, you can utilise charcoal for the following things:

  • The fuel used to run furnaces and blast furnaces is charcoal.
  • The charcoal can be combined into a torch by combining it with a stick.
  • A soul touch can be produced by mixing a block of soul sand with the charcoal and stick.
  • Charcoal makes a fire charge that is used to light the Nether portal and a fire when combined with blaze powder and gunpowder.
  • Charcoal can be used in place of coal in the crafting recipe for campfires, just like torches. However, it has no impact on how effective it is.

It’s interesting to note that reversing the crafting of a campfire yields charcoal. In other words, if you mine a campfire in Minecraft with the Silk Touch enchantment, it will drop two pieces of charcoal. For this mechanic to work, the campfire does not need to be made of charcoal.

Make Charcoal in Minecraft and Utilize It

Suddenly, you have access to one of Minecraft’s most efficient fuel sources. Charcoal may be used to swiftly process a range of Minecraft ores and power furnace-based farms. However, you should use the finest Minecraft mods to add some unique fuel sources to the game if charcoal doesn’t feel sufficient. Having said that, how will you use charcoal in Minecraft? Tell us in the remarks section below!

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