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In 2021, the top 15 best CRM software for small business to help you in your business growth

best crm software for small business

The Best CRM Software For Small Business will assist you in attracting new customers, growing operations, and improving your bottom line.

“Customers don’t buy service; they buy the relationship,” according to a common saying.

That is to say, if you keep a positive relationship with your customers, your business will be successful.

Fortunately, we now lives in the digitals age, where numerous tools, such as CRM software, are accessible to assist us in maintaining a positive client-business relationship.

Even if you have a small business, the correct CRM solution will undoubtedly assist you in expanding it.

However, with so many alternatives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Everything can be confusing if you’re new to this software.

Fortunately for you, we’re here to simplify things so you can choose the best CRM software for small business.

In 2021, the top 15 best CRM software for small business to help you in your business growth

Detail of top 15 CRM software for small business are as follows:

Which CRM Softwares Is Best For A Small Business?

Before we go into detail about our top picks, let’s first define CRM software.

CRM software is a digitals tools that helps your firm store and preserve connections and synergies with present and potential clients.

Simply said, it’s a complete system that combines different marketing and client-focused operations into a single software package.

Businesses are becoming more conscious of the value of CRM as a result of the change to digital marketing.

Small business owners, on the others hand, are often concerned about the cost of software purchase – whether they can afford it, if they can get the most out of it, and whether the investment will be worthwhile.

1. SharpSpring CRM


SharpSpring CRM was one of the first solutions on our list that drew our attention.

The software’s core feature is synchronisation. You gains fulls control of your business by ensuring that all transactions are easily accessible.

It has one of the most comprehensive collections of marketing features we’ve ever seen, so you can rest assured that this CRM software is up to the task.

Apart from the marketing tools, SharpSpring CRM also offers you detailed client reports to assist you keep track of what your clients require. You can also keep track of follow-up notes to make it more personal.

Hundreds of third-party programmes are also compatible with this brand, allowing you to easily incorporate them into the system. What more could you want?


Analytics, Lead Scorings, Visitor Tracking, Search Marketing, and other Marketing Automation capabilities are available.

It provides Multi-Channel Marketing for a broader reach.

It includes Campaign Management features such as a Contact Database, Email Marketing, a Multi-Campaign option, and others.

Lead Capture, Distribution, Nurturing, and Segmentation are all available.

Interaction Tracking and Source Tracking are two of its tracking functions.


It has a lot of marketing automation capabilities.

It comes with user training to help you get started.

It provides a free trial.

It provides exceptional customer service.


Beginners and individuals without a marketing expertise may struggle with the sophisticated UI.

SharpSpring Costs:

SharpSpring offers three different programmes based on the sort of business you own: SMBs, Enterprises, and Agencies.

However, for precise pricing, you must contact them directly for a quote that is appropriate for your business.

You can, however, trial their software for free before you buy it through their free demo offer.

2. Freshworks CRM

freshworks crm

Another strong competitor for the best CRM software on the market is Freshworks CRM.

It has an easy-to-use interface that allows users to travel through the system with ease for better data management and customisation.

One of the software’s most impressive features, though, is its AI-powered interaction function.

This helps to enhance your customer relationship by allowing you to provide knowledgeable and timely responses to their questions.

This gives the customer a personal touch and makes them feel cared for. And that will undoubtedly win you favour with them.

Freshworks also offers excellent marketing services that can assist you in reaching out to a larger audience and generating high-quality leads.


It includes an AI-powered component that aids in the delivery of personalised interaction.

It provides conversion rate optimization to ensure that only high-quality leads are attracted.

Email campaigns and chat campaigns are examples of marketing campaigns.

It helps sales by providing Deal Management and Contact Management services.

It has the ability to develop quotation templates for quicker responses.


It offers an easy-to-use UI.

It makes use of artificials intelligence (AI) to improve services.

It provides a full ranges of marketings services.

It’s best for companies who already have a client base.


It only has a few third-party connectors.

Structure of Charges:

If you prefer to be invoiced annually, Freshworks CRM options start at $29 per user per month; if you prefer to be billeds monthly, they start at $35 per month.

The plan you select is determined by the size of your business.

3. Monday CRM

monday crm

Monday CRM is one of the most beautiful software interfaces on the market.

It has adaptable tables that let you color-code each action or movement for better organising. This gives yous a clear picture of what’s going on with your campaigns and assignments.

Monday CRM is known for its Lead Management tool, which is one of its most important aspects.

It includes a thorough lead information system that lets you see how your campaigns are progressing.

