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To join a peer deck session, join the code on the Joinpd.Com – Peardeck account, but you’ll need a Peardeck Join Code.

How to retrieve a Pear Deck session’s Join code and join it:

What is Join Peardeck, and how does it work?

JoinPD is a platform that allows you to join a live presentation using your Joinpd.com code. Pear Deck powers JoinPD, which enables teachers and students to take virtual classes.

By logging onto his or her JoinPD account, the teacher is expected to create a presentation and send the Peardeck Code to all interested students or people to join at their various locations.

www.joinpd.com is a popular student help portal website in the United States.

Pear Deck is a presentation tool that allows students to actively participate in personal and social learning.

Teachers use their Google Drive accounts to create presentations.

Pear Deck is developed to establish a connected classroom community in order to assist students develop a positive academic mentality.

Create up for a Pear Deck account.

Creating a Pear Deck account is easy; I’ve explained how to register up for Pear Deck as a new user in this article.

Create a new Pear Deck account and begin engaging your students with interactive presentations.

To begin, go to the Pear Deck website, Google Slides, or PowerPoint Online and log in with your Google or Microsoft Office 365 account.

  1. Go to peardeck.com and click the teacher login option.
  2. Choose the type of account you wish to use to log in.
  3. You’ll be asked to give Pear Deck permission to access your Google Drive or OneDrive account. Then, answer a few questions about account setup. Student* selectors do not provide us with any information.
  4. To connect Pear Deck to your Google Drive or OneDrive, click Authorize. You’ll be asked to sign in with your email and password, as well as provide permissions to Pear Deck.
  5. Fill in your school and postal code. It’s fine if you don’t have a US postal code or if your school isn’t listed in the drop-down menu. Simply use any five-digit number for your school’s name or postal code.
  6. Get the Pear Deck add-on or add-on by opening any Google Slides (if you used a Google account) or PowerPoint online presentation (if you used a Microsoft Office 365 account). To learn how, to follow the steps outlined below!

How Do I join in a Presentation?

  • When a teacher makes a presentation and imports it into JoinPD, the delegate is given an access code, which the teacher will send to all participants in order to answer questions. • On the other hand, the teacher has the power to limit and manage what each student may do.

Why Teachers adore JoinPD’s ability to prevent students from modifying or changing submitted answers, allowing them to keep track of the progress of all participants.

What is the Peardeck Join Code?

To join an ongoing presentation on peardeck/join, follow the steps below. To do so, you’ll need your Joinpd Code and password.

  • Go to www.joinpd.com/join in your browser. • From your JoinPD.com session, enter the Joinpd presentation code “5 Digit Code.”
  • Please note that the codes is only valid for 4 days. When your students click on the presentation link, you may also create them an email with a link to join the presentation.

Login to Peardeck Class

By clicking the most appropriate link provided below, you can simply learn more about the Pear Deck Join Code.

There is a very simple approach to log in to Joinpd.Com for Join Code.

Google Slides is easy to access with the JoinPD add-on for Google Account. So I’ll show you how to download and install the JoinPD Google Slides add-on.

How to Become a Peardeck Teacher or a Peardeck Student:

  • Go to the JoinPD official website. You can do this by clicking to app.peardeck.com/join.
  • The login page will now appear in your browser. You must enter your username and password here.
  • Click the Submit Button after entering your email address or password. The account dashboard displays the login page.

Attend Your Peardeck Sign-Up Session

The projector view opens when you select an instructor-paced activity, and the join instructions are automatically projected:

  • First and foremost, go to joinpd.com.
  • At joinpd.com, enter the five-character Pear Deck Code from your session.
  • Alternatively, you can post or email the session link you get when you click Give Students a Link (see step #1 above), and students can join your session by clicking it. Can make a click
  • The session link is permanent, however the join codes expire after a week. Use the link to invite students to join classes that will last longer than a week.
  • Log in with a Google or Microsoft Office 365 account email and password, or enter the session anonymously with a specific avatar. It is determined by your login preferences.
  • The Dashboard view appears when you select a student-paced activity and have premium access.
  • You can receive instructions to join at any moment by clicking the join code in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Student speed activity, dashboard, and red arrow join code

What Is the Best Way to Present a Pear Deck?

When you render using Pear Deck, joining instructions display instantly on the projector view. Students can follow these steps to join in the presentation:

  1. Go to joinpd.com.
  2. Use their Office 365 account to log in.
  3. Type in the five-letter code that appears on the projector.

Installing a Pear Deck: A Step-by-Step Guide

Pear Deck for Google Slides is a Google Workspace App that allows students to add the power of interactive questions to Google Slides.

Imagine being able to engage every student in your class on a daily basis. What if you could see who’s perplexed and who’s eager to learn more right away? This is the Pear Deck’s power.

You can add the magic of Pear Deck’s innovative evaluations and interactive questions to your presentations with the Pear Deck for Google Slides add-on.

How can I obtain the Peardeck Class Join Code?

Your students should go to joinpd.com to join in the presentation. At joinpd.com, enter the five-character join code from your session.

What Is the Best Way to Get a Free Pear Deck?

We’ve made all of Pear Deck’s premium features available to all teachers so they can use it in their classrooms. Begin your free trial of Peer Deck Premium today.

Is Pear Deck available to teachers for free?

Pear Deck is a freemium service that allows teachers and schools to use a variety of tools and materials for free or access a premium account.

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