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6 Hubspot Alternatives That You Can Switch To In 2021

hubsport alternatives

This article will help you in finding 6 important and best hubspot alternatives.

#1. EngageBay


What is it, exactly?

The first is EngageBay, the cheapest HubSpot alternative.

EngageBay is a marketing suite for startups and small enterprises who can’t afford a full-featured, all-in-one solution.

We’ve seen personally how costly HubSpot can be for these companies, as well as how limited their options are otherwise.

They must either pay for a number of tools and apps to fill in the gaps or forego a number of marketing and sales CRM functions.

That is why we created EngageBay.

Why Should You Think About It?

EngageBay is a software company that caters to marketers and small business owners.

CRM and sales enablement features, a contact management dashboard, and an integrated calendar with appointment scheduling may all be found in the Sales Bay.

Email marketing with automation tools, SMS marketing, web forms, landing pages, email sequences, and more are all available in the Marketing Bay.

A robust Help Desk and Live Chat tool are available for customer support.

In the Sales Bay, What Do You Get?

You can either pay for the Sales Bay separately or sample it for free for an indefinite period of time. The Sales Bay can also be used as part of an all-in-one or custom package.

CRM telephony allows you to keep track of the context and content of calls. Make specific offers.

With Outlook 365 and Gmail Calendar integration, you can schedule appointments and modify your calendar in a variety of ways.

Email tracking and contact management with Outlook 365 and Gmail integration, as well as real-time updates and notifications

What about the Bay of Marketing?

The Marketing Bay follows the same pricing concept.

It includes:

To automate your routine marketing tasks, use a visual marketing automation builder.

To construct a holistic marketing system, use email customization, email sequences, drip email campaigns, and built-in analytics.

With brand mention monitoring and live interaction analytics, Social Suite can help you improve your social media presence.

Automation for creating and nurturing leads, task monitoring, data synchronising, email send scheduling, and more.

With an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor, you can create your own landing pages.

Customizable web form generator.


Free, Basic for $8.99 a month, Growth for $29.99 a month, and Pro for $47.99 a month are the four levels offered by EngageBay’s all-in-one suite. You can also pay annually (20% off) or biennially (20% off) (40 percent off).

Live Chat, Helpdesk, CRM tools, landing page templates, lead grabbers, email sequences, email broadcasts, and email autoresponders are all included in the free plan. You can send 1,000 branded emails per month with the free plan.

The Basic plan includes a tag manager, social suite, third-party integration, SMS marketing, conversational inbox, AI-based predictive lead scoring, landing page builder, web pop-ups, and email templates, as well as a tag manager, social suite, third-party integration, SMS marketing, conversational inbox, AI-based predictive lead scoring, landing page builder, web pop-ups, and email templates.

You can send 10,000 branded emails per month and have 15,000 contacts stored in your account.

Proposals, service automation, call records, custom domain, A/B testing, site messaging, push alerts, and marketing automation are all included in the Growth plan. It allows you to send 25,000 branded emails every month and keep 50,000 contacts in your database.

Phone support, an uptime SLA, a dedicated account manager, custom reporting, goal monitoring, employee role management, and SSO are all included in the Pro package.

Proposal analytics, site analytics, marketing automation, and 50,000 branded emails per month with unlimited contacts are all included.


Specifically designed for small enterprises and startups as an alternative to HubSpot.

15 people get a free (lifetime) plan. Paid plans are cost-effective.

It’s simple to use, and it’s getting better as time goes on.


More integrations are possible (in the works).

#2. ActiveCampaign


What is it, exactly?

ActiveCampaign is our second choice for HubSpot alternatives.

ActiveCampaign is a marketing automation solution with small business CRM and email marketing that has a huge customer base and is well-known.

It’s aimed at sales, marketing, and customer service teams in industries such as higher education, software as a service (SaaS), eCommerce, and blogging.

Why Should You Think About It?

ActiveCampaign has a decent feature set.

Machine learning, messaging, CRM & sales, marketing automation, and email marketing are examples of these.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Predictive email sending based on previous email response patterns.

The win probability characteristic predicts the likelihood of a lead closing a contract.


  • Early stages of the customer journey templates.
  • Facebooks has a feature that allows you to create custom audiences.
  • Automation, notifications, and reminders are all included in SMS marketing.
  • Personalization in email marketing

Sales and CRM

  • Deals CRM app allows you to change deals on the fly, call leads, track tasks, and generate contact information.
  • Use the ActiveCampaign Chrome plugin to sync with Gmail and Outlook.
  • Segmentation, win probabilities, and lead scoring are all automated.
  • Management of the sales process.
  • For a hands-off approach, use CRM and sales automation.