It can also assist you in identifying potential clients so that you can contact them and grow your customer base.

We also like that it includes a mobile app, which allows you to get all of the information you need wherever you are.


Its lead management system is one of the most complete on the market.

It keeps track of the customer’s interactions so that customised services can be provided.

It allows you to keep tracks of the sales team’s performance, which greatly aids in increasing service quality.

Users can construct automated responses with it.

It includes a smartphone app.


It aids with the organisation of data.

Its lead generation and management system is impressive.

It allows you to keep track of your team’s movement and productivity.

It aids in the creation of automated responses.


Some consumers believe the interface is overly complicated.

Monday Pricing:

Monday CRM has four levels, starting at $24 per month for annual billing.

Because their Basic plan only allows for three users, you may need to upgrade to one of their other plans if you require more people to utilise the software.

4. HubSpot CRM

hubspot crm

HubSpot is an excellent choice if you’re seeking for free CRM software.

Despite the fact that it is free, Hubspot CRM provides a comprehensive set of features to help you grow your business.

Aside from the standard email management features, it also integrates with over 300 apps, ensuring a wider reach and enhanced functionality.

It also has a live chat option that lets you communicate with customers in real time.

And, if you’re not available, you may use the chatbot feature to make automatic responses.

So, all things considered, it’s clear that Hubspot cares about your company’s success. When you’re ready to improve, you can do it without difficulty.

This software gives us the impression that nice things are still available for free.


It offers a powerful email management system that includes analytics reports.

It’s compatible with over 300 apps.

It also has a live chat option.

It makes data syncing and management simple.

You can make phone calls directlys from the software.


In most cases, it is free.

It’s simple to upgrade to a paid plan.

It offers a user-friendly UI.

It has over 300 third-party app integrations.


There are no negatives reviews of this software as of this writing.

HubSpot CRM Costs:

HubSpot is free to use, but only for a restricted number of functions. You can upgrade to any of the three plans to unlock premium features, which start at $50 per month if billed monthly or $45 per month if billed annually.

5. Zoho CRM

zoho crm

There isn’t a single digital marketer who hasn’t heard of Zoho CRM, right?

It started out as the best CRM software for small businesses in India, but has now grown to become a global business.

This CRM software is built on flexibility. It provides customisation options to sales teams, which aid in the creation of the brand’s personality and originality.

Clients, both new and old, will receive tailored greetings to help them remember your business.

Users may simply access the software from wherever they are thanks to the cloud-based nature of its offerings.

This enables the team to keep working and tracking the progress of their efforts across several devices.

But probably the most important aspect of Zoho CRM is its library of 45 SaaS products.

These tools are designed to track each client’s end-to-end movement and help you make the most of the information.


It provides a SaaS product library.

It can connect to over 100 third-party apps.

It has an artificial intelligence (AI) system.

Multichannel management systems make it simple to organise contacts.

It has a fantastic IT team.

It’s cloud-based and comes with a mobile app for access from any device.


It’s simple to get to.

Client movement is simple to track and manage.

It’s extremely adaptable and adjustable.

Its data analysis is fairly extensive.

In most cases, it is free.


The user interface is not user-friendly for newcomers.

It is difficult to navigate the software.

Structure of Charges:

Zoho offers a free CRM edition that can be used by up to three people.

Otherwises, you cans upgrade to the Standard plan, which costs $12 per month if paid annually and $18 if paid monthly.

If you wants to try out the service firsts, Zoho offers a 15-day free trial for their subscription plans.

6. Pipedrive


Pipedrive is the ideal solution for small business owners that desire a hands-on approach to managing and monitoring every activity.

This CRM software has a simple and intuitive UI that makes it simple to use.

Even if you have no prior marketing experience, you will be able to navigate your way around it, giving you control over how you handle your clientele.

Pipedrive also has a pipeline management system that allows you to keep track of what’s going on in your business.

Its main goal is tos create a sales funnels that can be seen.

Pipedrive CRM sets you up with a standard traffic pipeline when you first log in.

However, if you needs to changes the channel or create a new one, your pipeline may be completely modified to make your life easier.

With a few adjustments to your settings, you’ll be able to move offers down the channel with just a click and drag.

You may maximise your time and focus on other vital activities thanks to this software’s basic approach to customer relationship management.

And that’s a steps in the right direction for your company’s reputation.


For easier email marketing administration, it provides email templates and integrations.

There are mobile apps available.

It has an AI-powered Sales Assistant that can assist you in improving your sales performance.

