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Best Torrent Sites (Working) In 2022: New KickAss Torrents (kat cr new)

kat cr new

The most recent Kickass Torrents website is back online, which is fantastic news.

Our government shut down prominent BitTorrent website Kickass Torrents (KAT cr) in July 2017 after its owner Artem Vaulin was arrested.

After The Pirate Bay went offline, the studied data sharing website became the world’s largest piracy hotspot.

Soon after the initial kat cr newwebsite was shut down by law enforcement, a group of dedicated site staffers created the Katcr.co forums in the goal of shutting down the KickassTorrent download websites.

What is the new KickAss domain name, proxies, and mirrors?

The Katcr.co team has launched an new torrent website that looks identical to the original Kickass website. It has a large number of torrents files and magnet links for movies, TV series, apps, games, and music torrents.

The advanced Kickass Torrent website (https://katcr.to/) is back up with a new team of dedicated uploaders.

Here’s what the kat cr new cr team had to say about the site when it first launched:

“We’ve got all of our best uploaders on the panel, and they debated logically until the torrent motors came back.” The torrent community can still hope for uploads from all of the titles they’re familiar with.”

Meanwhile, Australian ISPs have disabled access to the top five torrent download sites, including The Pirate Bay and Isohunt.

After the official KickassTorrent portal was taken down earlier this year, many mirror sites appeared on the web, claiming to be the resurrection.

We’ve listed various kat cr new proxy sites below:

  • katcr.to
  • kat.how
  • proxyindex.net
  • kickass.cm
  • KickassTorrents.PW is a website where you can find kickass torrents.
  • http://kickasstorrents.to/
  • kat.cr

Copycats who aren’t so nice. Such websites seek to steal users’ personal information in a private manner.

The organisation behind the new KickassTorrent promises that pirates will be safe and secure at its new portal.

Also, keep a safety element in mind. TorrentFreak was advised by one of the group members that “the protection of the community comes regardless of the fact that a reconstruction took longer.” The members of the kat cr new team also believe that the principal operators of the Kickass Torrents site will go unpunished.

Although we do not condone copyright infringement, here are a few examples.

Best alternatives for people sharing on social media sites:

  1. Your PirateBay is one of the best KickAss Torrents alternatives. But it’s about domain names.

Users can still get the location by utilising a well-protected VPN or a proxy to get over support providers’ restrictions.

PirateBay is one of the most popular torrent programmes in the world. Within the quiet magnet links for applications, films, and audio, TPB includes pirated stuff.

  1. Torrent-downloading websites, such as KickAss and 1337x, are affiliated with KickAss.

The peer-to-peer file-sharing website has been around for a long time, making it dependable and well-known. Provides a straightforward kat cr new, user-friendly search bar that isn’t overly complicated.

You may even run a group search for torrent documents and magnet links. Otherwise, you can browse the top 100 sectors of the website for a variety of popular torrents.

  1. TorLock is one of the top best torrenting sites, allowing users to download high-quality torrent files and magnet links.

Torlock is a great film download website that offers free games, music, apps, new TV shows, and films.

Only one hundred confirmed torrents will be recorded. Users are even challenged by the website to return across phoney torrents and find a settlement of 1 for each discovery.

  1. This is a brand new torrent and movie download website. It allows you to search for anything you want, but it also claims not to track visitors. Kickass torrent may be replaced with IDope.

The iDope homepage contains fewer items than a typical torrent indexer website. IDope also has a Chrome extension and an Android app. On the darknet, help is frequently available.

  1. Alternative. I’m sure all cinema enthusiasts are aware of the YTS films. However, this isn’t always the first YIFY torrent site where you may find YIFY movies to download.

After its chief pled guilty in New Zealand Jurisprudence, the first website went down.

  1. ExtraTorrent, one of them, is also a great alternative to KickAssTorrent.

ExtraTorrent was the most well-known and best torrent website at the time. The location was last seen on May 17, 2017, with a website indicating kat cr new that it had closed. ExtraTorrent has resurfaced with a new web return.

Proxy websites are used by torrent users to hide their IP addresses and provide access to kat cr new.

However, you should have to be aware that there are no legal ways to obtain movies for free that are still showing in theatres.

Make an attempt to use legal methods to watch high-quality movies on the internet. In this post, wefind compiled a list of the best free film downloading websites kat cr new that offer a diverse selection of films, as well as instructions on how to download documents using uTorrent-like programmes.

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