Automated Marketing

  • A/B testings is also known as split testing.
  • Customer attribution throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Goals are being tracked.
  • Reporting that is more advanced.
  • Contacts, forms, emails, and automation can all be merged using mitigation services.
  • Sign-up forms that are automatically generated.
  • To find out who views your pages and for how long, use site tracking.

Marketing via email

  • Scheduling by email.
  • Email funnels that are automated.
  • Lead magnets and welcome emails are examples of email autoresponders.
  • Emails that were sent out as a result of client behaviour.
  • Send out mass emails.


ActiveCampaign offers four different premium programmes.

The Lite plan costs $9 per month, the Plus plan costs $49 per month, the Professional Plan costs $129 per month, and the Enterprise plan costs $229 per month.

You can support three users with the Lite plan. You also receive unlimited emails, email and chat assistance, marketing automation, newsletters, and email marketing.

You get SMS marketing, training, custom branding, a custom domain, and custom user permissions with the Plus plan.

Deep data integration, lead and contact scoring, sales automation CRM, and unlimited email sending are also included.

This plan allows for a total of 25 users.

The Professional package should suffice if you have 50 or more users. Win probability, predictive sending, attributions, site messaging, and limitless email sending are among the new features.

Uptime SLA, phone support, social data, design services, and onboarding help are all included in the Enterprise subscription. A dedicated account representative, a bespoke mail server domain, custom reporting, and limitless message sending are all included.


Service that is comprehensive.

Small businesses can afford the Lite plan.

There are numerous integrations.


It quickly becomes expensive once you pass the $49 Plus plan.

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#3. GetResponse


What is it, exactly?

GetResponse is one of the most popular HubSpot alternatives. This is a piece of marketing software aimed towards small enterprises.

Why Should You Think About It?

GetResponse provides a variety of marketing services, including webinar support, autoresponders, landing pages, and a conversion funnel.


Autoresponse message editor with drag-and-drop functionality.

Controls for advanced timing.

Every day, you will receive an unlimited number of messages.

Website Assistance

URLs for webinars that are SSL-encrypted and password-protected.

Webinar URLs that can be customised.

Webinar app that allows you to record and stream your webinars.

Conversions, survey vote replies, time spent watching the webinar, and viewer location are all part of the webinar analytics.

Automated Marketing

With scoring and tagging, automated communication is possible.

Filters, actions, and conditions are used to create visual processes.

Visual workflow builder with drag-and-drop functionality.

Conversion Funnel is a term used to describe a series of steps that

Webinar funnels, lead funnels, and sales funnels are all examples of funnels.

Customer trip tracking that is automated.


GetResponse offers four different options.

The Basic plans is $15 per month, while the Plus plan costs $49 per month and the Professional plan costs $99 per month.

All of this is for a 1,000-persons contact list.

The Basic plan starts at $65 per months, the Pluss plan at $95 per month, and the Professional plan at $165 per months if you need up to 10,000 contacts.

If you have up to 100,000 contacts, the Professionals plan will cost $580 per month.

Customs pricing is availables for the Max plan.

Facebook Ads, exit pop-ups, surveys and forms, automation templates, landing pages, autoresponders, and email marketing are all included with the Basic package.

The Plus package includes three users, 100-person webinars, a webinar builder, contact labelling and scoring, and a five-workflow automation builder.

The Professional subscription includes five users, free webinars for up to 300 people, online push alerts, and an automation builder with no limits.

Transactional emails, multiple accounts and users, account migration help, team and role administration, and webinars for up to 1,000 guests are all included in the Max plan for customised pricing.


Support for webinars is extensive.

To trace the customer’s journey, use a conversion funnel.

For a period of 30 days, there is no charge.


It’s not a full-fledged CRM programme.

For small firms with a vast database of connections, it is too expensive.

#4. Sendinblue


What is it, exactly?

Sendinblue is our fourth recommendation for marketing and sales software to try instead of HubSpot.

Sendinblue, a digital marketing resource, has been serving a variety of businesses for over a decade.

Why Should You Think About It?

Sendinblue can assist you with Facebook ads, landing sites, signup forms, CRM, email and marketing automation, SMS marketing, and email marketing.

Sendinblue’s configurable templates and drag-and-drop editor may be used for Facebook ads, landing pages, and web forms.


To tailor your communications, use segmentation and transactional email design.

Support is available via chat.

Makes contact with a company to uncover sales prospects and to target specific leads.

Text Message Marketing

Sendinblue’s API and transactional SMS functionality.

Examine your key performance indicators (KPIs) and other metrics.

Marketing via email

Email templates with a drag-and-drop builder.

Personalization and dynamic content are two things that come to mind when thinking about personalization.