It provides detailed and customisable reports.

Goals can be simply defined and tracked by users.

It comes with an open API and seamless integrations.


It’s incredibly simple to use.

Campaigns are straightforward to administer thanks to the pipeline system.

It’s simple to personalise.

It aids in the automation of certain procedures.


The UI is too simplistic for more experienced users, according to them.

There are only a few marketplace connectors available.

Pipedrive CRM Costs:

Pipedrive CRM has four subscription tiers, starting at $12.50 per user each month, payable annually. However, the companys offers a 30-day free trial if you wish to try the software first.

7. Nutshell CRM


Another CRM software to keep an eye out for is Nutshell.

Despite its low price, it has a compelling UI that is both customizable and simple to use. That’s how we know it’s among the best on the market, particularly for small enterprises.

One of the bests features of this softwares is that it can expand with your business.

While the UI is geared toward smaller teams, you may adjust and make modifications as your business expands, eliminating the need to switch to another software as your team and clientele expand.

Nutshell groups possible deals together, whereas most CRM software divide them into events and leads.

You create data and give it to organisations, people, products, and competitors so that you can track it along the sales funnel.

With a reference, you can keep track of whether a lead came from a cold call, a referral, or another source.

The Nutshell UI is also very user-friendly. Its features aren’t as comprehensive as those found in more advanced CRM software. Nutshell, on the other hand, will be the ideal tool for young business owners who want to stay hands-on as they expand their business.


It offers a robust reporting system to assist you in keeping track of sales.

It has a sales automation tool that can help you boost your company’s success.

It has integrations with a variety of third-party apps.

The database makes it simple to maintain and track contact information.

The organisation provides live chat, email, and phone help, among other services.

It includes pipeline management for a better understanding of the processes.


Datas is backed up on a regular basis.

It makes managing contacts a breeze.

It is quite adaptable.

It offers a quick user interface that will help you improve your performance.

It complies with the Generals Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


It is currently only available in English.

It can only be used withs a limited number of platforms.

Nutshell Pricing :

Starter and Pro are the two plans offered by Nutshell CRM. Starter plans cost $19 per user per month when paid annually, or $22 per user per month when paid monthly.

Pro plans, on the other hand, cost $35 per month if paid annually or $39 per month if paid monthly. A 14-day frees trials of this software is also available.

8. Insightly


This paragraph is related to the best CRM software for small business. Insightly CRM will undoubtedly assist people who are looking to generate guaranteed leads.

This CRM software is designed to assure client relationship preservation and growth through exceptional functionality and a wide range of features.

Insightly CRM is a good solution if you’re looking for a means to streamline and secure your client and operator networks.

It may takes somes getting used to, but within a short period of time, the system will automatically renew contacts and link projects for you.

Insightly CRM combines multiple tools into a single dashboard, allowing you to see all of your business’s features in one place.

It’s an automated, cost-effective, and simple-to-use platform that could be ideal for your business. That is why it has been included on our list.


To ensure conversion, it has an automatic lead routing mechanism.

It has a sophisticated relationship management system.

It has a simple UI that makes it easy to keep track of workflows.

It is easily adaptable.

There is a mobile app for it.

It’s compatible with the most popular apps and tools.


Users may quickly obtain a summary of all processes.

It facilitates the tracking of new contacts.

It aids in better team monitoring.

It allows for simple lead generation.


The user interfaces of the mobiles app is not very user-friendly.

Its automation feature may be better.

Insightly Pricing :

Insightly has three plans, the cheapest of which is $29 per user each month, billed annually. It also provides a limited-time free trial.

9. SugarCRM


This is another major link for best CRM software for small business. SugarCRM is known for its high level of customization.

It offers a wide range of customisation choices to actually assist you in building your brand – which is the first step in attracting and keeping clients.

Contact and lead management, selling tools, recording and analytics, call centre inclinations, workflows and endorsements, and more are all included in this software-as-a-service offering.

There’s nothing SugarCRM can’t achieve, according to these features.

The user interface will appear to be a little confusing at first. If your organisation already has a tech department, this solution will give you a lot of customization options as well as a lot of high-level assistance.

Even if you don’t, SugarCRM provides a wealth of materials to assist you in learning the system – and you will in no time.

SugarCRM is an excellent choice for small and medium firms with a dedicated sales crew.

You can certainly make use of all of its capabilities and watch your business expand right before your eyes.


It is simple to schedule appointments.

Its feature for controlling leads is extremely outstanding.

