In Windows 10/11, How to Disable Superfetch / SysMain

how to stop superfetch cmd

This post will explain how to stop superfetch cmd. Superfetch is a feature in Windows 10 and 11 that serves two objectives. The first is to reduce boot time, and the second is to make app loading faster. This is accomplished by Superfetch preloading them into memory. It also keeps track of your usage habits in order to make better preloading decisions. If you open Chrome in the morning, for example, it will preload Chrome during certain hours, making the program load faster. However, prefetching can occasionally be a key source of high disc utilization. We’ll go through how to stop superfetch in Windows 10 and Windows 11 in this article.

In Windows 10/11, How to Disable Superfetch / SysMain

In this article, you can know about how to stop superfetch cmd here are the details below;

Using Service Manager, disable Superfetch / SysMain.

  1. Use the Taskbar Search to look for services.
  2. Now it’s time to select services.

3. Find Sysmain.

4. Select Sysmain and double-click it.

5. Select Disabled from the Startup Type option.

6. To stop the service, click Stop.

7. Select Apply.

Using the command prompt, disable superfetch / Sysmain.

Step 1: Operate and run the command prompt as an administrator.

Step 2 – Type the command code into the box below and press Enter.

sc stop “SysMain” & sc config “SysMain” start=disabled

Note: To re-enable it, simply run the program listed below.

sc config “SysMain” start=auto & sc start “SysMain”

Using the Windows registry, disable superfetch.

Step 1: To go and open the run command box, press Windows key + R at the same time.

Step 2 – In the run command box, type Regedit and press enter.

Step 3 – Now go to the address listed below.

  • CurrentControlSet
  • Control
  • Session Manager
  • MemoryManagement
  • PrefetchParameters

Step 4 – From the choices on the right side of the opened up box, select EnableSuperfetch.

Depending on your needs, set EnableSuperfetch to one of the following settings.

0 – to disable Superfetch completely

1 – to enable prefetching when program is launched

2 – to enable boot prefetching

3 – to enable prefetching of everything

If this entry is missing, right-click the PrefetchParameters folder and select New > DWORD Value from the context menu. Give it the name EnableSuperfetch and follow the instructions outlined above.

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