How Do You Open a Docx File Without Microsoft Office ?

how to open a docx file

This post will explain how to open a docx file. Though we haven’t used Office since the days of Clippy the Creepy Paperclip, Microsoft Office and its accompanying “docx” file format is omnipresent, leaving us weirdly dependant on the Microsoft ecosystem.

However, you are not as reliant on MS Office as you may believe, and almost every writing tool can now open Microsoft Word files. As we’ll show you below, you don’t even require writing software to open.docx documents.

How Do You Open a Docx File Without Microsoft Office ?

In this article, you can know about how to open a docx file here are the details below;

Word on the Web

The free available online version of Microsoft Word is the way to go if you want the very best compatibility with.docx documents, with no bizarre formatting errors popping up out of nowhere.

The only catch is that you’ll need a Microsoft account (Hotmail or Outlook would suffice) and that the file must be uploaded to OneDrive. Scroll down to the following heading if you don’t have or want a Microsoft account.

If you have a Microsoft account, locate your.docx file in file explorer, right-click it, and choose Copy.

Next, open OneDrive by heading to File Explorer and selecting it from the left-hand Navigation pane (or by searching for it in the Start menu). Choose where you want to save your.docx file in OneDrive, right-click there, and then paste.

Enter your Microsoft account login information in Microsoft Word Online, and then click “Open from OneDrive” in the bottom-left corner.

Your paper should now appear in the list. If you don’t know where your document is, click the menu icon in the top-left corner, then Files to find it.

Once you’ve located your.docx file, double-click it to open it for editing. It will save to your OneDrive automatically, but you can alternatively download it and send it to individuals directly if you like.

Google Docs

When people are informed that, they are invariably shocked. Google Docs can indeed open docx documents, but it’s still a thing.

You must first upload your.docx file to Google Drive (either through file Explorer if you have a Google Drive folder on your PC or by opening Google Drive in your browser, then dragging and dropping the file in there).

After then, you have a few options. You can work on Office Editing for Docs, Sheets, and Slides extension to detect.docx files and open them in their native format for editing.

If you don’t want an extension, open the file in Google Docs (not Google Drive), then select “Edit as Google Docs” from the drop-down menu. It will change the file to Google’s Gdoc format, which may then be edited.

You can, however, download or email the file as a.docx file once you’ve finished modifying it. You can either go to “File -> Download as -> Microsoft Word” or “Email as attachment” and pick the “docx” format.

 Any Good Free Office Suite?

If the cloud isn’t your thing, almost every respectable office suite will have a word processor that can open.docx files. Every free office suite on our list of the best Microsoft Office alternatives, including LibreOffice, WPS Office, and others, should be able to handle the job with ease.


If the above solutions don’t appeal to you because you’d have to make an account with Microsoft and Google or sell your soul to them, or you don’t want any additional third-party software on your PC, that’s fine. You can use an online application like Online Document Viewer to view.docx files quickly. This method, however, can only be used to view.docx files, not to change them.

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