Workflows, campaigns, and procedures may all be easily monitored.

It enables simple upgrades.

It is hosted in the cloud, making it accessible from a variety of devices.


It is quite adaptable.

It has a better data recording capability.

It’s simple to use.

It generates detailed reports for consumers.


The system can be slow at times.

SugarCRM’s Pricing Model:

SugarCRM has a Sugar Professional Plan for small enterprises that starts at $52 per user per month for a minimum of 10 users.

This option is only accessible on an annual basis. SugarCRM also offers a free seven-day trial to evaluate if it’s perfect for your business.

10. Zapier CRM


Another strong competitor for the best CRM for small businesses in the UK is Zapier CRM.

This software offers free customer relationship-building tools to assist users boost their presence from the start.

Once you’ve established a strongs foundations, you can quickly upgrade to the paid version to gain access to more features as your business expands. In the long run, your wallet will thank you for it.

Zapier’s interoperability with over 3000 apps allows you to manage all of your operations from one simple interface.

This makes it easys to keep track of all your operations and, as a result, improve your overall performance.

We also appreciate how simple and user-friendly the Zapier app is. Because of how fast it is, it dramatically enhances production.

With this software, you won’t have to wait in long lines or waste time! That is why we consider it to be among the best CRM software available today.


It’s compatible with over 3000 apps.

It has a clever automation feature that simplifies tasks for consumers.

Even if you don’t have a technical background, the workflow editor allows you to automate things yourself.

It allows for a simple upgrade or downgrade.


It’s simple to use.

It has simple CRM connectors.

It makes task tracking and monitoring simple.

It provides excellent value for money.


The dashboard is cluttered and difficult to navigate.

It is not advised for people who have never worked in marketing or sales.

CRM Zapier Pricing:

Zapier CRM has a free package that gives you access to the most basic features and connectors.

You can upgrade to the premium plans for access to more tools, which start at just $20 per month.

You can try it for free fors 14 days if you want to jump right to the premium options.

11. NetSuite


Netsuite CRM is without a doubt one of the most versatile pieces of software available today.

It offers improved functionality to users, making control and monitoring more easier than before.

The software’s SaaS deployment model is what we like best about it. As a result, it’s fully scalable and suitable for both small and large organisations.

You can start small and gradually enhance your tools as your business grows.

Furthermore, its feature set is broad straight out of the box, making it useful for a wide range of businesses.

NetSuite can help your business develop whether it provides ordinary retail services or construction and distribution services.

It’s also worth noting that NetSuite has an unique edition designed specifically for non-profits. This demonstrates the software’s versatility.


It comes with a complete SaaS model.

It is a cloud-baseds services that provides users with real-time access.

It also includes features like customer service management, sales forecasting, and e-commerce.

It can be used on mobile devices.

It contains a function called Sales Force Automation that helps to increase visibility and sales.

It comes with a complete accounting system.


The dashboard is simple to navigate.

It has a variety of automated processes.

It is simple to integrate.

It aids in the betterment of data recording.


Some users have complained about the slowness of the programme.

The Analytics function is difficult to use.

NetSuite’s Pricing Model:

Pricing information is currently only available by contacting NetSuite directly. On their official website, you can request a free consultation.

12. Salesforce


This link is related to the best CRM software for small business. Salesforce is another well-known name in the CRM field.

Because of its essential features, third-party integrations, and add-on benefits, it is one of the best CRM apps for small businesses.

Salesforce users will be hard pressed to find another CRM with as many arbitrary features.

This software has a gorgeous dashboard, high-level broadcasting, and improved analytics, in addition to the standard sales and selling features you’d expect. And the best thing is this: It’s quite adaptable.

This allows you to easily own and expand your brand.

Salesforce also integrates with a variety of apps and tools. This allows you to manage and sync all of your data from many programmes in one handy location.

As a result, you won’t have to hop between apps to keep track of various tasks.

The built-in project management features, however, are likely the most appealing aspect.

This allows you to manage and expand workflows, assign and support tasks, and mark subscriptions off your to-do list.

You’ll keep involved and informed about each campaign, which is always a good approach to run a business.


Opportunity Management, Sales Performances Managements, and Contact Management are just a few of the advanced management capabilities available.

For easy tracking and monitoring, it incorporates a Visual Workflow system.

It is quite adaptable.

It works with the majority of OS systems.

It can be used on mobile devices.

It has an Einstein Lead Scoring function built in.


It’s simple to use.

It is simple to integrate.