There are nos restrictions on the number of contacts or lists you can create.

A/B tests are used to compare two options.


Sendinblue offers five different pricing options.

The Free plan allows you to work with an unlimited number of contacts but limits you to 300 emails each day. There are no other features.

The Lite package, which costs $25 per month and includes up to 10,000 emails each month, advanced statistics, and A/B testing, is suggested for beginner marketers.

The $65 a month Premium plan includes 20,000 emails, marketing automation, Facebook Ads, landing pages, multi-user access, and phone support.

If you require all of those features and 100,000 emails, it’ll set you back $124 per month. For $599 per month, you can send up to a million emails.

The Enterprise package comes with unique pricing and includes tools like retargeting advertisements, chat, send-time optimization, SMS marketing, email customization, and an email designer that works on mobile platforms, as well as priority support and a dedicated account manager.


The plan is completely free.

Small organisations can benefit from a low-cost Lite plan.


The free plan is really basic.

The Premium package is limited in features and might be costly.

#5. SharpSpring


What is it, exactly?

For HubSpot alternatives, we also propose SharpSpring.

This marketing automation service works with large corporations, small businesses, and marketing agencies.

Why Should You Think About It?

SharpSpring has two products in its range.

The App Marketplace contains a content management system (CMS), a customer relationship management system (CRM), and shopping capabilities.

There’s also the Marketing & Sales Platform to consider.

Campaign tracking, landing page design, social engagement capabilities, email marketing, and marketing automation are all available with this tool.

Here’s a rundown of the differences between the two products’ features:

The Internet and Social Media

Displays of social ROI.

Social activity is triggered by the behaviour of the leader.

Following up on brand evangelists and hot leads.

Filtering of conversations.

Creating a schedule for social media posts.

Automated Marketing

Accounts of the client and the agency are linked together.

Python, PHP, Perl, Ruby, and Java are examples of CRM and developer APIs.

Salesforce, Sugar, Wufoo, Gravity Forms, and Formstack provide native and third-party forms.


HTML code editor

Tracking code that is embedded in all of your website’s and blog’s pages.

Widgets for social networking

Syncing RSS feeds with email

Blog design templates with a point-and-click editor


A Lead’s Life (customer journey tracking).

Scoring first.

Reminders on the page to keep your leads focused.

To illustrate the sales cycle, use the Bird’s Eye Pipeline View.

Deal stages that are tailored to your target audience.


Emails that are always changing.

Multiple devices are being tracked.

Landing pages that are dynamic.

Templates for personas.

Contact lists that are dynamic.

Drip campaigns that are automated.


Small Business, Enterprise, and Agency are the three programmes available. If you have 1,000 or less contacts, you can start for $399 per month on an annual subscription (monthly pricing information upon request).

You’ll spend $1,299 each month if you have up to 20,000 contacts, and that’s just for the Small Business plan with an annual commitment.

You’ll need to submit an inquiry and get a quote for Enterprise pricing if you want to add additional contacts.

You’ll need to request an Agency plan quote if you wish to utilise this software for your clients.


Features tailored to specific industrial sectors.


It’s too expensive.

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#6. Drip


Here is another important of the HubSpot alternatives

What is it, exactly?

Drip is the next option for HubSpot competitors to consider for their next campaign. Marketing automation services are provided by this eCommerce CRM platform (ECRM).

With its ECRM, Drip provides increased email marketing automation as well as improved customer data and insights.

Why Should You Think About It?

Customer data, personalisation, interaction, and optimization are the four categories of Drip’s features.

Customer Information

Integration with a number of other data applications.

Follow the path of your customers across your website and brand.

Personalization and engagement can be enhanced with custom fields.

Tags for segmenting your audience and prioritising your responsibilities.


Send out tailored bargains and information, such as price-drop alerts.

Email outreach depending on user behaviour.

Custom fields for contact segmentation.

Customer Interaction

Advertising on Instagram and Facebook based on user purchase habits.

Email builder with visuals.

Email campaigns that are sent automatically.


Analytics for tracking parameters like as revenue per subscriber, unsubscribe rate, clicks, openings, and so on.


Drip offers three paid plans: Basic ($49/month), Pro ($122/month), and Enterprise (pricing varies depending on features).

The Basic account includes email and chat assistance 24 hours a day, unlimited email sending, and 2,500 contacts.

You can get 5,000 subscribers with the Pro plan (active contacts).

You’ll need the Enterprise plan if your mailing list grows to more than 5,000 persons.


There are numerous integrations.

For startups, it’s rather inexpensive.


The majority of services are restricted to the ECRM or CRM realms.


The above discussed are the best Huubspot alternatives in 2021.

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