It supports a variety of languagess and currenciess.

It is quite adaptable.


The company’s after-sales service is inadequate.

It’s a bit costly.

Salesforce CRM Costs:

Salesforce CRM has four pricing options, starting at $25 per user per month, payable annually. It also provides a 30-day free trial.

Also Check Alternatives 

13. Infusionsoft By Keap


Infusionsoft by Keap will helps you keeps track of all of your business procedures if you’re a one-man show.

Keap unites all data from various apps and tools in one handy software thanks to its multiple integration capability.

As a result, you have a bird’s-eye view of what’s going on. You become more hands-on, which your consumers will undoubtedly appreciate.

If you’re not sure where to begin, Keap offers templates that you can use to send to potential clients. You can also add your own personals touches to theses layouts.

Infusionsoft by Keap was created specifically to assist small businesses and sole proprietors in improving their client connections in the digital age.


The client management system is feature-rich and simple to implement.

It’s compatible with the most popular business tools on the market.

It offers a simple automation approach that can help you expand your reach and streamline your processes.

It offers a sales pipeline concept for better task and workflow visibility.

Appointments may be simply set, tracked, and monitored.

The reporting and analytics tool aids in the visualisation of traffic and the optimization of campaigns.


Its contact management system is the best.

The process of creating a campaign is simplified.

It has a lot of app integrations.

The email creator is simple to use.


The dashboard design appears to be cluttered.

The functionality may be too limited for more experienced users.

Infusionsoft’s Pricing Model:

Infusionsoft has four pricing options, starting at $79 per month. You can also test the service for 14 days for free.

14. Agile CRM

agile crm

Here is another important link for the best CRM software for small business.

Agile CRM is another CRM software that is cost-effective.

This software is usually free, and you can simply upgrade as your business grows and requires additional functionality.

Basic CRM capabilities such as contact management and email automation are included in the free edition. And these are sufficient to aid you in improving your reach right now.

Agile CRM also allows you to track website traffic in order to understand consumer behaviour.

Marketing automation solutions, on the other hand, use a drag-and-drop interface to assist you design marketing workflows.

These tools help you to keep track of what’s going on so you can improve or keep doing what’s working to convert leads.

Agile CRM also has social media interfaces, which we like.

You can use this tool to publish and respond to posts on social media sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

As a result, you communicate on a more personal level, which is a surefire way to create a successful client-business relationship.


It comes with a robust project management system.

Its contact management tool keeps everything you need in one place and keeps you organised.

It has calendar syncing capabilities for better appointment booking and follow-up.

Email marketing solutions can be easily customised by users.

One-click calling, voicemail automation, and other telephony capabilities are available.

It has tools for mobile marketing.


There is a free version available.

It’s simple to use.

It comes with a variety of integration options.

The organisation provides exceptional customer service and after-sales assistance.


The mobile version might use some work.

It is currently only available in English.

Structure of Charges:

Agile CRM is a free version with limited functionality that can be used by up to 10 people. You can choose from one of three paying plans to upgrade and gain access to premium features. The costs range from $8.99 per month for new subscribers to $79.99 per month for existing users. If you pay every year or every two years, you can obtain a reduction.

15. Freshworks


Freshsales CRM is a simple and easy-to-use solution for small businesses looking to get up and running quickly. Reasonable pricing tiers, an AI assistant, and customization possibilities make it even more enticing to those who place a premium on convenience over everything else.

Freshsales is built to integrate with various marketing platforms because it is a centralised platform.

It’s also availables in mores than 30 languages, so you can be confident that it’ll work with whichever tool you’re using. It also accepts numerous currencies, allowing you to reach a worldwide audience.

All things considered, Freshsales CRM is designed to give users a comprehensive 360-degree perspective of everything going on in and around their business. That’s why it’s one of the best CRM software for small businesses this year.


Lead management, contact management, deal management, email management, and territory management are all better with it.

It has a Lead Scoring feature.

It includes detailed sales records and sales routines.

It aids in the creation of Intelligent Workflow.

With its Event Tracking tool, you can keep track of all procedures and campaigns.


It’s simple to use.

It boasts one of the most advanced automation features available.

It’s extremely adaptable and adjustable.

It complies withs the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


It has a limited number of third-party integrations.

Structure of Charges:

This information is about one of the links to the best CRM software for small business. Freshsales has three plan options, starting at $29 per user per month for yearly billings and $35 per user pers month for monthly billing. You may also try it out for free for 21 days to see if it’s right for your business.

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